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AudioTechnology Issue 134

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come in & check out our new showroom

We’ve been busy. After months of planning and construction, the first part of Turramurra Music’s new shop front is now open. Our new showroom connects our Musical Instrument and Studio Equipment stores, expanding our display space and allowing us to showcase and demonstrate an extended range of products. PA equipment now has its own dedicated section, featuring an expanded range of PA speakers (all available for demo) and a larger demo range of digital mixing consoles, microphones, wireless systems and more. We have expanded our display range of acoustic and electronic drums and percussion, and have upgraded our display areas for guitars and brass & woodwind instruments. Our ongoing renovations will soon allow more space for studio gear, keyboards and synths, amplifiers and guitar effects, and even more space for electric guitars…

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A new website. Stop glazing over! I know, seems about as exciting as a new flu jab. I can sympathise. Just hear me out: There’s always a tension in digital publishing that doesn’t exist so much in print. Digital is by nature about random access… Google helps you dive into the precise page you want. If it captures your attention then you’ll read the article. Then, mostly, you’ll bounce out again to find the info you were after from another source. The publisher on the other hand? We want you to tarry a while. We want to entice you with related content you might find of equal interest. Why? That should be obvious. You boost our stats and better stats mean happier advertisers. From an editor’s point of view, my motivations are slightly different. I’m interested in…

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Editorial Director Christopher Holder chris@audiotechnology.com Publisher Philip Spencer philip@alchemedia.com.au Assistant Editor Preshan John preshan@alchemedia.com.au Editor at Large Greg Simmons Art Director Dominic Carey dominic@alchemedia.com.au Graphic Designer Daniel Howard daniel@alchemedia.com.au Advertising Philip Spencer philip@alchemedia.com.au Accounts Jaedd Asthana jaedd@alchemedia.com.au Subscriptions Sophie Spencer subscriptions@alchemedia.com.au Proofreading Andrew Bencina Regular Contributors Martin Walker Paul Tingen Brad Watts Greg Walker Andy Szikla Andrew Bencina Jason Hearn Mark Davie Mark Woods Jonathan Burnside Rob Holder Greg Simmons…

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what’s on

NEWMARKET STUDIOS The last couple of months at Newmarket Studios, with the help of producers/engineers Guus Hoevenaars, Callum Barter, Nao Anzai and Charles Mann, have been busy: Vance Joy, Teskey Brothers, Kingswood, Woodes, TKay, Mayvis, GraceJean, Voyeur, Claps, Clint Wilson, Zach Gulivan to name a few, and of course the raucous folk group The Drunken Poachers + Jack. The studio’s backline collection has expanded with a vintage 1966 Ludwig Superclassic Blue Sparkle and 1960s Yamaha c220 Red Thunder. A hand-wired Vox AC30, GoldTone Reverb Master, the homegrown 1960s Bassking and Ampeg B25-B50 are now also part of our arsenal. London session-player Kylie Davies is heading up the new in-house band, The Newmarket Collective. It comprises some of Australia’s best string players to take-on local and international string quartet/ensemble-work for film scores…

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general news

PORTABLE STUDIO: ‘CAN’ THEY DO IT? $199 & $299 | akg.com Professional, studio, portable, lifestyle and mobile? AKG reckons it’s ticked all boxes with its new K361 and K371 headphones. Both combine a ‘studio quality’ reference sound with a compact, foldable design for content creators who need to produce professional content on the go. With pros no longer just in the studio, AKG aims to bring the comfort and portability of consumer ’phones to podcasters, video editors, artists and content producers without sacrificing audio response. Both models use a new oval earcup design, using improved head alignment to bring greater comfort and frequency response, along with 50mm drivers. The K361 offers a clear and detailed response across its 15Hz to 28 kHz spectrum. The K371 sport titanium coated diaphragms and are tuned…

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live news

d&b AUGMENTED ARRAY www.dbaudio.com The all new A-Series from d&b audiotechnik combines variable splay angles, two approaches to acoustic optimisation, and an advanced waveguide design for coverage flexibility in both the horizontal and the vertical. The system comprises the AL60 and AL90 loudspeakers, with install variants. Up to four AL60/AL90s can be flown either in vertical or horizontal arrays. Variable splay angles between adjacent cabinets can be set in five degree increments from -10° to +10°. Midrange Directivity Control (MDC) ensures frequencies between 200Hz and 2kHz are evenly distributed, regardless of the splay angle. With 60° horizontal dispersion and directivity control down to approximately 550Hz, the AL60/ALi60 can cover a distance of up to 30m. The AL90/ ALi90 – with its 90° horizontal pattern control down to 370Hz – is sonically and…