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AudioTechnology Issue 123

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I was in Chicago recently for a Shure press junket. It involved a handful of Axient Digital wireless magic tricks; like low power transmission from all the way up in the boondocks of the Soldier Field NFL Stadium, and playing ‘how far down a tunnel can you walk before you lose reception?’ Pretty far it turns out. Seems like powerhouse broadcasters like the NFL are going to be well catered for. There was also a new product the rest of us mortals can get excited about, you’ll just have to wait until later in the year for the wraps to come off that particular NDA. While I was there, I thought it’d be a wise idea to knock on the door of a couple of famous Chicago studios and say hello…

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what’s on

A SHARP STUDIOS Life's been busy at A Sharp Studios with producer 1 Nathan Sheehy glued to his chair tracking and mixing some great Sydney indie bands including The Knowgoods, Pirra, and JZYM. 2 Steve James (centre) has had several new projects on his plate including the new live album for The Choirboys. A number of freelance engineers have been through the doors to work at A Sharp for the first time, notably Jean-Paul Fung with indie-rock band Undercast. Tony Wall’s been back again with Sarah McLeod working on some live recordings for her recently-released album, and Chris Jackson’s been tracking a variety of jazz projects. 3 A Sharp organised a gathering of over 60 Sydney engineers for drinks and yarns, hosted at the studio. A similar event will be held in December…

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general news

AT’S FLAGSHIP 50 SERIES $4499 | ww.audio-technica.com Audio-Technica’s respected 50 Series ushers another microphone into the fold with the new AT5047. Featuring the same capsule as the AT5040 but with a transformer-coupled output and optimised electronics, the AT5047 has the widest dynamic range among all Audio-Technica microphones – 142dB, 1kHz at max SPL. The transformer-coupled output maintains a constant load output impedance, even when capturing sources at extreme SPL, ensuring a stable relationship between the mic and the preamp or console it’s plugged into. Like the AT5040, the AT5047 has four rectangular two-micron-thick diaphragms which function together to provide a combined surface area twice that of a standard one-inch circular diaphragm. Internal shock mounting decouples the capsule from the microphone body, and the included AT8480 shock mount provides superior bump insurance. Each…

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live news

GEARING UP WITH AXIENT DIGITAL www.shure.com Gearhouse Broadcast’s Event Communications Division has scored a world first by rolling out Shure’s Axient Digital premium RF microphone platform in Australia. It all began when Gearhouse was approached by Shure and Jands to sign an exclusive R&D partnership that gave Gearhouse direct access to Axient Digital’s product roadmap and provide input on future feature sets and product design. Jason Owen, Events Communication Manager, put it to work at the AFL. “Axient digital is perfect for sporting bodies, large venues and production companies so we immediately approached the AFL and suggested they use the system at all remaining games this year.” Jason is impressed with the system’s outstanding RF performance, even in complex, crowded environments. “Axient Digital also works efficiently and reliably at much lower RF…

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blackmagic buys fairlight, then gives it away

Not many active musicians have touched stylus to CRT screen on an original Aussie-made Fairlight CMI. The effect of Fairlight’s ground-breaking sample-based computer music editor is more likely to be felt in modern software workstations — like Ableton Live. Fairlight didn’t become ubiquitous in the music production space, instead the company turned its focus to film and broadcast and made arguably the world’s best DAWs for those industries. In keeping with its history of innovation and survival in changing markets, Fairlight has once again undergone a phoenix-like transformation to be reborn under the watchful eye of another famous Australian name — Blackmagic Design. Blackmagic should be a familiar name to audio folk as the divide between audio and video is dissolving rapidly. It started modestly, making digital video I/O cards for editing…

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software news

AROUSOR 2.0 www.empiricallabs.com Following the release of its first plug-in version of the famous hardware Distressor, dubbed Arousor, Empirical Labs has released a second version of the plug-in with some new and improved features. The biggest one would have to be AAX-DSP support for Mac OS. The Arousor is billed as Empirical Labs’ “classic knee compression in a plug-in”, complete with the familiar white knobs in the GUI, broadband saturator, Rivet ‘brick wall’ ratio setting, and trademarked AtMod Attach Modification Control. ELI says Arousor 2.0 has been revised to now have greater CPU efficiency, increased bar graph accuracy, a preset sharing function so you can distribute you favourite settings via email, visual and GUI updates, and better support for control surfaces including older Avid D-Command UIs. Arousor 2.0’s Blend section offers an…