Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine Issue 504

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lockdown life

MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH ANYONE SUFFERING FROM COVID OR HAS LOST A LOVED ONE AS A RESULT OF COVID THE DELTA VARIANT has arrived on Aussie shores and is waging war on our communities like a well organised platoon. Whoever named this variant of the virus was spot-on. When I think of the name Delta I think of Delta Force: The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment of the mighty US of A. Delta Force is a special operations force of the United States Army tasked with missions primarily involving counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action, and special reconnaissance, often against high-value targets. Delta members are accurate, brutal and show no discretion – if you are in their way, they will remove you. Sound familiar? So, it’s appropriate that this latest strain of COVID-19,…

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small-bore excitment

IT’S BEEN A long time since a 125cc two-stroke created such a stir but the 2022 YZ125 just about broke the internet when it was announced. Largely unchanged in the past 15 years, the 2022 YZ125 has taken significant steps forward with a new engine that produces more power. The new engine features a new cylinder body and head, new piston, piston pin and connecting rod, new crank case and new expansion chamber. Feeding the new donk is a new Hitachi Astemo Keihin PWK38S carburettor with throttle position sensor and 3D-Map controlled CDI. Braking power has been increased with larger pistons in the front caliper that has been beefed up for more rigidity plus a redesigned 270mm rotor with a 30% increase in pad contact. The 125s KYB suspension has been…

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yamaha 2022 mx models sizzle

YAMAHA HAS BROKEN cover on their 2022 motocross models and the most unlikely model has stolen the show. In an age of four-stroke rule, it’s not only exciting but a little bit surprising to see Yamaha deliver what is essentially an all-new YZ125. Riders the world-over are frothing over this small-bore blue missile that is almost certain to lead the 125cc MX charge. Yamaha remains the only manufacturer of the big four Japanese brands to produce two-stroke motocross models. Not only that, Yamaha have improved on these rip-snorting oil-burners and it appears the fans are frothing on it. There’s a sizeable seven-model motocross lineup from Yamaha for 2022 plus special Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Editions of the YZ125, YZ250, YZ250F and YZ450F.…

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yamaha talks the talk

YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA’S MX/SX Development Supervisor, Scott Bishop. “It’s exciting that Yamaha have listened to their customer base and continued to invest and reinvigorate the two-stroke market again with a host of changes and upgrades to the 2022 YZ model line-up. The YZ125 receives a significant amount of upgrades in terms of performance, durability and styling and is a bike we look forward to bringing to the market in 2022. The YZ85 and YZ250 also received updates and now look modern, sleek and fast. Again this shows Yamaha’s commitment to not just racing but dirt bikes in general and gives Yamaha riders, teams and dealers a full and comprehensive range of weapons to play with in the dirt.” “IT’S EXCITING THAT YAMAHA HAVE LISTENED TO THEIR CUSTOMER BASE AND CONTINUED TO INVEST…

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THE ALMIGHTY YZ250F and YZ450F may appear largely unchanged from 2021 but if you look a little harder there are worthy updates to both models. The YZ250F has a new rear wheel with a new 2.15-inch wide rim mated to a 110 width Dunlop Geomax MX33 tyre for a wider footprint. The wheel also has a new three-cross spoke pattern mated to a re-engineered wheel hub. The rear drive sprocket is also new as is the chain, which all adds up to reduced driveline inertia. Suspension settings have been revised to work with the wider rear wheel and lighter wheel assembly. The YZ450F gets the same rear wheel upgrades as the 250F along with revised suspension damping to match. The YZ450 is available now as is the YZ250F in Team Yamaha…

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vale firko

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Mark Firkin. Firko was a well-known vintage motocross bike and drag car aficionado, vintage motocross guru, ADB and VMX magazine columnist, and the man who along with Geoff Eldridge got vintage motocross racing off the ground in Australia. Mark suffered a stroke early in June requiring hospitalisation and was in ICU at Westmead hospital for some time before being moved to the Stroke Unit at Blacktown Hospital. Mark’s many friends saw this as a good sign but their hopes were dashed when he passed away in the early hours of 3 July. Having grown up in the Sydney suburb of Maroubra, Mark’s other great loves were the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Randwick Rugby Club as well as his little…