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Australian Guitar

Australian Guitar Vol. 137

With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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2 min.
australian guitar digital #137

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW AN INTERVIEW WITH BENJAMIN VERDERY Described by The New York Times as “an iconoclastic player”, Benjamin Verdery has been hailed for his innovative and eclectic musical career. He’s been the Professor of Guitar at the Yale School of Music since 1985, and Artistic Director of 92Y Art of the Guitar series (NYC) since 2006. As a recording artist, Verdery has released more than 15 albums. His most recent, On Vineyard Sound (released as The Ben Verdery Guitar Project), features him performing music composed by his colleagues at Yale, as well as one his own compositions. It was released on the ECR label, an online music platform Verdery co-curates with guitarist-songwriter Solomon Silber. In 2020, Verdery will release a new album of his own material, as well as the debut release by Bryce…

8 min.
fresh frets

LITTLE QUIRKS THEY ARE Three inhumanly talented folk-pop firestarters from the NSW Central Coast, dealing in soul-warming indie-pop song structures made all the more beautiful with mandolin riffs, off-kilter percussion and three-part harmonies that constantly threaten to steal the show. All three members share the mic equally, with sisters Abbey and Mia Toole behind the axe and kit, respectively, and cousin Jaymi on mandolin duties. THEY SOUND LIKE The perfect soundtrack for summer mornings spent road-tripping through the mountains en route to this ‘hidden gem’ beach your sister’s girlfriend swears by – it’s no shock at all Little Quirks are a coastal crew. YOU’LL DIG THEM IF YOU LIKE Boy & Bear, All My Exes Live In Texas, and the first few Mumford & Sons records. There was a little chunk of time…

4 min.
good things festival

WHERE: FLEMINGTON RACECOURSE, MELBOURNE VIC After its unequivocally spectacular debut last year, the Good Things festival is back for another crash-hot round of rock, punk, pop and mosh. Punters arrive in droves for the first acts, with all nine-plus hours of the schedule packed tightly with international icons and local legends alike. For us, the festivities kick off with a poignant – if decidedly polarising – set from web-famous weirdcore princess Poppy. Across 45 minutes as upbeat as they are unsettling, the 25-year-old fuses bright bubblegum pop hooks with thumping hip-hop beats and guttural black metal riffs – if you’re wondering how that works, don’t, because we certainly can’t explain it. Somehow, though, she and her band (who, by the way, are wearing deeply disturbing latex masks of Poppy herself) pull it…

4 min.
falls festival

WHERE: NORTH BYRON PARKLANDS, BYRON BAY NSW By the time we make it to the festival entry on day one, we’re already caked in sweat and dust – a prerequisite, though, for any camper making their way into Falls after setting up their “home” for the next three nights. After perusing the grounds in search of the cheapest spot slinging watermelon juice and playing a quick game of volleyball at the makeshift beach propped up between stages, we settle in on the amphitheatre hills and prepare to have our minds blown by a true blue Australian icon: John Farnham. An odd choice for a festival like Falls? Absolutely. One we still wouldn’t miss for the world? Absolutely. Farnsey is in remarkable shape as he takes to the Valley stage at sunset, cantering…

5 min.
unify gathering

WHERE: TARWIN LOWER, SOUTH GIPPSLAND VIC It seems Thor was upset he’d missed out on tickets to the hottest heavy music gathering of 2020 – virulent thunderstorms wreak havoc on the Friday morning, wind and rain terrorising the campsite and causing major delays to the stage operations. Schedules fast become irrelevant as the crew endeavour to stage any entertainment at all, to varying success; such means we miss out on highly anticipated acts like Tired Lion and Antagonist AD – though all reports indicate that punters braving the elements for them are treated generously for their dedication. The first act we catch is a notably soggy Dear Seattle, unfazed by the gloom as they belt through a frenzied flaunting of bangers from their hit-heavy debut album, Don’t Let Go. Our troubles melt…

5 min.
from the heart

In case its Valentine’s Day release didn’t make it obvious enough, the title of Jack River’s new record should let you know enough about its subject matter. The seven-track Stranger Heart EP is another release jam-packed with ooey, gooey love songs that’ll make you feel like you’re 15 and falling head over heels for that one girl in your English class all over again. Except this time, you won’t be savagely rejected and embarrassed in front of all your mates, and Holly Rankin is upping the stakes by adding a piquant dose of peculiarity to the mix. Following on from the bright and buoyant debut LP Sugar Mountain – a proper sequel to which is already on the cards – Rankin has ditched the bubblegum sweetness, instead toying with seven uniquely…