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Australian Guitar

Australian Guitar Vol. 138

With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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kemper launches “ultimate cabinet solution” for profiler players with new kabinet and kone

Kemper has unveiled two new cab options for its Profiler guitar amp – the Kemper Kabinet and Kemper Kone replacement speaker. The Kabinet and Kone offer guitarists the choice of 19 different speaker imprints, for use with Kemper Profiler PowerRack and PowerHead amps. The Kabinet combines the Kone loudspeaker and Kemper-developed speaker tone mining technology, making it possible to digitally “imprint” various speaker characteristics onto one single cabinet. The Kone, meanwhile, is a 12-inch speaker designed in conjunction with Celestion, and features a full-range sound that “carries a distinct guitar speaker character.” There are also Sweetening and Directivity parameters for detailed adjustment. The 19 imprints offer classic speaker sounds from Celestion and other brands, with the potential for more imprints included in future software updates. The Kabinet can be driven by a…

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fender launches made in japan heritage series

Fender Music KK has launched the Made in Japan Heritage eries, a new electric guitar and bass line developed under the guidance of Mark Kendrick, one of the Fender Custom Shop’s founding master builders and the company’s current Director of Global Build Standards. The new instruments – which are available in Japan only, though can be imported through select local dealers – encompass Heritage ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s Stratocasters; the Heritage ‘50s Telecaster; the Heritage ‘60s Telecaster Custom; the Heritage ‘60s Telecaster Thinline and the Heritage ‘60s Jazzmaster; as well as Heritage ‘50s and ‘60s Precision Bass and Heritage ‘60s and ‘70s Jazz Bass models. All instruments feature historically accurate specs, tones and colours, combined with “quality Japanese craftsmanship.” According to Fender, the series “delivers the true essence of Fender instruments with…

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line 6 recalls relay g10 systems for potential “fire and injury hazards”

AG’s partner mag Guitar World recently ranked the Line 6 Relay G10S as one of 2020’s best wireless systems. The unit is no doubt a great buy, but for those of you currently running the Relay, take heed: the Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall on the G10, G10S and G10T wireless systems, as well as the G10 USB charging cable, stating that “the lithium-ion battery can overheat and the battery cover can separate with force, posing fire and injury hazards.” So far, Yamaha is aware of four incidents worldwide of the battery cover “separating forcefully from the transmitter,” with one report of minor property damage, but no injuries. The Commission advises immediately stopping use of the recalled products, which were sold between March 2016 and December 2019. Consumers…

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fresh frets

ISEKAI THEY ARE a pair of Adelaidian post-punks on the cusp of a monolithic breakthrough with their anthemic eccentricity. They pair defiantly raw and brutally authentic quips with crisp, modern production. The end result is something straight out of a BLUNT Magazine mixtape circa 2003, buffed up with the sharpness of everything we’ve learned about music production since. THEY SOUND LIKE the battered, barely functioning portable CD player you carried around with you everywhere in your early teens, zombified and sprinting into the 2020s with all of its nostalgic dorkiness in tow. The overly straightened bangs, the velcro wallets with keychain clips, the half-drunk cans of Monster Energy you thought you looked like such a badass walking around with at the skate park… Oh God, it’s all coming back! And yet, you…

5 min.
putting the ‘art’ in ‘heart’

Anyone who’s met him will attest that Bert McCraken is one hell of a character: the Utah-native emo legend exudes eccentricity, his communal personality an amalgam of friendliness, hilarity and angst, with just a tinge of mania for good measure. Such rubs off emphatically on his songwriting in The Used, where he pairs acidic, brutally honest quips with an idiosyncratic whimsicality. It’s why The Used are such an extraordinary force – there are no other bands like them, because there are no other bands with Bert McCracken in them. Though he’s always kept The Used fairly close to his chest – ‘collaborative’ isn’t often a word used to describe him – McCracken is growing wiser and more open-minded as he nears his 40s. He’s less precious about other voices chiming in…

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two steps forward one step sideways

New Italy is a town straight out of some rural Australian kid’s archive of Twilight Zone fan-fiction. You’ll be driving up the New South Wales coast for a much-needed getaway and suddenly, out of nowhere – some 700 kilometres North of Sydney, amidst a sprawling nirvana of absolutely f*** all – appears a small, yet ever-so-bustling village of shops and Italian restaurants, entirely unfazed by its remoteness or peculiarity. And though it’s largely unknown to those who haven’t passed through (or visited) it, New Italy has been thriving since 1882, when it was established by homesick immigrants determined to recapture the unique spirit of their motherland. Such makes New Italy the perfect locale to base the conceptual framework for Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s new album, Sideways To New Italy. The Melbourne-native…