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Australian Guitar

Australian Guitar Vol. 140

With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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ac/dc officially reveal 2020 comeback and new lineup

As speculated, the official AC/DC 2020 lineup is electric guitar player and stalwart leader Angus Young, vocalist Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams, drummer Phil Rudd and rhythm guitarist Stevie Young: the same configuration that played on the band’s most recent album, 2014’s Rock Or Bust. Since that album’s release, drummer Phil Rudd had been replaced on the Rock Or Bust tour by Chris Slade, after Rudd was found guilty of drug possession and other charges in 2015. Later on during the outing, Brian Johnson exited the band due to hearing issues, with his slot filled by Axl Rose for the remaining dates. At the end of the tour, Williams announced his retirement from the band after close to 40 years of service. Meanwhile, guitarist Stevie Young, who is also Angus’ nephew, stepped…

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fender unveils tash sultana signature strat

Fender has been on a signature guitar roll of late, and looping pioneer Tash Sultana is the latest recipient of a signature Stratocaster. Sultana’s made-in-Mexico model makes a statement with its Transparent Cherr-finished alder body, pearloid pickguard, matching headstock and gold hardware, but it’s got some versatile sonic tricks onboard, too. The HSS pickup configuration is composed of a coil-splittable DoubleTap humbucker, as well as two Yosemite single-coils, as seen in Fender’s American Performer series. The tone controls adjust the neck/middle and bridge pickups respectively. Other specs include a deep C-shaped maple neck with 9.5-inch radius, 22 medium jumbo frets and a vintage-style Synchronized tremolo. Signature touches include a custom ‘skull’ neckplate, as well as Sultana’s signature on the rear of the headstock.…

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deftones’ stephen carpenter unleashes his heaviest riffs yet in new side-project

Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter recently got his heavy on with the band’s new album Ohms. Now, however, he’s upped the distorted guitar riffage tenfold with “A Reason For Being” – a new track from his side project Sol Invicto. The grinding instrumental also features SikTh members Dan Foord (drums) and James Leach (bass), as well as production from Technical Itch and Richie Londres. In a statement, the band said: “Even as artists who create music for dystopian times, we never expected to be actually living in those times. With all that’s happening right now, we have decided to share a new song and our music, which is our Ikigai, or, reason for being.”…

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electro-harmonix recreates lo-fi gaming sounds with the mainframe bitcrusher

For all its insane creations, Electro-Harmonix’s lineup has been lacking in pehaps the zaniest effect type of all: the bit-crusher. That’s set to change, however, with the launch of the Mainframe. The new pedal delivers cult sounds from arcade machines and videogames, using sample rate reductions ranging from 48kHz to 110Hz, and bit depth reduction that spans 24-bit to 1-bit. Those artefacts can be further adjusted via a high/low/band-pass filter, while a cunning Sample Rate Tuning Mode sets the sample rate to the pitch of a note played on guitar. It will then track your playing and adjust the sample rate accordingly. There are also secondary controls for input gain, filter strength and styles of sample rate and bit depth reduction, which can yield altogether fuzzier tones. Other features include programmable presets…

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around the web

THE STORY OF THE FENDER SPLATOCASTER: A GUITAR WORLD READER’S DREAM COME TRUE Words: Jeff Kitts In the July 2004 issue, Guitar World announced what would ultimately prove to be the most successful contest in the magazine’s history: the Design Your Dream Guitar contest. Readers were asked to submit a drawing of their dream guitar, with the winning design to be built by the Fender Custom Shop. We knew we’d get at least a few pro-level renderings (as well as some angry prisoner art, crayon sketches and grade-school illustrations), but what we didn’t expect was the sheer number of entries. By the time our New York City mail carrier delivered the last envelope to our doorstep, thousands of submissions had been received. The winning design, which was announced in the Holiday 2004 issue, was…

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fresh frets

GREATEST HITS THEY ARE everything great about Australia’s thriving indie-rock scene squeezed into the one bottle. It all makes sense when you find out this terrific trio hail from the Gold Coast – they make bright, bouncy tunes perfect for summer jaunts along the sand, ripened with ultra-sharp, ‘70s styled guitar lines hitting that perfect sweet spot between jangliness and fuzz. THEY SOUND LIKE a relic of a better time – around ten months ago, when we were soaking in all the vibes at whatever summer festival would let us through the gates. They’re perfectly suited for a mid-arvo groove at something like Splendour The Grass; but until such a time is possible again, we recommend cranking up the car speakers, chucking on “Lemon Joe” and taking in the breeze. YOU’LL DIG THEM…