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Australian Guitar Vol. 127

With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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australian guitar digital #127

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS A VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH DAVE HOLE Dave Hole is an Australian blues-rock slide guitarist who burst onto the international scene in 1991 with his first album, Short Fuse Blues. He is widely regarded as one of the all-time slide guitar greats, whose playing is infused with the spirit of such legends as Elmore James, Duane Allman and Johnny Winter. Nine successful albums and countless tours of the US and Europe have solidified Hole’s stature as one of the very best slide guitarists playing today, and have seen him headline festivals in America, Germany, Denmark, Holland, France, Poland, Russia and Switzerland. His two performances at the prestigious Leverkussen Blues Festival in Germany were televised nationally. Tours have also included performances in the UK, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Czech Republic…

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byron bay bluesfest

WHEN: THURSDAY, 29TH MARCH — MONDAY, 2ND APRIL WHERE: TYAGARAH TEA TREE FARM, BYRON BAY This year marked the 29th annual Byron Bay Bluesfest. 29 years is a long time, but there’s no secret formula here. Bluesfest has consistently had one of the most varied lineups of any festival ever held in the country. It’s about much more than the latest triple j pop act or cashing in on the nostalgia card. Their strength lies in an ability to put together something for just about everyone, showcasing top-notch quality. This is evident in the wide range of ages of its patronage, from kids through to grandparents. Big name acts are what sell tickets, but Bluesfest always manages to balance out the headliners with new and varied acts from around the world…

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download festival

WHEN: MARCH 24TH, 2018 • WHERE: FLEMINGTON RACECOURSE, MELBOURNE Though the UNIFY camping festival has softened the blow considerably, riff addicts Down Under have yearned for a Soundwave gap-filler since its untimely demise in 2015. Enter one of Earth’s most prodigious shred-a-thons: the motherf***ing Download Festival. Though a scaled-down jaunt compared to its UK counterpart, the one-day Australian import kicked off with a downpour and swelter combo that veritably screamed, “Welcome to Melbourne!” The sticky weather didn’t throw punters off their game, though, as punks, metalheads and moshlords all poured into the grounds in giddy and over-caffeinated droves. While they were the last band to grace (or defile) our eardrums, we need to get this out of the way right off the bat: for all the fears of their headline status being…

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hot off the presses

It wasn’t even 18 months ago that Press Club played their first ever gig. Since then, they’ve taken to club, theatre and festival stages all across the country, including a 32-date run with genre stalwarts The Smith Street Band. And then there’s the little matter of their debut album: the raw ’n’ ravenous Late Teens. Written in the family home of bassist Iain MacRae and thrown together over a sweaty six days (during which frontwoman Nat Foster downright shredded her voice, leading to some beautifully grungy vocal takes), the record is an ambitious feat for the Melbourne quartet. But, thankfully, it’s one they pulled off without a hitch. We caught up with guitarist, producer, engineer and all-time legend Greg Rietwyk to ruminate on what’ll surely end up as one of the…

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what is and what should always be

Australia’s longest-running Led Zeppelin tribute is back after a yearlong hiatus, and it’s going to be worth the wait. Whole Lotta Love is packed with world class musicians performing Led Zeppelin classics with augmented instrumentation and an appreciation for the music-as-a-living-thing nature of Zep’s music. Founded by guitarist Joseph Calderazzo, it’s not an in-costume, “Imagine you were there” type tribute show. The band includes a string section to evoke the mystique and expansiveness of Zeppelin’s sound on songs like “Stairway To Heaven”, “Kashmir”, “Black Dog”, “Battle of Evermore” and “Immigrant Song”, to name just a few. “This is the 16th year I’ve done this show,” Calderazzo says. “It’s an annual event, not a tribute band that goes and plays in the pubs. It’s very strictly an annual event, and we only…

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sweet jesus

For metalheads of a certain vintage, the roaring success of American metal band Stryper in the late ‘80s polarised audiences. Undaunted by detractors, their superb musicianship, determination and steadfast dedication to their Christian beliefs has seen them endure setbacks over the years, including a substantial period of dormancy. Reinvigorated from the positive momentum of reunions, Stryper have been consistently active since around 2005, with frontman, guitarist and chief songwriter Michael Sweet offering some of the band’s most heavy material on subsequent albums. That trend continues with their tenth studio album, God Damn Evil, so we caught up with the talented mastermind of the yellow and black attack. God Damn Evil feels like a natural progression from Fallen, which was quite heavy. I’m very happy with it; it’s shaken the cages. We enjoyed…