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Australian Guitar

Australian Guitar Vol. 132

With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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australian guitar digital #131

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS FROM THE VAULT: A VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH STUIE FRENCH Stuart ‘Stuie’ French’s awesome technique and laidback style has been a star combination: in the last 20 years, French has worked and recorded with top country artists from Redd Volkaert, Slim Dusty and Lee Kernaghan, to Beccy Cole and, more recently, Leo Sayer. He’s even jammed with the legendary Merle Haggard! While French keeps busy on tour, his other musical passion is playing western swing with the legendary Michel Rose in their band The Feral Swing Katz. Their blend of ‘40s swing, classic country and a touch of jazz has made a huge impact on the Australian scene. In 2001, they earned an MO award for Best Country Band; in 2002, they added a Golden Guitar; then in 2006, the Ferals won…

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unify gathering

WHEN: THURSDAY JANUARY 10TH – SUNDAY 13TH, 2019 WHERE: TARWIN LOWER, SOUTH GIPPSLAND VIC Hell hath no fury like the punishing combo of blistering sun and barbarous dust that regional Victoria heralds like a trophy. It’s a taxing journey into the Tarwin Lower campgrounds, the lure of our wildest mosh fantasies laying ahead the only thing convincing us to keep slugging our swag through the fields. But despite bellying to a colossal new venue boasting a 12,000-person capacity, the 2019 UNIFY Gathering feels decidedly cozy; the campsite has a caucus hub complete with its own mini stage, and the way it centres the campsite creates an illusion of homeliness rather than breadth. Exclusive to early campers, the kick-off celebrations – led by a thumping microconcert hosted by ‘emo night’ luminaries AM//PM – are a…

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message in a bottle

Had Kurt Vile been given a Fender in 1994, his life might have panned out differently. But as it happens, his father gave him a banjo at the age of 14 and he embraced the open tuning, playing it like the guitar he lowkey wished he’d been given. “The banjo is a beautiful instrument in general,” Vile says. “It just drones, whether you know you’re droning or not – it puts you in a trance.” Listening to the wry, stream of consciousness lyrics and floating acoustic melody of “Bassackwards” – the lengthy second single from Vile’s eighth and most recent studio album, Bottle It In – you could say the same about him. When he stepped away from The War On Drugs, the indie rock band he founded with Adam Granduciel in 2005,…

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the art of the vibe

Ah, Tasmania! Without it, we wouldn’t have the 1980 cult classic Manganinnie, cold schooners of Cascade to wash away our weekends, or a minor addiction to Cadbury Dairy Milk. And yet, Australia’s lowly little underdog is relegated to the butt of us mainlanders’ jokes – hilarious, sure, but admittedly a tad bit cruel. Well, that’s all about to change, if Perthian psych-rock powerhouse Pond have their way! Their transcendental eighth album is named after Australia’s most often forgotten state, and is sure to finally put the little nugget of land that could on the map. It’s also somewhat of a sequel to their 2017 effort The Weather, as we learn from vocalist, guitarist and bassist Joseph ‘Shiny Joe’ Ryan. “It carries a few similar themes about Australia, and how we’re lucky…

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the big picture

When La Dispute dropped Rooms Of The House in 2014, it felt like there was no possible way for the band to progress further. 42 minutes of straight sweltering, soul-rattling emo, it showed the Grand Rapids troupe reach a peak with their sedulous blend of tumultuous post-hardcore and gut-wrenching poetry. But five years on, La Dispute have managed to defy the odds with Panorama – an all-out emotional rollercoaster through stormy sloughs of angst and anxiety via raw, hardhearted musicality. Lead guitarist Chad Sterenberg sums it up best: “It’s probably the most interesting, and layered, and complex thing we’ve ever put together.” It’s the type of record that truly deserves to be indulged as an event in its own right – not just for the consistently meticulous and atmospheric soundscapes at…

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freshly crushed

It’s a common trope that sophomore efforts are always seeped in years of tumult, but Julia Jacklin was determined to rebel against that. The indie-folk Sydneysider didn’t feel any pressure to one-up her acclaimed debut – 2016’s heady and hardhearted Don’t Let The Kids Win (henceforth Kids) – when she was writing its follow-up. In fact, she made a cognisant effort to approach the music with as laidback a vibe as she could. Crushing doesn’t necessarily reflect that – with its booming instrumentals, impassioned musings and overall amplified sense of fortitude, it’s worlds bigger than Kids. But there’s a recalcitrant looseness to it; a palpable sense of laxity and a lack of restraint that offers a peek at Jacklin in her most defiantly human state. “I wanted to experiment with different song…