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Australian Guitar Vol. 133

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With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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australian guitar digital #133

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS A VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH CARL DEWHURST A leading figure in the improv music scene, Dewhurst can effortlessly slide across genres from pop to world, rock and blues, blurring them at will. His versatility and musicianship has seen Dewhurst become a much sought-after collaborator, recording, performing and touring with an international roll-call of jazz, rock, pop and world artists. Carl is a member of Korean-Australian ensemble Daorum, with whom he performed at The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York and Simon Barker’s Trace Sphere. He also plays with Scott Tinkler’s power trio DRUB, Band Of Five Names, and Stu Hunter’s Migration. Dewhurst is a longtime member of the Australian Art Orchestra, and was a regular member of the James Morrison Quintet for over 15 years. He has collaborated for nearly…

7 min.
download festival

For an event only in its second year, the Australian offshoot of the Download Festival is way more enormous than it has any right to be. Even without a headliner – Ozzy Osbourne was forced to back down mere weeks beforehand due to health complications – the 2019 jaunt was ridiculous in scope, wall-to-wall legends shredding it up across five stages. It was still considerably smaller than the Donnington, UK archetype it’s modelled after, but that’s to be expected for a gamut of reasons the politics of which aren’t worth going in. Australian metalheads were spoilt for choice on this sunny Labour Day long weekend – as were punks, emos, goths and rockaholics – and by midday, the Flemington Racecourse was swarming with puppy-like excitement. Things kicked off on a poignant, if…

7 min.

Bluesfest delivered again, even if the weather didn’t. The rain couldn’t put a dampener on the 30th anniversary of Australia’s – if not the world’s – biggest and best blues and roots festival. Starting out way back in 1990, the festival has grown into a mammoth five-day extravaganza, attracting punters and artists from all around the world. You would be hard pressed to find a festival with such a wide range of punters, from grandparents to kids, to parents with their kids in little decorated buggies. Bluesfest has stayed true to a formula of booking world class blues and roots artists both known and unknown, and every year, they seem to top the previous one’s lineup. This year was no exception – Jack Johnson, Iggy Pop, Ben Harper, Tommy Emmanuel, Jack…

5 min.
aged like a fine red

Few tunes could make an Australian millennial’s ears prick up quite the way “Black Fingernails, Red Wine” will. Released in 2006 by alt-rock luminaries Eskimo Joe, the anthem has long survived as a memory of simpler times – a crushingly catchy, musically perfect pearl of the mid-Aughts, and arguably the Fremantle trio’s most quintessential cut. As part of their longstanding 21st birthday celebrations (they’ve since turned 22, but who’s counting when they look so young anyway?), the band have reissued the single’s eponymous LP with a hulking 28 bonus tracks – eight of which previously unreleased – on a double-disc red vinyl. Obviously, we had to weasel our way into the party. Thankfully willing to bear our overenthusiastic lust for nostalgia, guitarist Stuart MacLeod took us for a stroll down memory lane. Four…

6 min.
in the heat of the moment

Exactly 30 years since they first called it quits, Californian alt-rock pioneers The Dream Syndicate are stronger, sharper, and more serious about music than they’ve ever been. Sharing only a name and lineup with the band they were in the ‘80s, the Dream Syndicate of the 21st century is a truly unique beast; when they dropped How Did I Find Myself Here? in 2017, the music industry at large was stunned. It seemed like the kind of record that only comes once in a band’s tenure, if they’re lucky – lightning in a bottle, so to speak, the variety of which rarely sparks a follow-up. So, two years later, in comes frontman Steve Wynn to defy the odds. These Times is arguably even more intense than its predecessor – in style,…

5 min.
(in)human nature

Without sacrificing a gram of their staunch DIY ethics, dazzling artistry or rabid fiendishness for a good mosh, the Melbourne punks in Clowns have officially rebranded themselves as the most serious band in the scene. They have their own label for local releases – Damaged Records, where they’ll soon host a full roster of up-and-coming greats – a partnership with the iconic Fat Wreck Chords for the rest of the world, a new guitarist in the ridiculously talented Will Robinson, and… Their own hot sauce? No, seriously, Clowns actually released their own concoction of pepper-based poignancy to tie in with their latest LP, Nature/Nurture– it’s a Tabasco-style drop labelled May I Be Extinguished? (a riff on the Nature/Nurturecut “May I Be Exhumed?”), and not only is it bloody delicious, it’s a…