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Australian Guitar

Australian Guitar Vol. 134

With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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australian guitar digital #133

A VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH STEVE EDMONDS Edmonds has been a bonafide bluesman and active member of the Australian music scene for over 35 years. Throughout his star-studded tenure, Edmonds has stayed true to his roots guitar ethos and groove sensibilities, accomplishing most duties with a modest Japanese Strat and combo setup. A venerable blues-rock trio for over 20 years, the Steve Edmonds Band holds venue records up and down the Australian east coast, performing three nights a week, 50 weeks a year. Edmonds serves as a director consultant for the Australian Jimi Hendrix Experience show, showcasing ten guitarists at a time, and consequently runs his own Hendrix & Heroes tribute show. In addition to the above, Edmonds also leads rockabilly and roots band Mescalero, as well as the inimitable Steve Edmonds Blues Quartet. A…

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australian guitar

EDITORIAL EDITOR Matt Doria SUBEDITOR Anna Rose ART DIRECTOR Glen Downey AVHUB GROUP DIRECTOR Jez Ford CONSULTANT Lachlan Marks COLUMNISTS Adrian Whyte, Jimmy Lardner-Brown, Peter Hodgson, Reg Barber, Rob Long CONTRIBUTORS Alex Wilson, Anna Rose, Avery Jacobs, Brendan Delavere, Peter Hodgson, Peter Zaluzny, Sarah Comey, Steve Henderson ADVERTISING NATIONAL ADVERTISING MANAGER Lewis Preece EMAIL lpreece@nextmedia.com.au ADVERTISING CO-ORDINATOR Di Preece EMAIL dpreece@nextmedia.com.au CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER David Gardiner COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR Bruce Duncan…

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graspop metal meeting

WHEN: THURSDAY JUNE 20TH – SUNDAY 23RD, 2019 WHERE: FESTIVALPARK STENEHEI, DESSEL, EAST BELGIUM DAY ONE In spite of its typically scant population just shy of 10,000, the 2019 Graspop Metal Meeting saw over five times that amount descend on the quiet town of Dessel, East Belgium, for four days of rock, metal, beer and mud. Most of the first day was spent traipsing our way through crowds – tents and belongings in tow – to the campgrounds. Unlike in Australia, European festivals are BYO – once the tents were up, beers were cracked in abundance. In addition to a stacked lineup of guitar-wielding legends, this year’s festival featured a full-sized ferris wheel, a garden with hammocks to accomodate some well-deserved rest, and a Belgian beer bar and restaurant for some particularly fancy dinners…

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jera on air

WHEN: THURSDAY JUNE 27TH – SATURDAY 29TH, 2019 WHERE: ARGOBAAN 15, YSSELSTEYN, THE NETHERLANDS Once a year, a small village in the south of The Netherlands gets taken over by 15,000 punk and hardcore fans – much like Australia’s UNIFY Gathering, but on steroids. Celebrating 20 years, Jera On Air sees the best of metalcore, hardcore and punk descend on the village for three hot and dusty days. And like most European festivals, it’s BYO, so once the tent was up, we sat back and cracked a cold one; after all, Europe was in the midst an unprecedented heat wave. With the sun high in the sky, the tented stages were a godsend. Japanese hardcore quintet Crystal Lake were off in full force, with huge, booming bass and electro breakdowns reminiscent of their…

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a kaleidoscope of colours

The title of Baroness’ fifth studio album, Gold & Grey, is a touch ironic: where previous records were based around bold and bright primary colours that stick out like a sore thumb on shelves, gold and grey are two very brusque and dreary colours – a stark contrast to the album itself, which takes on a broader spate of sounds and styles than all of its predecessors combined. There are chillingly dark twinges of brutality that clash against buoyant and glittery wallops of elation; quaint blips of experimental vicissitude wrapped around the towering, five minute-plus epics that cornerstone the record. “Very early on in the process, I decided that I really wanted to do something that was… Kaleidoscopic,” says frontman John Baizley. “It sounds kind of funny when I say it…

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lightning in a bottle

With their 2017 debut, Half Mile Harvest, the blues-rock ravagers in The Teskey Brothers soared from local scene luminaries to international superstars, thanks in no short part to their sharp, searing hot take on the Stax Records-esque soul that immortalised legends like Albert King and Otis Redding in the ‘60s. Now holding present-day lovers of the genre firmly in their palms, The Teskey Brothers are going above and beyond with Run Home Slow: a follow-up worthy of its guaranteed success, with writing so poignant and playing so impassioned that, had it released when blues-rock ruled the airwaves, there’d be no question about it – The Teskey Brothers would be up there with the greats, packing stadiums full each night and having lighters raised to the skies by the million. “I knew that…