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Australian Guitar Vol. 135

With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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australian guitar digital #135

A VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH GREG ALFONZETTI The Arrebato Ensemble is contemporary flamenco with edge. Led by acclaimed guitarists Greg Alfonzetti and Damian de Boos-Smith (who also plays cello), the longtime collaborators are joined by Byron Mark (cajon, percussion and piano) and dancer Chachy Peñalver. This new line-up creates passionately moving performances that combine incisive ensemble playing, masterful solos, and the beauty and power of flamenco dance. Their much-anticipated third album, Sofia’s Dream, was released in October 2018. Much like it, the group’s previous albums have drawn critical acclaim, with SMH journalist John Shand describing that while their music “moves from pure flamenco in favour of a more contemporary style, the spirit – a dramatic, sexually charged and haughty sadness – remains intact.” AN INTERVIEW WITH SEYMOUR DUNCAN After lending his guitar to a friend…

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splendour in the grass

WHEN: FRIDAY JULY 19TH – SUNDAY 21ST, 2019 WHERE: NORTH BYRON PARKLANDS, BYRON BAY NSW There isn’t a cloud in the sky when we roll up to the North Byron Parklands. The flora that dots the walkway in is idyllic, and as we stop to admire the rustic and kitsch artwork they’ve propped up at every turn, we’re enraptured in the laughter of giddy first-timers spouting out their grand ambitions for the weekend, and seasoned veterans recounting tales of their messiest years prior. Everyone here is bounding in glee with eyes wide and smiles wider, and it makes sense: we’re at Splendour In The Grass, Australia’s biggest arts and culture festival and a three-day celebration of music, mates and the complete absence of melancholy. The festival site is laid out like an paradisal…

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the gory and the grandiose

According to fretboard warrior Fredrik Åkesson, the impetus behind Opeth’s titanic 13th album – the bold and barbarous In Cauda Venenum (Latin for ‘Poison In The Tail’, FYI) – was to make the Swedish death metal titans’ most epic album yet. And spanning over an hour of some of the band’s most bloodcurdling, yet melodic and cerebral material, it only takes one playthrough to see how well they’ve pulled it off. What’s more, the quintet of tonal terrorisers are set to bring In Cauda Venenum to Australia for a five-date stream of opulent theatre shows, where they’ll be taking their unparalleled brand of callous crunch and mind-numbing melody to some of the country’s most lavish settings. Before that all goes down, of course, we got Åkesson on the phone to vibe…

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looking low feeling high

Much like the show they’re named after, Twin Peaks are an elusive force of incomparable artistry. Through four punchy and powerful albums of garage-rock that’s equally gristly and groovy, the Chicago natives have cemented themselves as one of the hottest commodities of the 2010s. And with this year’s Lookout Low LP, the fivesome – all of whom except drummer Connor Brodner identify as their frontman – have taken a mammoth leap in furthering their prowess. Working with producer Ethan Johns, the band endeavoured to record LP4 entirely live, capturing their infamously raw and rowdy ardour in a way that they never before thought was possible. It was the product of months spent slaving away on song ideas in their rehearsal space, each member throwing their voice into what would quickly grow…

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shaking it up

Pizza toppings. Conservatives in parliament. Babies crying. There are many things in life to which the classic adage “less is more” applies. Rock ‘n’ roll, however, is typically not one of them. The lashings of distortion that make our speakers look like they’re having a seizure; the avalanche of drums you just can’t help but thrash your hair around to; the rush of adrenaline that pumps through your veins when a ripping solo kicks in. The spirit of rock is built on glorious, oftentimes garish excess – the likes of which your grandmother would faint if she saw you indulging in (but secretly got messy amongst in her own youth). Warrnambool rockers Airbourne are the proof in the whiskey-enhanced pudding. Since the innocent days of ’03, the foursome have revelled in…

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triple threat

Cookies and milk. Sunny days and ice cream. Decent WiFi and your roommate’s Netflix password. Since the dawn of time, it’s been indisputable that certain combinations of awesome things create even more awesome things. The logic seems simple enough, but alas, life just isn’t that simple. Pizza? Awesome. Swimming pools? Awesome. Pizza and swimming pools? A sad, soggy mess. Compatibility is not guaranteed for combinations of awesomeness – and, though we won’t name any examples here (because the combination of Australian Guitar and lawsuits is never awesome), the same goes for rock music supergroups. One combination you can be assured won’t let you down, of course, is that of blues ’n’ roots ripper Mia Dyson, heart-thumping country queen Liz Stringer and local rock goddess Jen Cloher – together known, creatively enough,…