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Australian Guitar Vol. 136

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With a strong focus on the Australian music scene, Australian Guitar is a rich source of information on playing techniques, styles, the wide range of instruments available and all the technology that guitarists have to consider in the 21st Century.

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australian guitar digital #136

FROM THE VAULT: AN INTERVIEW WITH DR. MARTIN TAYLOR, MBE Dr. Martin Taylor, MBE is an award-winning guitarist, composer, educator and musical innovator. Widely considered to be the world’s foremost exponent of solo jazz and fingerstyle guitar playing, the Englishman possesses an inimitable style that has earned him global acclaim from fellow musicians, fans and critics alike. He dazzles audiences with a signature style that artfully combines his virtuosity, emotion and humour with a strong, engaging stage presence. Taylor has enjoyed a remarkable musical career spanning over five decades, with more than 100 recordings to his credit. Completely self-taught as a guitarist, beginning at the early age of four, he has invented and developed a unique way of playing the instrument that is greatly admired – and often emulated – by guitarists…

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fresh frets

CRY CLUB THEY ARE two fierce and fiery disco-punk debonairs from Wollongong (though now based further south) with their sights set on the stratosphere and their songs set on making you move. Up front, Heather Riley oscillates between sugar-sweet singing and a gut-punching yell, twisting and twirling around onstage like their body was made of rubber. And with axe in hand, shredhead Jonno Tooke is a force you wouldn’t dare think of f***ing with, his overdriven juts as powerful as the synths they meddle with are bouncy. THEY SOUND LIKE a genre-neutral chasm of crunchy guitars and soul-thumping electro leads, merging punkish attitudes and heart-on-sleeve fury with dizzying disco vibes and inescapable danciness. They rock a sharp and unapologetically gaudy, Bowie-esque theatricality that makes them stand out like a grizzled wolf in…

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yours & owls festival

WHEN: SATURDAY OCTOBER 5TH – SUNDAY 6TH, 2019 WHERE: STUART PARK, WOLLONGONG NSW REVIEW: MATT DORIA Adoringly dubbed by locals simply as “the fezzie”, Yours & Owls has fast grown into a cornerstone of Wollongong’s ever-exploding live music culture. Stormy weather means the beachside grounds are muddy and humid across the two-day stint, but that doesn’t faze any of the wide-smiled devotees that flood the fields – the good vibes are abundant, as seagulls hover above us and a Mother Energy van doles some much appreciated free caffeine to early risers. It stands to reason that the 2019 edition of the Gong’s favourite festival would peak early with a landmark set from one of the city’s best; scuzz-punk scorchers Totally Unicorn erupt onstage with the fury of rioting prisoners, and across their 30 short…

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the best around

The term ‘power couple’ is often tossed about with a sense of irony these days, but when it comes to the husband-and-wife team of Ali Barter and Oscar Dawson, there’s no better term. Having been a co-writing force throughout all of Barter’s solo career, the pair kept the ball rolling with the collaborative writing, recording and production of her second album, Hello, I’m Doing My Best. “I write all the lyrics, melody and the chords,” explains Barter. “Then, Oscar and I will build it up from there – I’ll have the idea for the sound and the tone, and I’ll often have very clear ideas. When it comes to mapping out a solo or a guitar part for Oscar, I tell him exactly what I want in the spirit of the…

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from the sand to the stratosphere

Hell hath no fury like the bloodthirsty fortitude and undying passion of Byron Bay metallers Parkway Drive. Since making their mark on the scene with 2005’s Killing With A Smile, the band have consistently pushed further, fought harder, and cranked up the volume louder with every new effort. 2020 looks to be another wild year for the quintet, as they wrap up a titanic two years of international anarchy on the back of album no. six: the critically adored Reverence. A follow-up is in the pipeline, lead shredder Jeff Ling assures us, but in the meantime, fans will have a new chunk of longform content to sate their Parkway-starved palates with: a full-length theatrical film. Following lowkey home projects Parkway Drive: The DVD and Home Is For The Heartless, the new big-budget…

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permanent vacancy

After a storied 40 years of world domination, you’d forgive the Violent Femmes for taking it easy nowadays – preferring to tend to their crops and focus on planning their next family vacation, rather that continue to smash out crash-hot folk-punk opuses and rip it up onstage the world over... Wait... What’s that? We’ve got the wrong band? The seminal foursome of fury are still going as hard as they did when “Blister In The Sun” was making the airwaves its little bitch!? Huh! Okay, so Gordon Gano and co. aren’t the spry youngsters they were in the late ‘90s – they can’t scale amp stacks like monkeys or stagedive into the abyss – but if their tenth album, Hotel Last Resort, tells us anything, it’s that the Milwaukee monoliths still know…