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Australian Model Railway Magazine February 2018

The Australian Model Railway Magazine covers the modelling of Australian railways in all scales and gauges. The magazine regularly features contributors layouts and modelling projects, covering everything from completely scratchbuilt models, through modifying ready-to-run commercial products and kit bashing to 'hints and tips', as well as product reviews and the latest news from the manufacturers.

Southern Cross Model Railway Association
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The Christmas Issue In days of olde, for many modelling magazines, this issue, the first after Christmas, would have been full of ‘Welcome to the Hobby’ articles explaining to the new readers the many tasks of building a model railway. While AMRM, a bi-monthly volunteer publication, did not always participate in this activity, the commercial magazines saw it as a need as many potential readers received their first ‘train set’ at Christmas. There was great benefit in capturing the attention of the new reader, then, more often than not, of youthful age. Regrettably to some, newcomers to our hobby no longer invariably start with a train set, nor are they necessarily young. Times have changed. Where were the train sets in the shops before Christmas? We have learnt that the demand for…

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Wumbat is a freelanced layout depicting a generic NSW country branch line. It is my third exhibition layout and my first attempt at building an Australian outline HO scale layout (my previous two exhibition layouts were both American N scale). The desire to build a NSW outline layout in HO scale was hatched while I was exhibiting my first layout (Buffalo Junction), at its first exhibition in July 2011. I spent that weekend next to one of the Epping Model Railway Club’s large HO NSW outline layouts (Brunswick Park) and by the end of the weekend I had made the decision to start acquiring NSW locomotives and rolling stock in HO scale. The next challenge was to come up with a layout plan. I developed a list of elements that I wanted…

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things made of wood

A few months ago I read in the paper that the New South Wales government was about to embark on a refurbishment program of the enormous Westmead Hospital complex which is located in Sydney’s western suburbs, not far from Parramatta. Why were they wasting money on refurbishing a hospital that was only built a few years ago I thought to myself? As a 17-year-old I’d spent some months on the building site of Westmead Hospital as a carpenter’s apprentice. Then it dawned on me: as I’m now 56 this means the hospital must be approaching forty years of age! A few years ago indeed! I didn’t end up completing the apprenticeship, but for about six months I helped my employers install crash barriers around the loading docks and through some…

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how to make working o scale gooseneck lamps

My model railway is based on the Maine ‘Two-Footers’, set in 1925 and while looking at old reference photos, I realised that most of the buildings had gooseneck lamps over the door, or at least the main doors. Similar lamps were used in Australia in many guises, just look around for modern day examples and old photos if you are into an earlier era. So, being a cheapskate like most On30 modellers, I decided to make my own. Here’s how… Building the Model First, you need to carefully lift an LED out of the carrier strip and use tweezers to transfer it to your holding jig. Orient it with the two metallic strips on the back of the LED facing up. Be gentle; it’s easy for the LED to slip and go…

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computer aided design

So, you have decided to finally build that dream layout that you have been considering for years or you may be embarking on your first layout. When designing a new layout, you may have considered a number of issues: Where will it be located? How much space do I have? Is it to be a permanent home layout or a portable layout that can be taken to exhibitions? Even if space is not a limitation (which would be rare), how much money do I want to spend as the bigger the layout, the greater the cost? As many of us may be retired or our physical mobility is limited (working under a layout is no fun), then the size and complexity of the layout needs to be considered. How much time can I put into building…

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build a vr ks scantling timber wagon in ho scale

A Brief History of the KS Wagons There were seven members in the class. KS1 was converted from KT320 in 1957 by removing the pulpwood dividers and adding side plates to the bulkheads. KS2 to KS6 were built with ‘new’ bodies attached to former IY open wagon underframes, while KS7 was originally a KT class that was briefly coded IT. They were built for the sawn timber traffic from Gippsland to various yards in Melbourne, such as Graham, Westall and Dandenong, or to the Newport Workshops sawmill for VR internal use. The wagons were all out of service by the 1980s. Building the Model I have chosen to model K6, converted from an IY open wagon in March 1959, modified to carry hardwood in April 1959 and scrapped on 16 March 1979. If you decide to…