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Australian Model Railway Magazine April 2018

The Australian Model Railway Magazine covers the modelling of Australian railways in all scales and gauges. The magazine regularly features contributors layouts and modelling projects, covering everything from completely scratchbuilt models, through modifying ready-to-run commercial products and kit bashing to 'hints and tips', as well as product reviews and the latest news from the manufacturers.

Southern Cross Model Railway Association
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Your Own Standards I first came across a model railway ‘standard’ when I joined the Sydney Model Railway Society, my first club, in the infancy of my model railway hobby. SMRS was a principal club in NSWGR modelling; some of its members having been strong supporters though the World War II era. The members there proved to be great tutors for, like many club and association members, they shared their skills and experience. And I was not ashamed to soak up the experience. However, to be a member and run on the extensive operational HO scale layout in the then Castlereagh Street, Sydney, Railway Institute building my models had to adhere to a number of standards. Many of the requirements were quite basic and now in common use: track voltage 12V DC,…

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Although being a native of New South Wales, I spent most of my school years during the 1970s living in South East Queensland. While in Brisbane I lived quite close to the NSWGR mainline that runs through the southern suburbs. Images of the double-headed Brisbane Limited, the locomotive depot at Yeerongpilly, and the freight yard at Clapham have stayed with me ever since. The sound of Alcos passing through Greenbank all night while on Army Cadet Camps is still alive in my memory also. And, when holidaying on the NSW North Coast as a teenager, I would walk miles to see the Gold Coast Motorail or a fast steel train heading north. Unsurprisingly, it was these sights, sounds, and experiences that mostly influenced my choice to model the NSW North Coast…

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modelling modern-era containers part 1: shipping containers

In a sarcastic tone, my mother always said “you’ve seen one train, you’ve seen them all”, implying that they were all common and the same. As scale modellers we run the risk of applying that same principle when we model and operate a train consist, either assuming that we can take a generic approach, or we may be naïve to the finer details or reasons behind the prototype’s operations. In this two-part article, I will be discussing different container types, splitting them into Shipping Containers and Domestic Containers. I will also be describing the trains that haul these steel boxes hundreds and thousands of kilometres around the country. ‘Shipping’ containers are international travellers and must comply with ISO standards in their design and markings, whereas ‘domestic’ containers are simply that; generally restricted…

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in the loop in search of a term

“Are you doing anything this weekend?” This was a question asked of me at work one Friday: the sort of innocuous question I imagine many of us are asked at work in the lead up to a weekend. Most days I would have made a throw-away comment about the missus having a list of jobs lined up for me or perhaps I’d say something noncommittal like, “Not much, what about you?” But my answer this time was a little different. “I’ve got a group of...ummm…” I replied and then stumbled to a halt. That particular weekend I was facing the prospect of a visit to my layout by a group of approximately twenty members of the New England Model Railway Club. So, this was anything but a ‘normal’ weekend. The trip from…

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building the nightline drive-in

As many people will know, drive-in theatres have been around for many years, but nowadays they’re not as common as they used to be. That’s one reason for making a working N scale model of a drive-in. Another reason is that with all of today’s modern entertainment technology, people don’t seem to go out as families so much anymore, especially to watch movies in the comfort of their cars as we did back in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. In making this scale model of a drive-in, I hoped to bring back those wonderful memories of an era that has pretty much vanished, along with steam locomotives and other icons of the period. My model is loosely inspired by three ‘Ozzie’ drive-ins; the Dale Line (Armadale WA), the Galaxy (Kingsley WA)…

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snoring in the ‘snora’

Canberra entrepreneur, Mark McEwen, was seeking something iconic to complement his former Goulburn (NSW) railway barracks, restored as a conference centre/ bed and breakfast development. He finally found what he wanted parked inside the ARHS (ACT Division) Canberra Railway Museum, disused Southern Aurora sleeping car NAM2328. Sealing the deal just prior to the museum going into administration in 2016, Mr McEwen contracted specialist train mover, Australian Train and Railway Services, to collect the car, delivering it to Goulburn on 5 May 2017. Parked on rails immediately behind the restored 15-bedroom former barracks, right opposite the sprawling 42-road roundhouse at South Goulburn, a large platform has been constructed linking the NAM to the rear of the building, which has been in private ownership since 2007. The carriage will be used, once the…