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Australian Model Railway Magazine December 2017

The Australian Model Railway Magazine covers the modelling of Australian railways in all scales and gauges. The magazine regularly features contributors layouts and modelling projects, covering everything from completely scratchbuilt models, through modifying ready-to-run commercial products and kit bashing to 'hints and tips', as well as product reviews and the latest news from the manufacturers.

Southern Cross Model Railway Association
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Inspiration Inspiration is an often written about subject. Being inspired to take further steps in the hobby, in life as well, more often than not improves one’s approach and application to the task at hand. Inspiration can come in the most basic form as a single image that creates the desire to become involved, right through to the volumes of publications and videos that take you step by step through the hobby. There are times when inspiration is desperately sought, maybe unknowingly, for the zest for the hobby has waned and although the spark that will re-energise the interest is probably there to see, we often do not always look for it. Many of us use exhibitions, magazines, books and the web for that inspiration, and while all these sources can be…

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wet wacol under wires

Wacol is a suburban station some 19.3km west of Brisbane Central, situated on the main line between Brisbane and Ipswich. The line continues west through to Toowoomba, where it divides to go to Charleville and Stanthorpe/Wallangarra. In the past, the suburb comprised mostly army camps, (later some became migrant reception areas), industrial areas, detention centres (gaols), mental hospitals and a small number of homes. While Wacol is now a busy transport interchange station with commuters taking advantage of the free parking to utilise modern, hassle-free rail transport to their employment and shopping destinations, the period modelled is the mid-1990s, a period of transition. The old wagon repair shed has been demolished and a grain unloading facility with storage bins is on that site. Reduced stock numbers still come and go through…

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branchline ramblings modelling ‘trains’ – a re-think

Whenever someone talks about this hobby of ours, the term ‘model trains’ invariably features quite frequently in the discussion. Over the years your scribe has used this term many times without ever giving it much thought. However, a couple of recent events have caused a re-think of how well ‘modelling trains’ accurately describes the activity which is the principal focus of our hobby. Thinking back over four decades of involvement in the hobby, the focus of much of the activity in that time has not actually been on the modelling of ‘trains’ at all; rather it has been on the modelling of the individual items of rolling stock or motive power, be they for the movement of passengers or freight, that go to make up ‘trains’. It has only been with the…

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building a nsw timber trestle bridge: part b

Building the Model In the first part of this article (AMRM Issue 326, October 2017) the planning and preparation, including the materials and tools required for building this model, were discussed. This second part describes the construction of the model. The methods I used to construct this bridge are similar to those used by Kim Armstrong to build the approach spans for his model of a Howe truss timber bridge described in Branchline Modeller No.3, pages 21-23. For each basic unit – piers, girders or wing walls – the components are made, stained and then the unit is assembled. The bridge is then built from these assembled units. Staining of Timber All timber components should be stained after cutting, but before assembly of each basic unit. Staining should be tested on the type of…

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tarpaulins on the cheap

My layout has a number of locations (sidings) where various open wagons get loaded/unloaded. In particular, there is one location in plain view of all the passing drivers (and the viewing public) in a walkway near Lismore. As there are a couple of trains that drop off and pick up wagons here, I thought it was appropriate to scatter some detail items around this area. Some of that detail includes nicely rolled-up tarpaulins on the ground in the yard. More of these tarps are located on the decks of various goods sheds around the layout. No doubt there are a number of standard tarpaulin sizes in many different railways. On the NSWGR, the most common size that was used for tarpaulins was 24' x 16'. This equates to 84mm x 56mm…

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build an o scale garage

After many years of modelling in HO scale, I decided to try building some O scale models with a timber tramway theme. The result is a small On30 layout called the Taurus Valley Tramway and, of course, some buildings would be needed. With the coming of the motor car, many blacksmith shops changed to suit the times, so I imagine this small garage was once where the local smithy toiled. Before starting the model, I made a quick mock-up from cardboard to see how it would look on the layout and am glad I did as the first one was too big. The structure is basically a wooden box with some plastic detail parts, so construction went quickly. I was not going to bother with interior wall or roof framing, but…