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Australian Model Railway Magazine October 2017

The Australian Model Railway Magazine covers the modelling of Australian railways in all scales and gauges. The magazine regularly features contributors layouts and modelling projects, covering everything from completely scratchbuilt models, through modifying ready-to-run commercial products and kit bashing to 'hints and tips', as well as product reviews and the latest news from the manufacturers.

Southern Cross Model Railway Association
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The Dream Layout So, you have been building or obtaining locomotives and rolling stock for a while and plan for that dream layout, a ‘big’ dream layout. You have read many books on the topic, you have your own ideas of what you want and your enthusiasm is boiling over. You must start now! Having gone through most stages of this dream, and in no way would I ever dissuade anyone from striving for their dream, I would temper enthusiasm on a few issues. Also keep in mind that the planning is maybe the most enjoyable part of the dream and nothing is ever lost through too much planning! Only those who dream can identify the important aspects of their thoughts; the topic, the size and the operation. The size will always be…

12 min.

The Victorian Western Line to Serviceton and Adelaide was always of interest to me, with single-line operation with crossing loops, mainline stations, small town stations and branch lines. The attraction of an interstate passenger train, The Overland, local passenger trains and railmotors, combined with fast interstate goods trains and intrastate goods trains, all of which had a mix of four-wheel and bogie wagons in their consists, provided me with an opportunity to run a broad selection of trains. There were also plenty of livestock and grain trains running in the 1960s, together with a roster of steam locomotives and the new modern diesel electric locomotives, plus many of the trains were double headed. The layout is built in a 21' x 28' (6.4m x 8.5m) garage and takes up most of…

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taken at the flood

The first model railway layout I built as an adult was more grown than designed: it started as a loop, extended into a folded figure of eight that turned a corner, merged and grew into a second layout and was soon dismantled because of a major flaw in the track arrangement. No matter how much fiddling, adjusting and cursing I applied, I couldn’t persuade my favourite locomotive to ascend a curved grade light engine, let alone towing a wagon or two. With hindsight the grade would have been at home on a cog railway in the Tasmanian wilderness, but at the time it was very frustrating. However, there were other, broader reasons I decided to pull that first layout down and start again, after having learnt some salutary lessons. These…

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sct east coast operations

Established in 1974, SCT has been operating trains for more than 20 years with key operating routes between Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth and Parkes-Perth. SCT has reinvigorated van load traffic and primarily operate trains as a key part of their warehousing and distribution supply chain logistics business. In January 2017, SCT operated their first east coast service between Melbourne (Altona) and Brisbane (Bromelton) using their flagship SCT class locomotives. SCT operates three or four return services per week, utilising the train numbers MB9/ BM9. Each service operates direct between the two capital cities, with the exception of a short stop at Wodonga (Barnawartha) for a quick drop-off and pick-up of wagons in both directions. SCT have been running freight to and from Brisbane for many years now, with a train consist form (X2010) dating from…

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arduino controller for a turntable

The flood of small 5V ‘stepper’ motors on internet shopping sites, along with the inexpensive Arduino computer boards, has opened many possibilities for model railway applications. With Arduino-clone boards selling for as little as $5.00 and the stepper motors for $2.00 (with driver) one can afford to use them for all kinds of projects and experiments. The 28BYJ-48 stepper motor is produced in the millions for vent controls in air conditioners and other industrial applications. With a 64:1 reduction gear it supplies sufficient torque to operate scale model points and with the gears removed works well as a turntable drive. I converted a ready-to-place, off-the-shelf Walthers HO scale 90’ turntable, but the principles will work just as well with any turntable, be it purchased or scratchbuilt. Adapting a Stepper Motor to a…

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fix that broken detail

While doing a Lima B class repowering project using a pair of Auscision B class bogies, the pipe work on the outer axles kept snapping off. After a couple of repairs I decided that there had to be a better way. This is what I came up with. I drilled a small hole in the top of the brake shoe hanger, where the original moulded pipe had snapped off from parallel to the bogie sideframe. Next, I found a small length of black DCC decoder wire that looked reasonably close to the original moulded pipe in size. I glued one end of the wire to the lower brake hanger using a tiny bit of super glue on a pin. Next I threaded the wire through the hole I had just drilled,…