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Australian Motorcycle News Vol 69 Issue 15

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shock tactics

I KNOW, I know, they don’t make brmmm-brmmm noises, so we shouldn’t accept them. I get that. But electric-powered vehicles are a thing, and the two-wheeled versions of such contraptions are becoming more and more viable as proper modes of transport and recreation. There’s also a whole generation of future travellers coming online who think they are great… Ask most late-teens what car they lust after and they won’t say Ferrari, they will say Tesla. It’s a shock. But this is what changing generational aspirations look like, and while I can’t see my kids wanting a BST Hypertek (the cover bike) when asked just yet, there’s a solid chance they will own such a two-wheeler in their lifetime. By the time they get a motorcycle licence, my oldest in five year’s time,…

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trk502 tweaked for 2021

NEW PAPERWORK ALSO reveals significant updates to Benelli’s popular TRK502 adventure bike. The latest prototypes have ditched the tubular steel swingarm for an aluminium unit, which will be stronger and also give the hefty TRK502 a handy weight reduction. The TRK502 is proving to be a European sales hit – as Italy’s third best-selling bike in 2019, it nearly matched the Honda Africa Twin and BMW R1250GS. It’s clear that every bike in the paperwork’s images – Benelli has submitted both wire-wheeled and alloy-wheeled versions – has aluminium luggage fitted. So this might be standard on future models. It also has Brembo brake calipers rather than the Benelli-branded ones of the current machine. Since Benelli has only recently released the 2020 TRK502, these are 2021 prototypes.…

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benelli 1200 tourer

WAY BACK IN 2016 we revealed design drawings from China that showed a 1200cc triple-cylinder tourer under development by Benelli’s parent firm Qianjiang. The image here comes from the bike’s Chinese type-approval documents, meaning it’s on the verge of production, and the same paperwork includes a host of technical details, too. The earlier design images of the bike showed a police-spec machine. That’s not unusual in China, were a contract to supply the country’s security forces can mean thousands of guaranteed sales. The new photo, despite being disappointingly low-resolution, clearly shows the QJ1200 in civilian form. The styling has also been tweaked, with changes to the side panels, and in a big technical alteration to the original design the BMW-style shaft drive and single-sided swingarm seems to have been swapped for a chain…

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a jedi master!

Jedi’s new 750 has just been given type-approval JEDI MOTORS AND its Sport GT 750 is small fry among the mystifying multitude of Chinese bike brands. But its new 750 has just been given type-approval by the Chinese authorities, so it meets emissions limits and is certified to be sold in that country. Only two images have emerged so far. One, from the firm’s bare-bones website, shows a civilian-spec sports-tourer. The other comes from the official type-approval documents and shows the bike in police-ready spec, a good way to underpin development costs with captive fleet sales. The engine appears to be a derivative of the CFMoto parallel twin, which has been around in 650cc form for years and for 2020 has been stretched to 692cc for the new CFMoto 700CL-X. However, Jedi’s homologation…

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ktm-powered cfmoto adventure busted

THE TIES BETWEEN China’s CFMoto and Austria’s KTM are growing with a prototype CFMoto adventure bike using KTM’s LC8c parallel twin engine snapped on test. Recent CFMoto models have been styled by Kiska Design, in which KTM has a significant share. CFMoto also manufactures several KTM models and has plans to launch its own using derivatives of KTM engines. Its 2017 V.02-NK concept bike was fitted with a 1000cc derivative of the LC8 V-twin engine, and since then design patents have emerged for a 1250cc V-twin tourer, also using an engine based on KTM’s design. However, these are the first pictures we’ve seen of a CFMoto prototype using the more modern, mid-sized parallel twin LC8c engine, used in 799cc form in the KTM 790 Duke and 790 Adventure, and punched out to 890cc…

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compare the market

India The world’s biggest motorcycle market saw December 2019 mark 13 months of negative growth with a 14.4 percent slump. Even Royal Enfield sales dropped. China Up 5 percent. After years of decline, the traditional combustion segment grew while the electric scooter segment, the world’s largest, eased. Japan Lost 1.7 percent to create a new record low. An increase on sales tax is partly to blame. UK Modest 1.6 percent increase with sales led by Honda, followed by Yamaha and BMW. Royal Enfield was the star, up 124 percent. US Down 2 percent with Harley-Davidson expected to announce on January 28 that it is starting to stabilise its declining sales trend. European superhero France, Europe’s largest motorcycle market, experienced a 15.7 percent increase, the highest since 2012. Shock-horror result Recession-hit Argentina’s motorcycle market has collapsed, dropping…