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Australian Motorcycle News Vol 69 Issue 17

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grow up

WHAT’S WITH THE assertion you need to still be a ‘boy/ girl’ or you’re refusing to ‘grow up’ if you choose to ride a motorcycle? If there is something more grown up than making non-stop life and death decisions at 100km/h, please point it out to me. Time and again I see and hear references to riders “staying young” by riding a motorcycle, or themselves saying things when sitting on their machine like “I’ll grow up one day”. If riders themselves aren’t buying into this rubbish, their spouse, mates or family are. It’s bullshit. It’s not about “staying young.” Aside from the fact it’s impossible to do so, while the “feels” we get from riding may relate to youth, it’s for the exact reason that we aren’t young that many of us…

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sprung! new 2021 tiger 1200

THE NEXT-GENERATION Triumph Tiger 1200 has been spied on test near the firm’s R&D facility in Spain, showing that development of the 2021 machine is virtually complete. The current Tiger 1200 started life as the Tiger Explorer back in 2012, and already has one of the newest engines in the firm’s range, but spy shots reveal that the next version has a completely redesigned power unit. Tilted further forward in the chassis, the engine remains a three-cylinder but doesn’t appear to share any castings with the earlier design. We understand that the engine is part of a new generation of triple, initially with a capacity of 1160cc but with scope for future increases. In shaft-drive form, as seen here, it will replace the existing 1215cc triple of the Tiger 1200, but a…

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super gsx-r1000 coming

PATENTS FROM SUZUKI reveal a new version of the GSX-R1000, complete with hydraulically-operated variable valve timing, is nearing production. So far no other Superbike manufacturer has a conventional VVT system, so this could give Suzuki a race-winning advantage. For at least a year, Suzuki has been working on a replacement for its 2017 all-mechanical, centrifugally-activated system. Last April we revealed a patent that showed an updated version of the GSX-R1000 with hydraulic VVT and tweaked styling. Now a new patent application shows a production-ready version. Hydraulic activation gives a much wider range of adjustment to valve timing depending on engine load or throttle opening, than is possible with the mechanical setup. Suzuki has focused on making the hydraulic system simple and cheap to produce. Last year’s design would have clashed with the engine mounts…

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quad bike quandary

THE DEATH KNELL for Australia’s quad bike segment has sounded with market leader Polaris announcing it will withdraw all ATV models from sale here before October 2020, when stage one of the new Consumer Goods (Quad Bikes) Safety Standard 2019 takes effect. The requirement for mandatory “Operator Protection Devices” (OPDs) has been actively opposed by Polaris and other major ATV manufacturers, including Honda and Yamaha. AMCN published an in-depth report on this issue last September where we revealed that better laws covering the actual use of ATVs, rather than requirements for rollover devices, was what the industry needed and wanted. We also revealed that SSVs, or side-by-side vehicles, were already poised to take over from ATVs. Polaris confirmed this last week, saying there have been “record levels of transference as farmers transition en…

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aiding the way forward

Bosch’s new system could actively control the angle of the front wheel THE FUTURE OF daily motorcycling is taking shape. And, thankfully, it’s not all about electric power! We’ve uncovered exciting new developments in rider aids that combine safety with ease of use. The end result will be motorcycles that are still intuitive to ride but have a built-in margin of safety unthinkable even a few years ago. Our industry sleuth Ben Purvis explains the latest work from Bosch, BMW and Kawasaki. BOSCH BOFFINS PLAN AUTO-STEERING WE ALL KNOW electronic throttles and computer-controlled ABS allow a bike’s central computer to influence acceleration and braking. But can you make a connection between the computer and the steering? New patents from Bosch outline two options. The less intrusive idea would see the central computer increasing steering damper…

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Boomer Beemer call Henning Jorgensen, owner of a 1970 BMW R75/5, is calling all “/5” owners to contact him at hpj333@gmail.com for expressions of interest in a major anniversary event in central western NSW in mid-October. The “/5” range inspired last year’s retro R nineT /5 BMW twin. HC Blind ambition Kawasaki Australia is helping Ben Felten and his Blind Speed team return to Lake Gairdner, South Australia, in March to attempt to average 300km/h over a measured mile. This would break his existing speed record for a motorcycle ridden blindfolded. HC Ripper day of riding Victoria’s Broadford circuit hosts an International Women’s Day for riders on 8 March. They can ride road race, motocross, enduro and dirt track. Contact www.motorcyclingvic.com.au. HC Aussie first Rideshare company eMoped Motosharing are launching a fleet of 50 electric Super SOCO…