Australian Mountain Bike issue 184

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As Maydena Bike Park continues to expand, we can be pretty sure that even with their upgraded trails in September 2020, the staff will still know all the best lines! Blue Derby continues to impress, and whether you’re there for the air time, the family rides or just to feel chill and get around on the back wheel – you’ll find what works for you. With the north-east of Tasmania becoming Australia’s mountain bike hotspot, we’re sure that the Bay of Fires Trail and St Helens Stacked Loop trail network will land on everyone’s bucket list.…

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what’s mountain biking without trails?

What was the last trail you rode on? Do you know when it was built, or how it came to be? Sometimes it is really easy to take our trails for granted, and it’s easy to be complacent. Not much time goes by before there’s news about a new area investing hugs sums of money to build new trails for us to go and ride. For free. Here in Australia, there are very few mountain bike parks that have a fee to use them, and those that do charge such a nominal amount and really deliver. I grew up riding trails in the north-west of Sydney, trying to figure out what parts of the Great North Walk were rideable on a rigid bike with cantilever brakes, and what areas were…

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2020 world championships in leogang

The UCI have announced a combined Mountain Bike World Championships event including Pump Track, Cross-Country, Downhill and eMTB titles all to be held in Leogang, Austria from 6-11 October. Originally, just the Downhill and Pump Track titles were going to be contested in Leogang. “The UCI contacted us and asked if we saw an opportunity to integrate the Cross-Country and eMTB competitions of the World Championships from Albstadt into our Downhill and Pumptrack World Championships,” said Marco Pointner, one of the organisers. “After we checked everything internally, it was clear to us that we could tackle a quadruple World Championships and that we wanted to take on the challenge,” But, there’s plenty of work to do as Kornel Grundner, another organiser, adds, “The short-term is not optimal and rather unusual. The…

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new products

ILABB CLOTHING Ilabb’s men’s and women’s clothing blurs the line between street fashion and trail wear, bringing bold logos and style to the demands of mountain biking. By sticking with quality materials, the New Zealand clothing company make sure you don’t just look good, you feel good as well. Their range covers trail wear to street wear, with shorts, jeans, jerseys, tees, gloves and more. We’re keen to get some on our testers to see how it performs on the trails and for post-ride hangs. DT SWISS 1501 AND 1700 SPLINE WHEELS DT Swiss have upgraded their two most popular lines of wheels, the 1501 and 1700 Spline series. The 1501 wheels (bottom) gain the new DT Swiss 240 EXP hub at their core, with a stiffer, lighter and more reliable EXP ratchet…

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things i've learned from riding and racing bikes

Well here we are, still, heading towards 2021 like a freight train but with continuing restrictions in place. For some of us, racing has opened up again, but the forced break from pinning a number on has meant that we have had plenty of time to reflect on previous experiences. I frequently find parallels between the everyday challenges we face in life, and those posed in the height of battle… or pedal. So, in the absence of experiencing these challenges and important life-learning in the red-mist of racing, I thought I would revisit some of those learnings here. IT AIN’T OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER A good one for determination and the importance of cultivating a never-give-up attitude, the old adage ‘it ain’t over ‘till it’s over’ is equally important in a race situation…

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insanity in the service of health

“HOW IS IT THAN YOU CAN EXPEND SO MUCH ENERGY DURING A RIDE, AND YET COME AWAY FEELING LIKE YOU HAVE HAD YOUR BATTERIES RECHARGED, READY AGAIN TO TAKE ON WHAT OTHER THINGS LIFE MIGHT THROW AT YOU?” Well here we are, Groundhog Day. Make plans, cancel plans, repeat. I’m not saying it was easy pre-pandemic to stay sane, but it’s becoming harder and harder given the circumstances, but maybe we don’t need to? These aren’t normal times, what was acceptable behaviour before is now against the law in parts of the country. Inside this changing landscape it’s hard not to feel anger at times, and to use that anger as a crutch to lean on when we are at a loss to explain things to others and ourselves. Anger and cycling…