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Issue 154

THE NO.1 MAGAZINE FOR TOURING Australian Road Rider is the only Australian magazine to address the technical aspects of riding and celebrate the pure enjoyment of touring. At Australian Road Rider we know that there’s nothing like the pleasure of hitting the open road and exploring our glorious country. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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summer blues

I hate the heat. I think I’d have preferred global cooling to global warming, given a choice. When I was kid, air conditioning in cars was rare, a very welcome experience when I got to travel without sticking to the vinyl seats of Dad’s Holden Special. In my late teens I was a motorcycle courier, delivering packages for a living under the blazing West Australian Sun, and at one stage I decided it was better to ride without a jacket and avoid heat stress than risk a crash because my body was overheating. These days I do things differently. I’ll still ride a bike in the summer, but ventilated gear provides air flow and protection in a spill. A flip-top helmet gives me an open face or full-face while on the move. Shorty…

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australian road rider

EDITOR Nigel Paterson npaterson@umco.com.au ART DIRECTOR Martha Rubazewicz REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS Geoff Seddon, Brian Rix, Phillip James, Nigel Crowley, Ian Neubauer, Ray Macarthur, Roderick Eime, Damien Paterson EDITORIAL roadrider@umco.com.au SUBSCRIPTION ENQUIRIES mailorder@umco.com.au ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Gerry Little, 0414 455 772 ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Brendan Alder ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Marcus Hucker Chairman/CEO Prema Perera Publisher Janice Williams Chief Financial Officer Vicky Mahadeva Associate Publisher Emma Perera Finance & Administration Manager James Perera Circulation Business Development Manager Mark McTaggart Creative Director Kate Podger Marketing & Acquisitions Manager Chelsea Peters…

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supercharged, naked… affordable?

Nothing draws a crowd like Kawasaki’s Supercharged H2 roadburner, but with a price in the stratosphere they aren’t seen on the streets very often – but with the new Z H2, that might be about to change. The new naked 998cc supercharged four should be priced at around $25,000… we hope. Pricing, as we go to press, hasn’t been announced, so jump onto roadrider.com.au and check for an update, although insider information is pointing to more affordable pricing as Kawasaki endeavours to make its supercharged bikes more affordable. Whatever the price, the Z H2 looks like becoming an instant classic. It’s got a trellis frame, just like the H2, aggressive good looks, modern electronics to keep the power under control and good levels of equipment. Kawasaki has spent a lot of time developing…

2 min.
217hp fireblade sp

Honda’s 2020 CBR1000RR-R SP will be released soon, with advanced aerodynamics, electronics, friction-reducing material coatings and new technologies all aimed at producing the best road-legal track bike it’s ever made. No, we don’t know how much it will cost yet, but be assured it won’t be cheap. The new bike shares the bore and stroke of its MotoGP-winning RC213V V-four, although the Fireblade remains an inline four. Producing a claimed 217hp in standard trim, it’s definitely going to be popular with the Superbike crowd, both racers and track day riders. The technology is eye-watering: A semi-cam gear train, finger-follower rocker arms, titanium con-rods, RC213V-S internal friction reduction technologies, piston jets with check ball system and a built-in bottom bypass passage for the cylinder water jacket. The bore and stroke match the MotoGP…

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street power

PANIGALE STREETFIGHTER For the hoon inside every Ducatista, Ducati has built what some might consider ridiculous: a 208hp naked. It’s a Panigale V4 with its clothes off, although Ducati has tastefully added back in some stylish bodywork, inspired by the comic book character and movie The Joker. Practical streetfighter features include higher handlebars, lower footpegs and a more thickly-padded seat. Pillion passengers are better accommodated too, with a new steel subframe and more space for the rider. The bike is very compact thanks to using the engine as a structural chassis part, with a front frame bolted to the upper crankcase and the rear suspension, swingarm and subframe bolting the engine at the rear. The engine itself is the 90-degree 1103cc V4 from the Panigale V4. It’s close to unchanged from the unit in the…

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bmw’s new 900s

BMW F 900 XR The BMW S 1000 XR is a popular bike among the Australian Road Rider crew, its mix of sportsbike performance, sensible ergonomics and excellent long-travel real-world suspension make it a great bike… so much so it’s being joined by a twin cylinder version, the new F 900 XR. Designed for sporty long distance riding, BMW has equipped the new bike with an effective fairing with two-level screen, adjustable seat heights and good pillion accommodation. The parallel twin motor produces 105 horsepower (77kW) and 92Nm of torque from a powerplant developed from the earlier twins. The motor is pushing 219kg of motorcycle ready to ride. Suspension travel is generous, 170mm at the front and 172mm at the rear - so it should handle Aussie roads really well, and even cope when the…