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Australian Yoga Journal August/September 2018

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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WELCOME to the mind+body issue. In contemporary thinking, the mind and the body are thought of as two distinctly seperate elements, as if the human condition is dissected into two experiential pathways. In a world fixated on compartmentalisation and categorisation, the body is seen as a little more than a lumbering husk, condemned to decay from its creation, chauffeuring your thoughts, hopes and dreams through time. Of course as yogis you know this is not real, any more than the misconception that we are all separate entities purposelessly stumbling around a rocky planet. The mind and body are yoked together, fundamentally connected, as we all are to each other. Experiences can create profound physiological reactions, and mere thought can manifest extraordinary physical experiences Authentic connections with people and understanding of our own…

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what’s on

july Asana alignment and adjustment Gold Coast July 13-16 Hosted by Laura Humphreys, this course is for teachers and students wishing to deepen their practice and correct misalignments through hands-on adjustment techniques. With so much controversy around student adjustments these days, it’s more important than ever for teachers to understand the ins and outs of physically assisting students. 50 hours Yoga Alliance certified. www.laurahumphreys.com AUGUST Yin Yoga Teacher Training Sydney August 3-5 During this 50-hour training designed for yoga teachers, Sarah Owen will give you the tools to become confident in teaching the subtle art of yin. With space for reflection and to explore self-practice, students will deepen their understanding and practice of yin - from anatomy to sequencing and more. www.bodymindlife.com Yoga for seniors and older grown ups Lennox Head August 17-19 Facilitated by long time…

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follow the sun

Oneworld Retreats bring back the traditions We’re not the only ones who have noticed the trend of yoga today being dominated by the physical. Oneworld are bringing it back home to tradition by adding some new retreat offerings to their annual smorgasbord in beautiful Bali. With three new programs on the menu, it’s even more tempting to jump on a plane for a taste of summer alongside a yoga immersion. The retreats take the focus away from the physical, and shine a light on the more philosophical aspects of our practice – from Ageing Gracefully the Ayurveda Way to Vedic Meditation and Therapeutic Sound Healing, there’s something to tickle every yogi’s fancy and leave you feeling a little more enlightened than when you left home. We’re on board! Check out the…

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retreat to spaces we love in the big smoke

THE FUTURE OF YOGA? The latest studio to settle on our shores is St Leonards’ W1LL. Following the success of its Surry Hills studio, W1LL has just opened a second studio in the bustling St Leonards district, offering immersive yoga and meditation experiences like no other. They’re paving the way for a futuristic practice, with audio guided classes (you read right – but rest assured there’s an instructor to assist and align), curated playlists created by in house DJs, simple instruction and a diverse range of practices to appeal to city dwellers who need to slow down, but not too much. Think multi sensory immersion with visuals and music to accompany your practice and an array of classes on offer for busy yogis. See w1ll.co A DOME TRIBUTE TO JO It was a…

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keep all the chills at bay – the yogi way

Go get Healthy With so many vitamin brands on the market, it can be overwhelming finding the perfect fit. New Zealand brand, Go Healthy, have just launched in Australia, bringing with them an array of vitamin and mineral supplements. The range uses the finest natural ingredients from NZ and around the world and products are carefully formulated by a leading team of scientists and naturopaths. There’s a vitamin for everything – from sleep problems to cold and flu, and their capsules are vego friendly. These guys have grown from humble beginnings, placing a big emphasis on the ethics of their business and the happiness of staff. Go Healthy’s philosophy is all about making your health a priority so you can focus on all the other life goodness. Check them out and…

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warm up with original chai co

Free from all the nasties and filled with all the goodness of traditional, Indian chai, you can’t go past Original Chai Co. The owners both grew up in India, and remember waking up to a fresh cup of Mum’s chai each morning. After moving to Melbourne they craved this nostalgic treat, but found it impossible to find a chai that stayed true to tradition (not powders or syrups, just good old fashioned masala). A business with heart, they’re committed to brewing each batch with love from their childhood and passion for chai. Following Mum’s old school recipes, the brews include black tea, ginger, cardamom and more, and come in two simple flavours (of the 100% natural variety): Morning Masala and Afternoon Masala – to get you going or wind you…