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going ev isn’t the real challenge for jaguar

WHAT OTHER option did Jaguar have but to go all-electric, given the UK’s ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2030? Even with a once seven-strong product range, its annual global sales didn’t top 200,000 – less than 10% of BMW’s. However much of the market it has covered off, Jaguar has remained a global minnow. Now everything must go. No existing product will be directly replaced; each will be retired at the end of its current lifecycle. Even the new XJ, which was pretty much ready to go, ironically as an electric car, has been cancelled. This is bold stuff. So what happens next? If the decision to make Jaguar an electric brand feels a no-brainer, the real boldness lies in repositioning Jaguar as a luxury brand, not a ‘mere’…

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jaguar to reinvent itself as ev-only aston martin rival

JLR REIMAGINED: THE FUTURE AT A GLANCE ◼ Jaguar to become EV-only luxury brand from 2025. ◼ Land Rover to launch six electric models in the next five years. ◼ Jaguar Land Rover to become net-zero-CO2 manufacturer by 2039. ◼ All UK manufacturing plants to remain open. ◼ Diesel engines phased out by 2026. Jaguar is to be reinvented as an electric-only upmarket luxury brand with an entirely fresh line-up from 2025 onwards as part of a bold new plan to revive the fortunes of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). Under the transformation strategy, Land Rover will launch six electric vehicles within the next five years, including one electric-only model. The radical repositioning of Jaguar from a premium saloon brand into an EV rival to Bentley and Aston Martin is key to the British car maker’s new ‘Reimagine’…

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first impressions last

It’s hard to think how Thierry Bolloré could have made a better job of his first public outing as the boss of Jaguar Land Rover. Far from coming across as the austere, crop-headed and cagey business professional of his early publicity photographs, he was enthusiastic, calm, quick to smile and happy to give good-natured answers even to sometimes-trite questions. Above all, he seemed full of energy and well prepared for the challenges to come. As befits someone who has had nearly six months to finesse his all-encompassing transformation plans, Bolloré seemed very secure with the details and disarmingly keen – even impatient – to impart what he must have known would be seen as fundamentally good news: expansion not shrinkage, generous investment, new forays into high technology and new freedom for JLR’s…

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jlr’s new platforms explained

Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) JLR’s modular longitudinal architecture is a multi-powertrain platform developed from the architecture originally intended for the now-scrapped Jaguar XJ EV. Nevertheless, it will be used for future Land Rovers with petrol, hybrid and electric powertrains. Electric Modular Architecture (EMA) Dedicated to Land Rover models, EMA is described as ‘electric-biased’ and intended for full EVs, although it will also be able to accommodate ‘advanced electrified’ combustion engines, likely PHEVs. It’s thought that the first dedicated Land Rover EV in 2024 will use it. New Jaguar-only electric architecture Few details are yet known about the new platform, although it’s intended purely for new luxury Jaguar EVs. That suggests it won’t be required to accommodate large Land Rover SUVs, which should enable the firm to optimise it for a new era of Jaguar EVs.…

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land rover defender pick-up likely

Land Rover has given the clearest hint yet it will introduce a pick-up version of the new Defender to rival the Ford Ranger truck. The firm had previously hinted that such a machine would be possible, and Nick Collins, JLR’s executive director of vehicle programmes, has now added that “there is customer demand” to justify one. Collins confirmed that “there are no structural limitations” to a Defender pick-up and that “you can make a pick-up from a monocoque”. He added that “we always said the Defender would be a family” and said we should “watch this space” with regards to a pick-up variant. An open-backed Defender would be aimed squarely at the hugely popular utilitarian market in the US and the burgeoning pick-up market in Europe. It would also stand to help Land…

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q&a jaguar land rover: key questions answered

What will happen to the Jaguar range? Jaguar is heading for a total rethink, to become an EV-only brand by 2025. Under the new Reimagine plan, there appears to be a recognition that Land Rover is the one that does classic SUVs, while Jaguar must devise “a dramatically new portfolio of emotionally engaging designs” that doesn’t clash with the financially more successful Land Rover. Does that mean Jaguar’s XE and XF saloons are goners too? Bolloré won’t confirm that – but he won’t deny it, either. He says he wants the rethink of Jaguar to be so free that he’s not prepared to say anything that might place a limit on what happens next. So he didn’t confirm an electric F-Type? No, he didn’t, although he did say that the subject of EV sports cars…