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three reasons evs are not the only answer

CARLOS TAVARES is not just a successful car company boss but also one of the industry’s great commentators. Last week, the Stellantis CEO questioned automotive’s all-in approach to EVs, saying governments were simply “surfing on public opinion” in legislating in their favour. His concerns are threefold. First, EV a. ordability. How, he asked, can the industry “protect freedom of mobility for middle classes who can’t a. ord a €30,000 (£26,000) EV when today they pay half of that”? “If they can’t a. ord a new EV, they’ll just keep their older, more polluting car.” Second, making EVs profitably. “If we cannot protect margins, there will be restructuring and there will be social consequences,” he said. In other words, factory closures and job losses. Third, “in one decade, mobility devices will be 300-500kg heavier…

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new m2 to be punchier, sharper and sleeker

The second-generation BMW M2 will have even stronger performance and more versatility than the well-received current model when it reaches UK showrooms by the end of 2022, according to insiders. The new version of M division’s smallest model is based on the upcoming third-generation 2 Series Coupé (driven, p7), which has been comprehensively re-engineered with a revised line-up of longitudinally mounted engines, a new eight-speed automatic gearbox, an updated platform, a significantly stiffer body structure and more advanced electronic architecture. The changes provide the new, G87-generation M2 with much closer engineering ties to other M models than today’s M2 has. M division insiders say this will enable the new M2 to offer a further step up in performance while helping it to retain a reputation for dynamic excellence through the sharing of…

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our drive of new m240i coupé shows m2’s potential

THE FRONT-WHEEL-DRIVE platform and transverse engine layout of the four-door 2 Series Gran Coupé were never a serious consideration for the smaller two-door model. Development of the new coupé was partly carried out in combination with the latest Z4: the two cars share powertrains, integral parts of their CLAR platform and their MacPherson strut front suspension and multi-link rear set-up. “There is a lot that is shared between the two,” says head of driving dynamics Jos van As. “With the 2 Series Coupé, we’ve managed to increase the stiffness of the body by up to 40% over the old model. It makes a big difference, especially to steering precision because you’ve got a more rigid basis for the rack. Changes to the front suspension also allow us to run greater negative camber.…

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lamborghini ev in the works

“A GT best marries the brand’s sports car heritage with the current performance of BEVs” Lamborghini will launch its first battery-electric vehicle by the end of the decade, after introducing plug-in hybrid powertrains to all three of its current model lines within the next three years. The Towards Cor Tauri roadmap – referencing the brightest star in the Taurus constellation – involves more than £1.3 billion of investment in PHEV technology in the next four years and is driven by the need to reduce the firm’s environmental impact. But Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann has vowed to “keep the DNA” of the brand and “take it to the next level”. Lamborghini EV to be GT on Porsche-Audi platform Lamborghini’s bosses have approved an expansion programme for a long-mooted fourth model line for the EV, which…

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can this be a true lamborghini?

With an appeal built on the flamboyantly theatrical design and performance of its supercars, it might seem that Lamborghini exists in an exotic world somewhat removed from reality and rationality. But no matter how extravagant its cars, no marque is immune from ‘boring’ practicalities such as complying with increasingly tough emissions regulations. For a company such as Lamborghini, electrification fundamentally changes the performance characteristics of a car. The challenge for the Italians in the coming years will be to produce plugin hybrids and EVs to meet legislative requirements and allow for financial growth, all while maintaining the fundamental DNA that holds such irrational appeal to customers. It will be a question of balance. There are wellknown performance benefits to electrification, but they will need to be balanced against the expectations of Lamborghini’s…

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jcb reveals hydrogen engine

Heavy machinery maker JCB has announced a hydrogen-fuelled piston engine that emits no CO2 and which it believes can help the transport industry achieve the UK government’s zeroemissions target quicker than any existing solutions. JCB claims its research shows that the new engine – based on the hardware of JCB’s Dieselmax 448 four-cylinder engine but with substantial modifications at the top end – not only produces no CO2 but also offers important advantages over batteryelectric and hydrogen fuel cell solutions, both of which are considerably more expensive. JCB’s hydrogen engine is naturally aimed at its own off-highway applications but, after successful initial trials in excavators (which put far greater demands on engines than cars and trucks), the company’s engineers believe they have a technology that can be successfully applied in a much…