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Bacon BustersBacon Busters

Bacon Busters January - February - March 2018

Bacon Busters includes readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos. Not to mention the famous Babes & Boars section! Every issue is jam-packed with readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos.

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editor’s note

Posing with Bowens first goat Doin it tough up the hills after goats & pigs with Dad & my cousin Dave Success on a recent Victorian High Country Hunt for Sambar Deer! Gday All, well 2017 has flown by, hasn’t it! Its been another year watching my young family grow, whilst seeking life goals and ambitions with my wife. Included in those are trying to pay the lifelong debt of a house off ASAP, however family caravan holidays and hunts are always booked in to keep our sanity.I don’t have any latest big boars to show you, but I have been getting about when I can throughout the hills catching a few pigs and getting stuck into a few local goats with my Dad and…

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double tonner

WA is renowned for its super big boars being caught in the Northern arid region and this beast is no exception. Well done ladies; Big Effort! “ t h 2 W e 0 h w 0 s e a k c n y g a l w p c e e a a s s , p p t i a u t t c t h i w i t e t y e . o n ” t n I was with the girls when they shot this beast, so I can give you the story at least. We were all sent out to fix a fence in a weaner holding paddock and there had been a few sightings of a big pig…

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australia’s biggest pigs

M N i o c o k l e V n a b n r o e k Eamon & the boys! Corey Sandilands Pic by Trav Clare Mckenzie Obrien in the sounthern ranges. E a m o n w i t h s o l i d b o a r ! Another beast! Bill Tunsted Blake Gear Luca & Tony with a 110kg Mudgee boar! Shaun Geraghty Bill Tunsted Clayton Obrien in the southern ranges! PROUDLY SPONSORED BY Send your biggest pig pics to 'Australia’s Biggest Pigs', Bacon Busters, GPO Box 606, Sydney NSW 2001 or email hi-resolution pics to editor@baconbusters.com.au ■…

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the enigma – cape york

The author loving his time in Cape York! The romantic lure of adventure and longing memories draws at the heartstrings once again. Everything is huge in the Cape...immense distances on dusty gruelling tracks, the richness in wildlife, magnificent sunsets, iconic termite mounds, the monotonous yet ever-changing sweeping vistas. Everything up here however wants to kill you...Crocs, King Browns to Taipans, Rogue Bulls and our quarry the Wild Boar. Even the petite and vibrant green ants give me excruciating love bites. The Cape has had a wonder and an intoxication that is hard to explain. I take with me wonderful life long memories once again and some of its dust within my pores and the love affair continues!We familiarise ourselves with our equipment and double check everything… We are…

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yamaha review kodiak 450

The rear rack carries 80kg with the front rack carrying 40kg! The Yamaha Kodiak is definitely a popular choice amongst Aussie pighunters! Skyela, who is featured in the 2018 Babes & Boars Calendar loves Yamaha is replacing the best-selling ATV in its range with this one. The new Kodiak 450 renders the mid-capacity Grizzly obsolete. But there’s no risk that getting rid of the best-seller could be a mistake because this new one is a massive improvement that’ll suit hunters alot better.Yamaha’s pitch for the Kodiak is aimed at farmers. They’re pushing the toughness and practicality, which the Kodiak has by the bucketful, but what’s more impressive is the way this one’s ride and handling make it a pretty fine four-wheeler for hunting. The last time I…

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hunting with jacob neilson

Picking up a few tail-enders after a long chase! Disturbing a few grunters with head-cam! ■…