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Bacon BustersBacon Busters

Bacon Busters April-May-June 2019

Bacon Busters includes readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos. Not to mention the famous Babes & Boars section! Every issue is jam-packed with readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos.

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editor’s note

G day All, Well the last month or two has been absolutely traumatic for so many Aussies. With droughts and floods throughout Queensland, it has really hurt so many people. It’d be the most talked about topic at work, together with the NSW drought and then fires down south. It’s unbelievable to see so much devastation across a country to the opposite extremes. I can only hope the Aussie government put our farmers and citizens first instead of spending more time on selling off our country and assets. If you know someone in a pickle, take the time and give em’ a hand! On the piggin’ front; I've caught a few in the mountains, but I've had to work for them and the dogs have done well. Their age is showing,…

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big boar tally

It was just a quick Saturday run to go shoot a deer and drive down the road and talk to my mate, but ended with a ripper trophy boar. After settling down a spur towards a bunch of thicker vegetation, which looked like a good spot for a pig, I idled another 100metres down the road through the pines. This big fella walked out and the rest is history after a 15minute tussle. He was a beast!…

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the coffee machine

As usual, I stopped in at the homestead for a catch-up chat with my good friends and a hot brew. For some reason, the kitchen felt smaller than I remembered, then I saw it. Taking up more bench space than Donald Trump's ego, sat a new whizz-bang, all singing, all dancing coffee machine that looked like a cross between the Starship Enterprise and the Sydney Opera House. A few minutes later, after the massive machine had been jump-started, I enjoyed a salubrious caffeine fix and was ready for action. The icebox was iced up and full of drinks, the dogs pushed for the best spot in the dog-box, the hard-hitting coach-gun snug in the rifle rack and the .308 in the gun bag, but handy. I gave the Honda Pioneer's…

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piggin’ products

VIKING UPHOLSTERY RIFLE BAGS These new ‘tough as nails’ rifle bags are made in heavy-duty ripstop vinyl for all hearty Aussie conditions. With 10mm foam padding throughout with soft marine vinyl on the inside and a bolt bag sewn on the side, these custom rifle bags will impress those that want to keep their long arms in excellent condition. For further details, see ‘Viking Upholstery’ on Facebook OR email vikingupholstery@outlook.com OLD MAN EMU COMPETITION Old Man Emu, ARB’s suspension brand, is giving customers the chance to WIN one of four $75,000 prizes by buying a suspension kit (four shocks and four springs) and entering the draw. Upgrading your suspension improves your load-carrying and towing capability, whilst providing a smoother ride for all occupants of the vehicle. Available for a wide range of 4x4 vehicles,…

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kangaroo catches pigs

On a recent hunt, Dad and I had a very welcome visitor. We have caught a few pigs with this person in the cane and other places, but nothing to get too excited about. After a bit of discussion, we decided that we were going to head to a place where Dad worked years ago. The weekend had come around and our good mate had just arrived back from his Australian Kangaroos tour. It was Jordan Mclean from the North Queensland Cowboys. It was Saturday morning and he travelled down to our place and arrived at 4am. He had his two ‘meant to be’ bailers collared up, Scooter and Bull and we had our four hounds on the back. Dad has spoken highly about this place a few times, so I…

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two rippers

The .308 lunchtime wakeup call certainly got the solid lump of a brown boar out of bed in a hurry. As our fleeing quarry stepped it up a gear, Ryan jumped from the passenger seat of the Honda Pioneer 700 and flung open the dog-box door. Instantly, the excitable dogs hit the ground running and took up the chase. After denting or leaving one too many dog-box doors out bush, Ryan made sure everything was perfectly secure before returning to the side-by-side. Although bailed and outnumbered by the canine cavalry, the boars ‘take no prisoners’ attitude and tenacity was a quality that deserved utmost respect and admiration. 90kg of muscled resentment, a formidable powerhouse ready to inflict some carnage on the closest bailer! As usual, the dog closest to the fired-up…