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Bacon BustersBacon Busters

Bacon Busters October - November - December 2017

Bacon Busters includes readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos. Not to mention the famous Babes & Boars section! Every issue is jam-packed with readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos.

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editor’s note

Hitting a few pigs in SW Qld and enjoying the Big Red Dunes of The Simpson Desert out Birdsville way with the family!G day All, Well as some of you are aware, I’ve been trekking around this amazing country of ours again with the family. We’ve been caravanning through Central Qld, out to the far western parts of the sunshine state, and down to Birdsville. The Big Red Bash, which is Australia’s biggest inland concert, is on each year and we attended the 4-day Gig. I highly recommend it to all you keen travellers! It’s not just the country towns and remote wilderness that draw you to these places, but it’s the people that really make it. We all live such unique lives and meeting Aussies from different places is…

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australia’s biggest pigs

Another Riverina boar. Pic by Trav Clare.Shannon McCullaghA cracker boar sent in by Trav Clare in The Riverina.Eamon at Wilcannia100kg boar by Aaron PeltonenBig Bopper! Pic by Bill Heath117kg beast. Blake GearGeorgia & ScottyEmily Briggs. AugathellaMark Hoffman with 132kg Darling Downs boar.Jake BailliePaul & Cooper SmithPic by Molly FeeneyPROUDLY SPONSORED BY Send your biggest pig pics to 'Australia’s Biggest Pigs', Bacon Busters, GPO Box 606, Sydney NSW 2001 or email hi-resolution pics to editor@baconbusters.com.au…

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calling of the mountains

This latest fella did the damage unfortunately!Some of us hunt the flats; some of us hunt the stubble; and some choose to hunt the mountains. We find hunting the mountains to be hard on the gear, dogs and the human body, but there's just something about the mountains that keeps us coming back; and that's the quality big tusky boars they hold! NSW has some of the best terrain in the country for pigs and despite what some people say, NSW does hold some of the best quality boars in the country.To tackle this terrain, we like to run a wide range of different size dogs of all different breeds and attributes from bailing dogs to full-on holding dogs (small and large). We never know what will be tucked up…

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After getting into some decent boars over two days of hunting the mountains, it was time to head home when a mate asked if I could call in and open a few gates to let some cattle through into other paddocks. I headed up the ridge, parked my Ute just on sunset and walked down the gully to open the gates with the dogs strolling along behind me. We opened the gates and spotted a big sow with a few youngens on the other side of the gully, however we decided to just head back up to the Ute instead.Whilst making the climb back out of the gully towards the Ute, something caught the attention of our little Kelpie bitch, so she took off up the creek and into some…

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new hunting babe

Not afraid to get her hands dirty!A solid boar Sarah took down!My name is Sarah. I'm from Darwin, NT and I'm 27. I volunteer part time at the Darwin Wildlife Sanctuary while I study to become a nurse. I spend my weekends going down to my family property near Katherine and 4-wheel driving, hunting and playing with my two Bull Terriers, Cedric and Balthazar.My boyfriend Matt has loved Bacon Busters since he was a teenager and has begged me to send pictures of my 78kg catch on our last trip to Central QLD earlier this year. I haven't told him I sent them, so I'm hoping to surprise him, since he buys every edition of the magazine.Thanks!…

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short stories competition

Charleville CapersCOMPILED BY BOB HOLLEYIt was the weekend, so my mate Joel Frazer and I decided to go walk some creeks. It has been a while since we have been out as the drought has taken its toll on our country in SW Qld. We have also recently had quite a few wild dog fences put up on alot of the properties around Charleville, which are designed to keep wild dogs and feral pigs out. The property that we were hunting already had this fence erected, so we did not expect to come up with much.Within 1km of coming off the main road, we realised how dry the creek was, so we decamped on foot with the dogs to try and find some water. We never came up with much,…