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Bacon BustersBacon Busters

Bacon Busters October - November - December 2018

Bacon Busters includes readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos. Not to mention the famous Babes & Boars section! Every issue is jam-packed with readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos.

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editor’s note

Gday Everyone, I’m sure you are all aware of the situation Australia is in at the minute. A lack of rain and crippling drought is affecting not only our lifeblood farmers, but also our rural communities. As I write, we have just had a couple of inches over the last three days, however I am on the South Coast 1hr from Sydney (where our annual rainfall keeps the paddocks continually green). This year has been an exception as creeks have dried up to a few pools of water and people are feeding their animals. Unfortunately, I have heard some very sad stories from our Western NSW communities, right throughout rural Queensland. One fulla in particular I spoke to was dairy farmer Ashley & his partner Wendy, who run a farm…

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dry country boars

Weather conditions over the last few months have been very dry. Finding a couple of Billy's for my mate Len, we hunted along the permanent creek through the property. Goats were everywhere and we dispatched a couple for meat. We relocated halfway up a ridge from my accommodation at 300metres, hoping to bag a pig or two feeding on the goat carcasses. A few days later at pre dawn, I glassed for the carcasses, but they were gone. I searched with the bino’s and a few metres to the left, I noticed a dark shape in some scrub. The brute of a boar had dragged the goats under the thickets to eat in safety. With the first calls coming from the Kookaburras, it was time to move. I pulled on the…

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jack of the pigs

This story is not just about being in the right place at the right time, but to respect your fellow hunters as it can repay you in the future! A few years ago, Dad and I were at a cane fire and there was another hunter there that was keen to catch a pig. He was standing back a bit, so Dad and I went over and introduced ourselves. After a bit of a yarn about what we knew about this block of cane, we put him in the place most likely where the pigs would run out. We then sat back and watched the fire, while the hunter caught a couple of good boars. We went over and had a look at them and congratulated him on the good work…

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piggin' partners

We packed up the dogs and headed down south for a hunt. We got there early in the arvo, so decided to go for a drive up a gully. We ran our young dogs on the back despite not having much experience at Ute finding. Due to only ever-stepping foot in steep terrain and never getting the experience in flat country to hone their skills, it is always a test to hunt new terrain. Dogs really benefit from hunting different ground, however if all your properties are in the mountainous terrain, well so be it! We were not expecting much until I left the Ute flat out and up into some really thick rocky terrain! We turned the Ute off and waited! To our surprise, we heard a bark, so…

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boaring north queensland

We were up early Friday morning to start the long weekend. Heading to a station a few hours from home, we were keen to get stuck into a few pigs. Arriving about an hour into daylight, we plated the dogs up and decided to start with the river. As soon as we got there, a good lone boar trotted off and after a quick chase and scuffle, we put an end to the grunting. A few quiet hours later, we stumbled across a little sow, but the main bitch after catching one, took off over a kilometre on some scent and ended up overheating. It was the middle of the day. She survived as we got her to water quickly. Deciding to run the younger dog solo for the rest…

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piggin’ products

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