BeanScene August 2020

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The hospitality industry is undoubtedly experiencing one of the toughest periods it’s faced in a long time due to the threat and spread of COVID-19. The year has been thrown into a spin, with the social calendar well and truly cleared. No latte art smackdowns, café opening parties, or extravagant product unveilings. While businesses dig deep to get through this turbulent time, there are some things to look forward to, including the arrival of the impressive Storm Profilo espresso machine from Italy. This machine was the definition of “headliner” at HostMilano 2019, drawing crowds and discussion from industry leaders and baristas alike, trying to work out if they were impressed, confused, or intrigued by the music-producing console. The reason it was such a talking point was that the industry had seen nothing…

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Kieran Westlake is the current President, past Treasurer, and past Vice-President of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA), Australia’s peak industry body dedicated to promoting and growing the specialty coffee industry. In his role, Kieran is excited to create opportunities and pathways for ASCA members. He is also a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and a certified food service professional. Jared Chapman is the Group Customer Manager at Suntory Coffee. He has an extensive background in coffee, training, and consulting, working with cafés of all shapes and sizes, from independent cafés to corporate coffee chains. Jared’s passion is sharing this experience to help others in the industry run their businesses successfully. Rawirat Techasitthanet, also known as Jibbi Little, is originally from Thailand and lives in Sydney, Australia. She is a barista,…

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reality check-out

My weekly shop to Coles supermarket is a new outing I enjoy. Wearing masks and gloves, I zig zag my way through the aisles, keeping my head down and eyes firmly on the prize – the must-have items I ‘really’ need: eggs, butter, milk, chocolate. But a visit to aisle six sent me into an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole experience and I stayed for a good 15 minutes. For the first time, I paid attention to the coffee options. The variety was so extensive I had to triple check I wasn’t in the confectionery aisle. They had everything from St Remio to Urban Coffee Culture, and dc Specialty Coffee to Daley St. If I had gone into Woolies I would have seen Campos’ Superior blend staring back at me. I looked…

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CUP OF EXCELLENCE CARRIES ON AND BREAKS RECORDS DESPITE COVID-19 COVID-19 has halted most international travel, but Cup of Excellence (COE) has continued to recognise the excellent work of producers at origin. The June auction of the inaugural Ethiopian Cup of Excellence broke records, with total sales of US$1,348,690 (almost $2 million) topping the previous record of US$830,245 from El Salvador in 2011. The El Salvador auction had 42 lots for sale, while the COE Ethiopia auction included only 28, achieving a record-high average price of US$28 per pound. The top-scoring coffee in the competition sold at US$185.10 per pound, or about $594 per kilogram. COE organiser, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), says this is the highest price ever recorded for an Ethiopian coffee. Its producer, Nigusie Gemeda of Sidama, was stunned to see…

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stuff on the scene

FIORENZATO F83E XGI The Fiorenzato F83E XGi grind-by-weight grinder features patented technology that dispenses coffee calculated in grams instead of seconds. Guaranteeing precision dose and avoiding waste, an algorithm constantly monitors each shot to ensure accuracy and consistency. A touchscreen with CapSense technology displays statistical data, blades replacement hours, percentage of humidity in the air, and ambient café temperature. The grinder also features continuous micrometric grinding adjustment, low service requirements, easy programming, removeable chute and hands-free fork. The grinder is fitted with 83-millimetre Red Speed flat blades. Twice as hard as titanium, this extends grinding life and is far more resistant to heat, producing uniform grinds resulting in a rich taste with improved flavour profiles. A robust and reliable grinder, the F83E XGi is a must for medium-to-high-volume cafés. Coffee Machine Technologies’ larger commercial…

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giancarlo’s little italy

Giancarlo Giusti knows Lygon Street in Melbourne like the back of his hand. It’s the street he lived in, the street he opened his first coffee shop in, and the street he continues to frequent every single day. “This street is a part of my history and my heart,” Giancarlo Giusti tells BeanScene. “I come to Lygon Street every day for a coffee. The people in these streets are my friends. I still see old customers and I know everybody, and everybody knows me.” He’s not wrong. On meeting the 89-year-old down Lygon Street, dressed impeccably with a farmer’s flap cap, Giancarlo walks into one of the street’s iconic Italian coffee shops, waving at the baristas. He charms the waitress and two espressos arrive promptly for “Signor Giusti”. “I’m Italian, coffee runs through…