BeanScene June 2021

BeanScene is Australia’s world-class coffee magazine. Not simply one for industry insiders, BeanScene caters for coffee aficionados who love what ‘coffee culture’ contributes to everyday life and leisure pursuits. Packed with fascinating barista profiles, inspiring feature articles and tantalising coffee reviews, BeanScene is a must-read for coffee lovers in Australia.

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beanscene covershoot

The Pantry 1 Church St, Brighton, VIC 3186 WWW.PANTRY.COM.AU Our June cover shoot couldn’t have been a more Melbourne experience if we tried. On commute to The Pantry in Brighton, Victoria, the sky turned black, the heavens opened up, and down came a heavy downpour. Minutes later, the sunshine returned. When BeanScene Editor Sarah Baker and regular photographer Blake Storey scouted the venue, The Pantry was a buzz with options, from large street-facing windows to marble table textures and beautiful indoor plants. But it was outside, among the glistening water-covered tables and seats, underneath the autumn leaves, that we found our winning spot. The Pantry baristas produced espresso and piccolos on repeat, using Lavazza’s La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia, thanks to the Lavazza Foundation’s origin projects in the Meta region. Here, the ¡Tierra! projects support 100…

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Babin Gurung is the New South Wales Barista Trainer of Suntory Coffee Australia. With a Masters degree in accounting from the University of Southern Queensland, the only numbers Babin crunches these days are extraction and dose times. He came to Australia from Nepal 11 years ago to study, fell in love with coffee, and hasn’t looked back. Babin has worked at many different cafés in Sydney, and now enjoys sharing his coffee knowledge and skills to help build a new generation of baristas. Matthew Lewin is the 2019 ASCA Vitasoy Barista Champion, and Vitasoy ambassador and coffee consultant. Matthew has worked in the coffee industry for the past 10 years, honing his barista skills and coffee knowledge. He won the 2018 Fushan Cup Barista Championship in China. Matthew is currently the…

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everyone’s responsibility

Sustainability. One word, yet with so many different connotations depending who you speak to. In my world, the idea of sustainability springs to mind when I take my collection of six reusable bags to Coles on the weekend – a treasured supply from roasters over the years. It’s front of mind when driving my car to work, watching my neighbour unnecessarily wash his concrete driveway, and when I bring my reusable coffee cup to a local favourite for that feel good moment. It was even behind the gusty intention of my sister who tapped on the window of a litter bug on the weekend, insisting they pick up the takeaway bags we watched thrown out the window. In some way or another, sustainability dictates our every move. In this edition of…

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st ali iced coffee launches in woolies

From 25 May, St Ali Iced Coffee will be available in more than 410 Woolworths supermarkets Australia-wide. “This is exciting news for the Australian coffee community and coffee drinkers alike. We are one of the first to introduce an iced coffee using specialty coffee and fresh milk into supermarkets,” says Salvatore Malatesta, CEO of St Ali. “Arriving at the right coffee to milk ratio was a unique challenge for us, something we’ve been working on for the past year and a half. We had the knowledge to do it, but there are so many more considerations when working with fresh milk and producing an iced coffee product in large volumes. Thankfully through our partnership with Riverina Fresh we made it happen.” The 300-millilitre Iced Coffee packaged in gable-top cartons contains St Ali’s Orthodox…

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brazilian farm becomes carbon positive

The Santo Antonio, Pinhal, Vertentes, and Mirante farms of Brazilian coffee producers Pedro and Mariana Gabarra have received Carbon Positive status, following a year-long third party assessment and audit of the farm’s carbon emissions. Carbon positive or ‘free carbon’ means the farms remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than they generate. “The path we’ve been following for some years, which is to pursue an increasingly sustainable production, is working and bringing good results,” Pedro says. Pinhal was named the most sustainable farm in Brazil for 2019 by Globo Rural, a respected agricultural publication. To reduce emissions across their farms, the Gabarras use S10 Diesel across their entire vehicle fleet, implemented solar panels to generate clean every, and control and treat liquid waste. The total removal of CO2 was mainly achieved through areas planted…

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stuff on the scene

THE CUPPAMOKA Enjoy pour over coffee anywhere with the all new Cuppamoka by Wacaco. No bigger than a cup, the Cuppamoka is a compact and lightweight travel pour over coffee system, designed to save space in your bag and be easily transported. Simple to use, the Cuppamoka will help get the best out of your grind wherever you are and offers everything you need to brew a smooth, clean cup of coffee every time. Drink your coffee from the included stainless steel, double-walled mug, or pop on the easy sip lid and take your coffee anywhere you go. For more information, visit LA RESERVA DE ¡TIERRA! COLOMBIA La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia contains coffee from the Meta region, where armed conflict interrupted coffee-growing for a long time. Today, the Lavazza Foundation supports more than 100…