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if he’s asking, i’m dancing

‘Will you dance with me?’ Matt Lucas asked 39-year-old Hermine, an accountant from London, at the start of Bake Off. She giggled and agreed, before following the presenter’s further instructions. ‘On your marks, get set, BAKE!’ he shouted. Off she went and Little Miss Giggles passed with flying colours with a chocolate and marmalade orange battenberg. So far, we’ve said goodbye to four of the contestants (not Hermine), and are left wondering who will be the ultimate ‘Star Baker’ of 2020? I’m sure all viewers have their favourites, yet, for me, one thing is for certain – I’m loving the perfect recipe of Matt Lucas and his gentle, kind humour. And, despite the complaints, I suspect even the PM saw the funny side of that controversial opening scene – ‘Protect cake. Save loaves.’ In these uncertain times,…

2 min.
why is ‘brit-bashing’ ok?

‘I have just read the results of the most baffling of surveys. Its purpose was to find out what other nations and their people think of us Brits, by commissioning research that looked at what is most commonly searched for on the internet about us. The findings weren’t positive to say the least, with the main observation or criticism being that all Brits have “terrible teeth”. Strange. We are also “crazy”, our food is terrible, the French look for jokes about us, we’re “ugly”, it’s OK to call us “beefsteaks”, and in Italy people are asking “how the f*** am I British?” And this was published by a British company! Frankly, I find Brit-bashing offensive – but somehow, it seems to be acceptable. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t taken leave of my…

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we’re all talking about

JOIN THE CONVERSATION Rule of Five It’s been months since we’ve hugged our nearest and dearest, and we now have to adhere to the ‘rule of six’ to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. But a new study by Interflora and friendship expert, Kate Leaver, has revealed that the perfect recipe for long-lasting friendships is having two separate friendship groups – made up of just five different people (and personalities). The study of 2,000 Brits indicated that the personalities should include ‘the sensible one’, ‘the organiser’, ‘the joker’, ‘the party animal’, and ‘the dramatic one’, and that 70 per cent of respondents believed honesty was the most important trait in a mate. What personalities make up your friendship group and do you have a magic five? WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell us at facebook.com/bestmagazine A…

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matt - the cream on bake off’s cake

We may be struggling to eat out – especially after 10pm – but it seems the nation has an appetite for Bake Off. Almost eight million of us are tuning in to this season and watching Matt Lucas serve up the perfect combination of comedy and compassion. His hilarious and scarily accurate impression of Boris Johnson certainly made its mark in the first episode, although the bald funnyman might be an acquired taste. ‘Totally unnecessary opener to #GBBO keep politics out of cake please!’ and ‘Simply not funny this time around and poor taste #switchingoff’, were just some of the comments from those less than amused by his Boris Johnson impersonation. But for most, his ‘bake in a tent but please don’t bake in a tent’ humour is exactly the light relief the…

5 min.
we’re britain’s oldest twins!

‘Dorothy?’ the teacher called out as she read the names on the school register to check who was in attendance. ‘Here,’ I shouted, before my identical twin sister and I burst into fits of giggles. ‘Kathleen?’ she said. ‘Here,’ my sister answered through her laughter on my behalf. We’ve always loved playing silly pranks on people, each pretending to be the other, and our tutors were never any the wiser. To start with, anyway… They ended up having to separate us into different classes so they could tell us apart, and so that we didn’t cheat and do one piece of the same homework. And whilst we looked very similar with our curly locks, fair complexion and rose bud lips, our personalities couldn’t have been more different. Dorothy, or Dotty, as she was known, was smart,…

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‘the shock of dad’s death rippled through our family’

Strange, how our perception of age changes with… age. I vividly recall attending my maternal grandmother’s 50th birthday as a young child and thinking she was she was so old, she was practically dead. Now, I find myself at 53 and feel that I cannot possibly imagine feeling any older than 25. My face and body is definitely a different matter. But turning 53 in August was significant for me. It was the age my dad was when he passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly of a brain haemorrhage. It was New Year’s Eve 1995. The suspicion is that he actually died – collapsed without warning, on his way from the living room to the kitchen to get himself another G&T – on 29 December, but as he lived on his…