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Better Homes and Gardens Australia

July 2019

Better Homes and Gardens - full of ideas, inspiration and information for you and your family. Every issue of Better Homes and Gardens is packed with inspiring, affordable and achievable ideas plus step-by-step projects for all areas of your home and garden.

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Since the beginning of falling in love with decorating it’s always struck me how it’s the small things that make such a big difference to how your home feels, interestingly enough not necessarily how it looks! And how it feels matters so much more! Small items here and there, groupings of cushions, collections of pics, a little box or basket strategically placed, stacked pretty coasters, cutlery in a sweet goblet – you know the list and, of course, it goes on and on. And even more, those lovelies take on a very special dimension when they have a story or a meaning why they are on display. So it is with great pleasure this month that both our decorating and craft stories are just such an offering for you. Check out…

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better homes and gardens australia

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BECAUSE WARWICK HAS PARTNERED WITH DOMAYNE, THEIR FABRICS ARE PART OF YOUR CHOICE WHEN YOU WANT YOUR OWN LOOK. JANEY RIDGE FOLLOWS AND KNOWS THE TRENDS AND FASHION FROM AROUND THE WORLD. DOMAYNE HAS ACCESS TO THOUSANDS OF DIFFERENT FABRICS TO UPHOLSTER THEIR CHAIRS FROM WARWICK’S EXTENSIVE COLLECTION–FROM CLASSIC PRINTS TO CONTEMPORARY WEAVES. Support for homegrown pieces is a great way to get behind your country and local companies. It is a key focus and passion for Domayne. It also opens the gates to a whole new level of flexibility of design so that a bespoke piece of furniture that is designed just for your home and lifestyle, is more than possible. Timber stain, fabric, shape, padding and finishing is up to you. It’s your piece, your choice. However you want…

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create a cosy life

When it’s bleak and you seek to hibernate indoors, you may yearn for spaces that are comfortingly snug, both physically and visually. An abundance of layering using woollens, velvets, tactile textures and weaves, and a warm palette of dusky pinks and purples with hits of magenta, will help you achieve this seasonal makeover, even if you’re not game to commit to these colours in paint. “Avoid the winter blues with a rich purple and pink palette – your neutral rooms won’t look so cold”As smudge sticks smoulder they release the most delicious aromas MAKE A SMUDGE STICK Snip 20cm-long fresh cuttings of leafy cuttings of Australian natives. Using string, tightly bind the cuttings securely, leaving about 10cm of stems unbound to act as a handle. Air-dry the smudge stick for about a month…

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come and clay

“THE BEAUTY OF WORKING WITH CLAY IS THAT NOTHING IS ‘WRONG’. IF YOU LIKE IT, THEN IT’S RIGHT!”“WORK SIMPLY, WITHOUT COMPLEXITY, USING JUST YOUR HANDS” BUY ME! YOUR BASIC SUPPLIES To make it super easy to make these projects, you can buy the Jovi air dry clay, acrylic paints and tools on BHG Shop. Go to bhgshop.com.au or call 1300 745 898.…

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easy techniques for clay 1,2,3…

air-drying clay is a versatile product that can be used in many craft projects. It doesn’t need to be heated, unlike traditional clays that need to be fired in a kiln at a very high temperature, or polymer clays that need to be heated in an oven to cure. This type of material hardens and cures at normal room temperature and, once dry, it can be painted or decorated in a variety of ways. GENERAL TOOLS Rolling pin; natural sponge; sharp knife; fine sandpaper; acrylic paints; old credit card; craft knife; diamond cutter set; sculpting tools for shaping and scraping CUTTING SHAPES Here’s how STEP 1 Working on a flat, clean surface, roll the clay out to the thickness you require. If you find the clay is dry or cracking, use your hand to drizzle…