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Better Homes and Gardens Australia February 2020

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peach melba ice-cream cake

EASY STEPS TO MAKE OUR COVER STAR Preparation time 45 mins plus cooling and overnight freezing Cooking time 25 mins Serves 16-20 450g store-bought rectangular double sponge cake4L vanilla ice-cream250g raspberries, plus extra, to serve1L raspberry sorbetPeach wedges, to serve ROAST PEACHES 1 cup caster sugar6 peaches, halved, stone removedJuice of 1 orangeJuice of ½ lemon1 tsp vanilla bean paste STEP 1 To make roast peaches, preheat oven to 200°C fan-forced (220°C conventional). Scatter sugar in an even layer on a baking paper-lined oven tray (choose a tray to fit peach halves in a snug single layer). Press peach halves, cut-side down, into sugar. Stand for 5 minutes, then turn cut-side up. Combine juices in a jug and top up with water if you need to half a cup, then stir in vanilla. Pour mixture around peaches and…

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hello 2020!

Having no doubt enjoyed the entertaining season to the max, the slower pace of summer and the holidays is when we get to relax and recharge our batteries for the coming year… For many of us it also presents an opportunity to do the things around our homes we don’t normally have time for. Sound familiar? So take advantage of the balmy weather and extended daylight hours to enhance your exterior – whether you’ve always dreamed of a house with a picket fence or decided to embark on a full-on cosmetic makeover (p120). Do as much or as little as you want – it’s the holidays after all! Prefer to garden? If Palm Springs’ desert-style gardens appeal, check out the sculptural effects of cacti – the ideal waterwise plant (p40). Then again,…

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wallpaper wonders

WALLPAPER HINTS Always request a sample of wallpaper for true colour and texture. Not feeling confident? Play it safe and invest in a roll to see how the pattern looks and makes you feel. If your wall has surface imperfections, line the walls with a lining paper for a smoother finish. You can use a thin or thick paper depending on whether you have hairline cracks or a rough, pitted surface. Worried about introducing wallpaper to your home? Bring it in by stealth… starting with a powder room. Are you a newcomer to DIY wallpapering? You may like to buy a wallpaper that is pre-pasted so all you have to do is wet the back before applying it to the wall. WALLPAPER CAN TAKE A SO-SO ROOM AND MAKE IT TRULY SPECIAL HOW MUCH WALLPAPER TO BUY To calculate how…

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paint perk-ups

CHALK IT UP Mask a simple rectangle on your dining room wall to measure the length of your table by about 700mm (or to suit). Think of your chalkboard as art when deciding how high to position it. After all, you want to be able to see it when you’re seated. Then go to town with black chalkboard paint and you’ll have a feature that is part memo, part wall art. PS, a spot or two of colour will brighten up a grey dining room. Here, pendant lights do the trick, picking up on the colours seen in the geometric floor rug. KNOCKOUT TRIM If you have an archway between two spaces, or you’ve knocked through into another room, using the same wall colour throughout for continuity and cohesion makes sense, right? Well…

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better decorating

SUPERIOR STYLE A padded and fabri-ccovered bedhead can make your bedroom look amazing whether you decide to DIY or have it custom-covered. Hepburn in Teal (bedhead) and Eucalyptus (cushion), warwick.com.au. sliding doors Taking up minimal space and available in primed or American White Oak veneer you can stain, the Moda range of barn doors and hardware are eye-catching, corinthian.com.au. SEAT OF POWER When form and function collide it results in the comfort of plush seating with the sophistication of strong clean lines. Nuevo Anders Triple Seat Sofa in Midnight Blue, $1745, fables.id. CREATE A HOME TO LOVE Renters and homeowners will find this inspirational book loaded with styling hacks, tips, and DIY projects to transform rooms into beautiful and functional spaces. Home Is Where You Make It by Geneva Vanderzeil, $35, murdochbooks.com.au. All things French No need to travel…

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more in store

1 CHECK IT OUT Hey, good looking! Fix stemware racks to a shelf and add labelled drawers to an old display cabinet (refreshed with black paint and check wallpaper) for oh-so-chic dining storage. 2 BY THE BACK Build a drop zone near an entry – either at the back, front or laundry door – and everyone will use it. Opt for a combo of open and shut storage, hooks, jars and vertical racks. It’s called chaos control! 3 SORT YOUR KITCHEN Flat-pack cube shelving turns into control central for kitchen utensils, cutlery, tableware and home-office paraphernalia. You can even turn one side into a memo board with a vinyl adhesive chalkboard roll, $3, kmart.com.au. 4 ON THE RACK Display as you store and you’ll have the best of both worlds – neat and arty! For a similar…