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Better Homes and Gardens Australia March 2020

Better Homes and Gardens - full of ideas, inspiration and information for you and your family. Every issue of Better Homes and Gardens is packed with inspiring, affordable and achievable ideas plus step-by-step projects for all areas of your home and garden.

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editor’s letter

While trends may come and go, the one constant is we pour our hearts and souls into creating homes that are uniquely ours. And so the magazine and the terrific BHG TV team will continue to bring you fabulous and inspiring ideas – this issue is jampacked with ways to help you transform your home, whatever your style and budget. But as we go to print, the devastating effect of the bushfires that ravaged large hectares of our country continues to be felt. Words can simply not express the depth of our heartbreak for the loss of life, homes, wildlife, livestock, the injured, orphaned and displaced animals and the scarred landscape. It would be remiss of us not to salute all the brave volunteer firefighters, those who have fallen and those who…

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welcome back!

ED HALMAGYI Fast Ed whips up delish dishes both in the kitchen and on his road trips. Tune in for twists on classics and food from around the world. JAMES TOBIN Tune in for the latest tips and gadgets on all things tech and motoring to improve your life at home and on the road. GRAHAM ROSS Tour amazing gardens at home and abroad with Graham, and learn about plants along the way from this award-winning horticulturist. MELISSA KING Author and gardener Melissa is set to tackle fun and inspirational projects both indoors and out, plus kid-friendly gardening ideas. DR HARRY COOPER Dr Harry’s house calls are legendary! Cats, dogs, birds, horses, alpacas, snakes – whatever the animal or problem he’ll have the solution. KAREN MARTINI Melbourne chef Karen loves to create Asian and Mediterranean inspired recipes and shows you how…

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chicken, mango and prosciutto salad

Preparation time 15 mins Cooking time 15 mins Serves 6 3 skinless chicken breasts, trimmed, halved horizontally⅓ cup extra virgin olive oilSea-salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper, to season1 Tbsp white wine vinegar1 tsp dijon mustard3 baby gem lettuce, leaves separated or torn2 small lebanese cucumbers, sliced250g baby tomatoes, halved2 small ripe mangoes, sliced12 thin slices prosciutto100g goat’s cheese, crumbled¼ cup almonds, toasted, roughly choppedZest of 1 lemonDehydrated raspberry powder (optional), baby basil and small mint leaves, charred bread, to serve STEP 1 Place chicken and half of the oil in a large snap-lock bag. Season and rub to coat. STEP 2 Heat a large chargrill pan or barbecue grill on high and cook chicken for 3-4 minutes each side (in batches if necessary), or until lightly charred. Set chicken aside on a plate…

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living colour

PINK & TURMERIC In need of a decorating pick-me-up? Look no further than this beaut spicy combo. Bold and beautiful, there’s nothing stuffy about this dynamic duo and their sister shades. It’s a fearless colour choice that will infuse your room with energy. Look for soft blushes and raspberry pinks to team with shades such as mustard, cayenne, turmeric and saffron. MAKE IT A SPICY AFFAIR BEIGE & BROWNS After years of cool greys dominating neutrals, 2020 will see browns, chocolates, beiges and taupes sneaking into our interiors. Anything but boring and especially warming in their deepest hues, you’ll feel like you’ve been enveloped in an almighty hug – immediately comforting and calming. EMBRACE THE NEW NEUTRALS “For just the cost of paint and a roller you can totally reinvent your rooms” MINT & SAGE Emerging as a…

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joy jacaranda

In springtime, the jacaranda is the belle of the ball, its gorgeous ruffles and flounces of flowers appearing as though on a long, billowing skirt. But now, in late summer, you can appreciate the cool shade offered by the dense, fern-like foliage and imagine the leaves turning yellow before they fall in late winter – just as the spring greenery emerges on your deciduous trees. Then, for a few brief weeks before the flowers appear, the tree’s twisted, gnarly limbs are exposed to reveal a beautiful, sculptural silhouette. SOFT AND SWEET PURPLE PASSION 1 Boulevards of jacarandas become rivers of petals running through your suburb when the flowers rain. 2 Take advantage of the shade the dense and dainty fern-like foliage gives you in summer. 3 You can grow your own jacaranda easily from the…

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care for your jacaranda

The billowing canopy enables you to share your gorgeous jacaranda with neighbours in your street. FROM BIG THINGS, LITTLE THINGS Jacarandas grow to about 15m and are just as wide, so aren’t suitable for very small gardens. However, a Japanese breeder recently developed a dwarf variety that grows to about 2m and should be available in Australia in about five years. FESTIVAL OF FLOWERS Pair a jacaranda with the golden flowers of a silky oak or the clusters of bright-red baubles of the Illawarra flame tree. Or, plant all three so your spring is a royal flush of gold, purple and red. ILLAWARRA FLAME TREE Masses of tiny, bell-shaped, blazing-red flowers appear on this native in spring, often just after the leaves have dropped. GREEN TO GOLD Jacarandas are deciduous, but don’t sleep long. At winter’s end the…