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Better Homes and Gardens Australia May 2020

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The crisp air, shorter days and longer nights all encourage me to hibernate and indulge my passion for all things knitting and crochet related. I’m the type who yearns to check out the new season yarns and the latest patterns. And yes, I do succumb and add to my ever-growing stash despite the fact that I still have two or three projects on the go from last year! I really am like a kid in a lolly shop, excited beyond belief and irresistibly drawn to the colours, the textures, the possibilities… And so I urge you to flip the magazine and flick through the bumper crochet and knitting special with pages and pages of homewares, garments and accessories galore. You’ll find projects that are quick and easy and others you’ll take…

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in your wildest dreams

1 WHAT’S UP PUSSYCAT? Black and white may be a classic and timeless combo, but you can still have fun with it – this statement tropical wallpaper is testament to that. Set against a calm grey backdrop, the bold design eschews the need for a headboard. The Wild wallpaper, bien-fait-paris.com. Similar Acapulco chair in Pastel Pink, $38.98, bunnings.com.au. Similar Marilyn Monroe prints, allposters.com. 2 FRESH AS A DAISY Walls feeling fairly plain? Take the plunge and introduce your bedroom to a happy pattern to brighten up the gloomy days of the coming winter. Daisy Floral Print 100% cotton bedding set, $149 super king, marksandspencer.com/au. 3 THE MAGIC OF DIY With barely a limit to the floral fabrics around, custom cover an old lampshade with a gorgeous design to brighten your bedroom. Jocelyn Proust 100% cotton…

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a life so abstract

WHAT A PAIR! Give an abstract a companion! Lean them against the wall, stack them or hang them. You’ll find this simple trick makes abstract pieces feel at home, even if the compositions vary. Nadia Attura at artfinder.com. Button large solid ash wall hooks, $13 each, freedom.com.au. CHOOSE ART THAT SINGS When a room calls for a colourful, oversized piece of art to pop against white walls, let abstract fill the void. It will become the focal point of the room, adding movement and depth – whether it be geometric, fluid or painterly in style. For simplicity, hang one large piece rather than several smaller ones. “Let the colours of artwork inspire your choice of shade for a swoon-worthy sofa” ON THE UP AND UP An open stairwell is a prime location for a set of…

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better decorating

SLEEP BY THE BLOCK Up for cohesion? Then be guided by this inviting room, where bedding imitates the abstract art’s block colours. Kennedy stitched bedhead in Navy Blue velvet, $1215 king, Harrington bedside, $895, dresser, $1905, both Dark Sepia, globewest.com.au. SERVE UP STYLE Seeking unique tableware? Look no further than a range of stoneware featuring slight differences in design and colour. Archer condiment bowl, $16.95, amalfihomewares.com.au. T for terrazzo Be individual with a bold bedside and your bedroom will thank you! Mid-century design meets terrazzo in this curvy piece with brass base and knobs. As for the body, slivers of wood are hand-pressed into resin. Mod 2 Bedside – Terrazzo in Black, $1350, fentonandfenton.com.au. ON THE EDGE + ABSTRACT Think of your sofa as a canvas for artistic expression that you can perk up with a pair…

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blooms that go boom!

Au naturel Highlight the individual impact of lime green and bright white in a grouping of multiple containers to make one vignette. The tall pitchers are given width by placing small vases beside them. Cut single and quill chrysanthemum stems to different lengths for an organic cluster in pitchers and small vases. Then add cream and soft yellow ruffled ornamental cabbage or kale to the lime chrysanthemums. Red hot! Add fire to your indoors with a display of pink decorative and pompone chrysanthemums, combined with pink dahlias, red roses and red anemones. The deep purple centre of the anemones complements the tone of the wonderful arrangement. The sturdy dahlias and chrysanthemums are the foundation. Fill out the middle with roses and anemones, then add shorter pompones around the vase opening. Finish off with…

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cheers in your life

COLOUR YOUR WORLD WITH FEELING When you plant a deep magenta-coloured chrysanthemum, you’re also planting a wish for good health. The colours of chrysanthemums have special meanings, including red for love and devotion, yellow for happiness and joy, and white for loyalty and honesty. you’ll get happiness and sunshine if you let a chrysanthemum into your life. As a shrub in your front garden, it will welcome you with its bright blooms as you walk up your path. In a pot, it will dazzle your days as you prepare for winter’s gloom. In a vase, it will become the centrepiece of your home. Get one chrysanthemum and you’ll want more – in colours that range from pure white to deepest burgundy, mellow yellow to boldest bronze, palest pink to riotous red, and cream…