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Better Homes and Gardens Australia November 2020

Better Homes and Gardens - full of ideas, inspiration and information for you and your family. Every issue of Better Homes and Gardens is packed with inspiring, affordable and achievable ideas plus step-by-step projects for all areas of your home and garden.

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mosaics 101

SURFACE ADHESIVE To adhere tiles to your chosen surface, you need to check the label of the adhesive to make sure it will work with both the tiles and the surface. GROUT TYPES Sanded grout is the best choice for mosaic projects because of its durability and ability to fill the large gaps mosaics often have. It comes premixed or as a dry powder (to mix with water) in a range of colours. Premixed works well for small projects; powder is more economical for large projects. INDOOR OR OUTDOOR These projects are for indoor use (or for protected outdoor areas) only. With any outdoor projects, you need a weather-resistant surface, thin-set mortar and a top coat of sealant. WHAT ELSE CAN I USE? Be creative with pieces of broken dishes or other ceramics (this type of mosaic…

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in your garden

SEASON SPECIALS Go bold, bright and beautiful. LONG IN THE GRASS The snakeshead fritillary is full of late-spring charm. TURN ON THE SUN Gold spurge (Euphorbia polychroma) is bright, even in partial shade. BONNET TIME Aquilegia (also known as granny’s bonnet columbine) puts a spring in your step. PLANT NOW In each issue we give ideas, tips and planting advice for cooler, warmer, wetter and drier areas in each zone, so ask at your local nursery which zone best matches your conditions. FLOWERS ALL ZONES Amaranthus, cosmos, dahlia, marigold, petunia, verbena (top left) and zinnia. ZONES 1-3 Balsam, celosia, salvia and vinca. ZONES 4-6 Ageratum, arctotis, aster, candytuft, cleome, cornflower, delphinium, dianthus, godetia (bottom left), impatiens, nasturtium and snapdragon. VEGETABLES ALL ZONES Asparagus, beans, beetroot, capsicum, carrot, chilli, cucumber, lettuce (top left), pumpkin, radish, shallot, sweetcorn, tomato and zucchini. ZONES 1-3 Cabbage, garlic, globe artichoke, radish (bottom left)…

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watch us on tv

FLOWER FEST! There's just something about walking through a paddock full of daffodils that's good for the soul. I was lucky enough to visit Drewitts Bulbs in the rich red soils of Victoria's Dandenong Ranges at the height of spring bulb season. It's a small, family run business that has been growing bulbs and perennials for more than 50 years. I love taking inspiration from a beautiful garden or a field of flowers and creating something that's achievable for the home gardener, so on page 32 I show you how to create three different potted looks using bulbs as the hero of each display, to show you there really is a bulb for every potted occasion. Happy gardening! Melissa King SEEN ON BHG TV FRIDAYS 7.00 18SEPT TO 9 OCT 2020 NOTE: Television content subject…

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better gardening

POT PLEASERS Patio and small-space gardeners are spoilt for choice for a bountiful summer harvest, with many of the best space-saving vegetables around in Floriana’s Gourmet Gardener range. From the famous ‘Tiny Tim’ – ranked among the world’s tastiest tomatoes – and ‘Pot Tom’ (above) to the mini wonder ‘Patio Snack’ cucumber, there are taste-tempters for all palates. They’re in Bunnings stores. WHAT’S ON? Time to ramble Take time to smell the roses and wander some of the most idyllic gardens in Western Australia’s Blackwood Valley and Southern Forests areas (travel restrictions allowing) in the Festival of Country Gardens, 5-8 November. From the romantic to the rustic, gardens range from Balingup to Pemberton, including Nannup and Boyup Brook. The festival is centred on picturesque Bridgetown, 270km south of Perth. Visit festivalofcountrygardens.com. GIVE IT A NAME Colourful…

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halloween eats & treats

1 HAUNTED HOUSE Pull out that gingerbread house kit that’s been in the pantry since last Christmas and put it to use to create a chilling chocolate cottage. To decorate, you’ll need lashings of frosting, writing icing, lollies and liquorice pieces. And the windows? Melted caramels! 2 MONSTER MASH Make chocolate cupcakes from scratch or a packet mix, then dip pretzel sticks into microwaveable candy melts (try Wilton from Spotlight and Big W), attach candy eyeballs, and tuck into green-tinted spikes of buttercream. Fun! 4 HAIRY HANDOUTS Give your party favours the monster treatment. Wrap in coloured card, attach hair-raising raffia, draw a texta mouth and stick on joggle eyes. It’s a great idea for small jars of take-home slime. 3 CANDY CORN CAKE Turn simple vanilla cupcakes into a classic Halloween candy. Popular in the US,…

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steal back your space

Turn small into substantial, dingy into bright, and dank into breezy for a liveable outdoor space for summer days and romantic nights. This back corner of a villa is rundown, with garden beds filled with weeds and plants that have grown wild or are inappropriate for the space, creating damp and gloom where the sun should shine. These issues may seem insurmountable, but they aren’t. Nor do they cost a fortune to fix. The courtyard bones are good, it’s just the flesh that needs a decent scrub and a bit of tarting up. And the garden needs a major haircut and restyle. Here’s how you can do it! PROJECT LAYING PAVERS You’re left with bare earth where the garden beds once sat. Tidy up a corner with pavers, use the space for…