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Better Homes and Gardens Australia April 2021

Better Homes and Gardens - full of ideas, inspiration and information for you and your family. Every issue of Better Homes and Gardens is packed with inspiring, affordable and achievable ideas plus step-by-step projects for all areas of your home and garden.

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when natuer calls

Forget those memories of the Australian bush being harsh and unforgiving – a bush garden can be a magical place. With plants that fit in naturally with the environment, you can create outdoor garden rooms that can be used for eating and entertaining or as places of retreat for reading and thinking. When you need to build a small structure – a potting shed, a little studio – make the trees part of it. And, such is the sculptural nature of so many native plants, real art becomes a natural fit in this landscape. Here’s how to make the bush your own. ABOUT THE GARDEN As an architect, Philip Cox has created iconic public buildings around the world. On a personal level, he has been creating a tribute to the Australian landscape…

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spoiler alert

SHOP HEAD TO THE CENTRE OF THE SUPERMARKET FIRST and the aisles with perishables (dairy, meat, fish, eggs) last so those foods spend less time unrefrigerated and bacteria doesn’t grow. You can also surround refrigerator items in the trolley with frozen items to keep everything cold. Bag your meat and poultry separately. Place them at the bottom of the trolley away from other produce so the foods don’t come into contact with each other and the juices don’t contaminate other items. Place groceries in your car where there is airconditioning, rather than in the boot. Get home within two hours (sooner if it’s above 30°C) and refrigerate/freeze any perishables ASAP. STORE KEEP MEAT ON A PLATE on the lowest shelf in the refrigerator so juices don’t drip down and contaminate other foods. Thoroughly…

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stressed skin sos!

It's not just your emotional and physical wellbeing that are impacted by stress - your skin also takes a hit. The way in which your body naturally responds to times of stress is a defence mechanism, however, if it's prolonged, the response can also have negative effects on your skin. At the root of the problem is the hormone cortisol. It spikes when you're feeling stressed and can trigger breakouts, dryness and inflammation. Here are three complexion-calming solutions. BREAKOUTS Cortisol prompts the oil glands to crank out more oil. This increased production of oil can lead to clogged pores, which in turn causes inflammation another factor that exacerbates breakouts and causes blemishes. Fast fix When a pimple pops up, keep your fingers off it with a stick-on patch. When you're feeling stressed…

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call of the coast

CHROME ACCENTS For shine and pop, look to cool chrome and brushed stainless steel appliances, tapware, hardware and pendants. Let exposed decorative hinges in on the act for authenticity and to add a visual boost. COLOURFUL ATTITUDE Prefer a punchier look? Add a colour hit of soft blue with an undertone of grey so it’s in tune with the veining of the marble. GO UP A LEVEL With an all-white kitchen, layers of interest are key. Stir the pot, so to speak, with worktops at varying heights. Note the slight elevation of this all-marble breakfast bar. Marble not in the budget? Check out quartz lookalikes! SHAKE IT UP For authentic-looking cabinetry, opt for Shaker or a raised and mildly decorated frame around a recessed panel so you can take in the simplicity of the joinery before engaging…

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tool time

Everyone needs a basic toolkit for those little jobs around the home. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. Instead, go for tools that are in the middle of the price range. They’ll get the job done but won’t fall apart after just a few uses. Every now and then you might need a more specialised tool you don’t have, but you can buy them as you go, using all the money you’ve saved by not having to call out a tradie for all those other jobs! TOOLBOX To store and transport your tools and other bits and pieces, buy an affordable plastic carryall. Look for one with a lift-out tray for small items. TAPE MEASURE Accurate measuring is a must, and for that you'll need a tape measure. An 8m…

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better tech

GO TO THE FLICKS You can get an epic big screen experience at home with The Premiere, a new laser projector from Samsung, from $5999. To turn any room into a cinema just plug it in and play - it’s that easy - to enjoy bright, detailed pictures on a screen up to 130 inches, plus powerful sound. It’s also a smart TV, so you can stream your fave shows, has voice control and can be used for gaming. Visit samsung.com.au. THREE-IN-ONE DEVICE CHECK YOUR TEMP For a fast temperature check, use the MedSense TFE02 infrared thermometer, $139, on the forehead, ear and objects. It’s non-invasive, battery operated, delivers results in just one second and can be used on feeding bottles and bath water, making it ideal for families with babies and young kids.…