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Bicycling Australia March-April 2019

Bicycling Australia is packed with interesting and useful information that will enhance your cycling experience. Our expert writers specialise in providing detailed information on training, positioning, health and nutrition, designed to help you ride better. There’s also unbiased, critical analysis of new products—from parts, and accessories, to clothing and nutrition, to full bike reviews—all with detailed photography to help you buy better. You'll also find Where to Ride suggestions in every issue, for destinations both in Australia and overseas. Download your copy now!

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into the big ring for 2019

BURIED DEEP IN THIS, OUR SECOND EDITION FOR 2019, IS A fascinating paragraph penned by Patrick Jonker. A lifelong enthusiast of our sport, Pat enjoyed an 11-year career as a professional cyclist. He rode 7 Grand Tours, 6 Classics and enjoyed a number of big wins including the overall title at the 2004 Tour Down Under. Now writing and reviewing bikes for Bicycling Australia, in this issue Pat writes ‘For a decade or so, post mid ‘90s, the bikes that rolled out of the factories were, well, a touch boring. But for the past ten years the engineers of the industry have put their creative thinking caps back on - it’s an exciting time to be a bike rider.’ He is describing the latest Focus Izalco Max, a cutting-edge lightweight, aero, disc-equipped…

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your turn

DEAR NAT, Reading Jan/Feb. 2019 edition of Bicycling Australia, I noticed an article on 2022 Road World Championships, hosted by Wollongong but then stated that the competition is to start in Sydney. Why Sydney? And could I make a plea that it not be started in Sydney. As your magnificent photo of the Seacliff Bridge, shows just how beautiful the countryside is in the Illawarra. The photo also shows, unfortunately, 6 riders riding next to the cycle lane, on a two lane highway, which has an UNBROKEN DOUBLE WHITE LINE. It is not a very long distance to ride single file on that bridge. I am 76 years old and living in Brisbane. At the age of 18 I rode in the 1961 Goulburn to Sydney race, as a member of the Enfield/Burwood…

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latest releases

XPLOVA CAMERA GPS COMPUTER The Xplova X5 EVO is the worlds first GPS cycling computer with an integrated video camera out front. This is an advanced GPS cycling computer powered by computer giant Acer and distributed nationally by Bikesportz. The camera is 720p (with a wide 120 degree field of view) and features various modes including loop mode which provides a two minute loop so you can use it as a safety cam. There’s also time lapse mode that takes snippets of your ride that you can compress to one video at the end. The unit features 8G of RAM/1G of flash memory. Accessing data and transfer of those important video moments are set up via onboard WiFi. Via the Xplova app a user can pair the unit with various training apps such as Strava…

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brisbane festival of cycling

Pump up your heart rate and lap up the marvels of the City of Brisbane from the 28th of March with the inaugural Brisbane Cycling Festival, then join us on the finish line with thousands of locals, international elites and a jam-packed South Bank of entertainment and life by jumping on a bike and ticking the Tour de Brisbane off your bucket list to close the show on Sunday 14th April. Brisbane is inviting people from all over the world to watch, play and stay in this wonderful city and be part of the largest Cycling Festival the city has ever hosted. The Brisbane Cycling Festival is home of the Tour de Brisbane UCI Gran Fondo World Series event, the Six Day Cycling Final where international stars will race at the Anna…

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ultimate gran fondo bike guide

AND THAT POPULARITY IS NOT SURPRISING. Endurance events offer many advantages over a typical ride. Closed roads (often with a police escort), hydration and nutrition stations, overall and sector timing (eg KOM & QOM's) mechanical support, first aid, safety features including location monitoring and the list goes on. Plus, of course, cheering fans and bell-ringing supporters at the start, finish and along the way! With our very own series of events, the Bowral Classic, Noosa Classic, Clare Classic (and the possibility of a new classic to be announced in coming months), Bicycling Australia are not only huge supporters of the fondo scene but key drivers behind its growing popularity. WHAT IS A FONDO? First things first, what is a Gran Fondo? In broad terms the Italian/ English translation is ‘Big Ride’. More specifically,…

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type one diabetes and the bike: when a needle means life

THERE ARE PLENTY OF RIDERS WHO HAVE DIFFICULTY eating and drinking while on the bike, especially under fast or hilly race conditions. But imagine being in an event, pedaling and breathing hard as you try to keep up with the peloton, injecting yourself with life-saving medication. That is the reality for members of the professional road race team, Team Novo Nordisk, as well as any number of club level riders, like Sydney’s Rob Russell. All Type One diabetics, they rely on insulin to keep them alive and well. But they don’t let having diabetes stop them from living normal lives – even when their “normal” means bike racing! Not only do they take their insulin injections in their stride, but also regular blood sugar finger prick testing – although this has been…