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Bicycling Australia May-June 2019

Bicycling Australia is packed with interesting and useful information that will enhance your cycling experience. Our expert writers specialise in providing detailed information on training, positioning, health and nutrition, designed to help you ride better. There’s also unbiased, critical analysis of new products—from parts, and accessories, to clothing and nutrition, to full bike reviews—all with detailed photography to help you buy better. You'll also find Where to Ride suggestions in every issue, for destinations both in Australia and overseas. Download your copy now!

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bicycling australia

EDITOR Nat Bromhead natbromhead@yaffa.com.au BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Tim Partridge timpartridge@yaffa.com.au PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE Kristal Young kristalyoung@yaffa.com.au PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Matthew Gunn matthewgunn@yaffa.com.au ART DIRECTOR Ana Heraud anaheraud@yaffa.com.au PHOTOGRAPHY Nat Bromhead, Rob Burnett, Lieven de Cock, Pete Dunlop, Eamon Fitzpatrick, Jennie Groom, Mark Hunter, Beardy McBeard, Peter Maniaty, Zac Williams, James Ostinga, Paste Studios, PhotoBreton, Sirotti, Sportograf, Surfshots Noosa, Steve Thomas, BG Digital CONTRIBUTORS Karen Forman, Michael Hanslip, Zac Williams Sarah Hunter, Patrick Jonker, Brett Lindstrom, Peter Maniaty, Matthew Page, Anthony Tan, Steve Thomas PROOFREADER Jordan Hunt EVENT MANAGER Vanessa Burges vanessaburges@yaffa.com.au MARKETING MANAGER Jasmine Gale CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER Martin Phillpott martinphillpott@yaffa.com.au Phone: (02) 9213 8325 GROUP PUBLISHER James Yaffa…

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taking care of your skin

AH AUTUMN ... THE WINDING DOWN OF THE SPRING CLASSICS, THE lead up to the first Grand Tour of the year, cooler days and often sensational cycling conditions. Yes, the brutal heat of summer has passed, but that harsh year-round UV radiation remains. Inside this edition of Bicycling Australia we have a special report on a topic not often covered in the cycling media – the harmful effects of the sun. With approximately two out of three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they reach the age of 70, GPs see more than one million patients for skin cancer each year. Long-time Bicycling Australia journalist Karen Forman recently noticed the slight change in appearance of a small spot on her arm. Looking a lot like a small pimple, Karen went to…

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your turn

IN THE JULY / AUGUST 2017 edition long-time Bicycling Australia journalist Peter Maniaty interviewed legendary Tasmanian cyclist Brian Mansell. Sadly, Mr Mansell passed away late last year. We recently received the following letter from Mr Mansell’s partner, June Sculthorpe. DEAR PETER, Thank you first of all for the online tribute you wrote about Brian following his sudden and unexpected passing. As you found out during your visit to him at Kettering in 2017, he certainly was a warm and humble man with a remarkable story. I also wanted to thank you for writing the amazing two articles about Brian that appeared in Bicycling Australia. I’m sure he let you know how pleased he was with the articles. He certainly showed his family and friends the articles and several people bought copies of the…

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top gear

VENTUM NS1 AERO Lightweight or aero? You don’t have to choose. The Ventum NS1 shatters the notion that a road bike can be either lightweight or aerodynamic. Every element of the Ventum NS1 has been optimised for maximum aerodynamic performance. And yet, fully-configured, the NS1 weighs just 6.75 kilograms. Any lighter and it would be illegal to race. The Ventum NS1 combines forward-thinking design with the most advanced technologies available, like carbon nanotubes and graphene. The Ventum NS1 also includes disc brakes and provides clearance for tires up to 30mm wide. The Ventum NS1 will be available as a frameset or a complete bike. The bikes are available for order from $7495 via ItaliaTech - Phone 1300 050 202 TREK WAVECEL HELMET Trek and Bontrager have unveiled an innovative helmet technology known as WaveCel…

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venturepod bike storage

For the past six months Bicycling Australia have enjoyed the pleasure and convenience of having a VenturePod in our storeroom. It has housed many bikes, a crazy amount of gear, and very quickly become a goto, day-to-day part of life here at BA HQ. The brainchild of Adelaide-based cyclist Andrew Melbz, what we’ve got here is a solid, sturdy, timber, cube-style system, custom created for cycling enthusiasts in search of a modern storage solution. Melbz says the VenturePod system was initially designed to fill a fundamental need for he and his wife Letti’s own home storage. “My wife and I enjoy so many active sports,” he said. “There’s literally gear everywhere and often hard to find. We needed somewhere to collect it all together that was functional, but ultimately lasts. “Through my history in Industrial…

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a look at lights

BLACKBURN DAYBLAZER 800 FRONT The big one! This high-powered light turns night into day. It’s a rugged and well-built light that features an aluminium housing, top quality LEDs, a fully (submersible!) waterproof design and removable action camera style mount. The Dayblazer weighs 129 grams and has a 4hr recharge time. MAX POWER: 800 lumens POWER RANGE: 1.5hrs @ 800 lumens through to 12hrs @ 200 lumens in strobe mode. CHARGE: Micro USB WEIGHT: 129g RRP: $89.99 OVERALL: Supreme choice for long-lasting day and night light – perfect for regular commuters and night riders. Pulse mode is very impressive with just enough light between flashes (and good power savings). Rugged, long-lasting and waterproof design … everyone should have a light like this! BLACKBURN DAYBLAZER 400 A powerful yet compact 400 lumen light that features a heavy-duty adjustable handlebar mount for…