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Bicycling Australia

Bicycling Australia September-October 2018

Bicycling Australia is packed with interesting and useful information that will enhance your cycling experience. Our expert writers specialise in providing detailed information on training, positioning, health and nutrition, designed to help you ride better. There’s also unbiased, critical analysis of new products—from parts, and accessories, to clothing and nutrition, to full bike reviews—all with detailed photography to help you buy better. You'll also find Where to Ride suggestions in every issue, for destinations both in Australia and overseas. Download your copy now!

Yaffa Publishing Group PTY LTD
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6 Issues


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IT’S A LINE OF A NEARLY 50-YEAR-OLD SONG AND YES, it remains one of life’s true constants. This edition of Bicycling Australia marks the dawn of a new era. It’s a time we praise and thank former Editor and 16-year-plus staffer Gary Hunt who’s proudly penned this column for the past five years. Gary left Bicycling Australia last month but I’m pleased to say he hasn’t ridden too far up the road – you’ll continue to sometimes see his familiar byline in these pages. Buoyed by strong and consistent growth across the Bicycling Australia network in print, online and at our events, two of us succeed Gary. I am thrilled to take on the role of Editor-at-Large. Keen cyclist, talented bike mechanic, journalist and editorial whiz Kevin Eddy is the title’s Associate Editor. Kevin and…

2 min.
our contributors

SARAH HUNTER Sarah is an associate coach for FTP Training. She is a qualified triathlon coach and has a certification in Fitness. She’s a lifetime competitive athlete with a 20-year passion for cycling including Ironman triathlon, multi day MTB races, TTs, CX and crits. Her passion for cycling and strength training is boundless and infectious. ANTHONY TAN Buoyed by the Olympic Games in his hometown of Sydney, Anthony Tan turned his back on a lucrative advertising career, choosing instead to meld journalism with his experiences as a handy road racer that took him to Europe – albeit briefly, and unsuccessfully. He has covered the TDF since 2001, and is a cycling analyst for SBS. STEVE THOMAS Steve Thomas has spent most of his life chasing bicycle dreams along the side roads and trails of the…

4 min.
carter turnbull

PROFILE NAME: Carter Turnbull LIVES: Melbourne, Australia AGE: 17 2018 TEAM: InForm-Make CYCLING AUSTRALIA CLUB: St Kilda Cycling Club RIDER TYPE: GC NICKNAME: C-Dog HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN CYCLING? I used to compete in flat water canoeing and kayaking. After training one day I rode back to a friend’s house with him and his dad. His father was into cycling and was impressed with my ability to ride the distance, about three times further than anything I’d ever ridden before. He recommended I give racing a go. From there, I joined Blackburn Cycling Club and began with a few ergo sessions and later track and criterium racing. Straight away, I loved riding and racing despite not winning much at first! WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST BIKE? My first proper road bike was a Giant TCR. I actually got it from…

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top gear

BRYTON RIDER 530 GPS CYCLING COMPUTER The Bryton Rider 530 provides the utmost in convenience for cyclists in planning and analysing training rides and racing performance. It records all the data you would expect from a pro level computer, including Di2 compatibility and navigation functions. However, features such as WLAN connectivity, along with auto-sync with Strava and with Bryton’s own app, that enable data to be accessed, viewed, analysed, and shared conveniently and easily. The Rider 53 supports up to 85 functions including time, speed, distance, calories, cadence, altitude, heart tate, lactate threshold heart rate, power, heading, and Shimano Di2 integration. RRP Rider 530E $279 (includes GPS computer, bike mount, and charge cable); RRP Rider 530T $399 (Includes GPS Computer, out front mount, ANT+ / BLE smart speed and cadence sensors, ANT…

8 min.
a pan-american pedal

TAPPING OUT ENDLESS EMAILS IN A CBD OFFICE, the thought of packing it in to hit the road was more than a little tempting. With fingers poised above the Alt and Tab keys, I scoured satellite maps for dirt roads and forests, plotting weekend overnighters and calculating how much leave was needed to cycle a lap of Tassie or grind gravel on the Mawson Trail. These multi-day tours provided a small measure of escapism, but each excursion also fanned the fires of adventure-lust and the desire to be free of the working week. My colleagues were tied down with mortgages, family, careers and the commitments of a life locked in. I was not ready for this path and, at the ripe old age of 26, decided that it was time to give…

1 min.
short(er) american road trips

The Americas are full of famous cycling routes that can be tackled as smaller adventures, without the need to dedicate years to complete. Patagonia’s Carretera Austral, Bolivia’s Lagunas route, the Pacific Coast Bike Route, the Great Divide, Dempster highway, Baja Divide, Trans Ecuador and Peru Great Divide are but a few of the multitude that can be ridden over the course of weeks or months. In the great boom of bicycle travel, new trails are opened up across the world almost weekly and it is a simple matter to find incredible destinations linked by quiet roads. I met retired couples on tandems, professionals making the most of their annual leave, world nomads and even entire families travelling by bike. On the way to Potosi in Boliva, I encountered a German family of four…