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next olympic champions?

Welcome to Bow 133. For those of you following the international side of the sport, the crammed World Cup schedule before the imminent World Championships kicked off in Medellin last month. The compound side was fairly routine, but the recurve side saw two dominant performances from Korea's Kang Chae Young and the USA's Brady Ellison - which showcased two different sides of the sport. I recommend watching the individual finals on YouTube. Kang, the 70m world record holder, has emerged as the in-form Korean woman of the moment, topping the national trials last month, then topping the table in Colombia, then pushing through to win with almost ridiculous ease and almost supernatural consistency. She shot 17 ends to take the title - two 27s, seven 28s, six 29s, and two 30s.…

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bow news

ARCHERY FIELD IN TOKYO COMPLETED Yumenoshima Park Archery Field, the venue for the archery competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, was officially opened on Sunday 28 April 2019. At the ceremony, Hiroshi Yamamoto, a silver medalist at Athens 2004 and a bronze medallist at Los Angeles 1984, fired the ceremonial first arrow. The archery ground, costing around £6million, has 21 shooting lanes, making it the largest archery ground in the country. It is the first venue built specifically for Tokyo 2020 to be completed – the majority of Games venues are refurbishments of existing facilities. The shooting line area is concrete with a special coating designed to reduce the heat buildup. The venue was built by the local Tokyo metropolitan government, rather than the Games organising committee, and will remain as…

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world championships preview

Every two years, World Archery holds a target World Championships. This is the longest running international competition in target archery, and has a history going back to 1931, when World Archery was still known as FITA. It was held every year - with a break for WW2 – up until 1959, when it switched to every two years. The associated para-archery competition has been running since 1998 in the same years. Normally, the para competition is in a different city, but this year both competitions are being held in June in the Dutch city with the difficult name: 's-Hertogenbosch. Pronounced something like 'shertergemboss', luckily, locals and foreigners alike are happy to refer to it as Den Bosch ('den boss'). A smaller Dutch town with fortified walls and a rich history, its…

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para championships

The Hyundai World Archery Para Championships will be held immediately before the main World Championships, from the 3rd to the 9th June 2019, on the same field. Preliminary entries for the 2019 World Archery Para Championships numbered 304 from 48 countries. The event acts as the primary qualification tournament for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. A total of 260 para athletes from 46 countries competed in the last para championships that was also a Paralympic qualifier, held in Donaueschingen, Germany in 2015. This event looks likely to top that in numbers. The last para championships were held in Beijing in 2017. Zahra Nemati, one of the most successful para archers of all time, is competing in both the World Championships and the World Para Championships.…

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complete guide to: compound stabilisation

Look along any shooting line and you will see an entire row of stabilisers pointing towards the target. These are not actually essential to shoot a bow, but you will see every compound (and recurve) archer with one. So why shoot with a stabiliser at all, and what do you need to consider when choosing one? A stabiliser has three main purposes; firstly and most importantly it helps you to maintain a steady hold on the target, much like a tightrope walker who holds out a long pole, it helps to maintain balance and slow down movement. Secondly, it directs the momentum of the bow upon release, eliminating any torque and uncontrolled movement. And finally, it dampens the vibration in the bow when the arrow is released; this is less crucial…

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what about dampers?

Dampers do not help to stabilise your bow, instead they are designed to take vibration out of your shot and add length to the rod, so they in effect extend the distribution of weight along the stabiliser. Dampers are a personal choice and not every archer will choose to use them, though compounds which suffer from excessive vibration may benefit from the addition of dampers. As they reduce noise and remove any shock, they can make a short, fast bow much easier to shoot. If you’re aiming to use dampers to extend the length of your stabilisers, remember to use a good weight system in the first place, so you can add enough weight without having to increase the length of your rod to ridiculous proportions. Thin, flat weights (particularly those…