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Bowhunter September 2019

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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adding three to the hunting party

ALL OF US HERE at Bowhunter are still missing our friend and colleague, Dwight Schuh. But life goes on. The hunt continues. And so must we. The loss of Dwight has left a void in our magazine, particularly on the back page where Dwight’s Wild-side column regularly appeared. However, we know that Dwight would approve of the man we've asked to write a new back-page column entitled, The Quest . Without a doubt, Randy Ulmer is an archery and bowhunting icon as well. A Bowhunters Hall of Fame member since '99, Randy was formally inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame in 2016. For years, Randy dominated competitive archery, and while we lack the space here to document his archery achievements, suffice it to say that he won many world titles.…

3 min.
between bowhunters

READERS REFLECT ON DWIGHT SCHUH Dear Bowhunter , When my March 2019 issue of Bow-hunter Magazine showed up in my mailbox, I immediately flipped to the back page, as I always do, to read Wild-side. The very next day, I opened up an e-mail from Bowhunter and read the sad news of Dwight Schuh’s passing. I never even met the man, but I felt crushed. As a 48-year-old bowhunting and outdoor junkie, I have consumed as many bowhunting articles as I can since the age of 10 or 11. In my mind, there is an elite bunch of writer/hunters, and Mr. Schuh was without a doubt one of the best in that elite group. He always came across as extremely humble, honest, and knowledgeable. His writing always made me feel like I…

6 min.
improving quiver accuracy

A LOT HAS BEEN WRITTEN about bow quivers and whether or not they affect accuracy. I’ve personally used bow quivers for more than 25 years. However, through extensive testing of my own and collaborating with other dedicated, accuracy driven bowhunters, I’ve learned that bow quivers do indeed impact shot-to-shot consistency, sometimes only slightly, but other times quite noticeably, depending on the setup, broadhead/arrow combination, and shooting scenario. As sort of an archery perfectionist, I decided to hunt almost exclusively without a quiver attached to my bow. Since doing this some 15-plus years ago, I’ve noticed greater consistency in my shooting, particularly in the bowhunting woods when I’m cold and tired, or when shooting in the wind. Of course, the main downside to going sans quiver is that your arrows are always…

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ryley’s elk

MY HUNTING BUDDY Doyle Shipp crouched behind a bush and watched the 6x7 bull pace along a ridge. The elk was 150 yards away, but Doyle was not concerned about the distance. He was excited, because his son Ryley was inching toward the bull and had already cut the range in half. Doyle hesitated a few more minutes, and then he started sneaking along behind Ryley. He could not help himself. It looked like the young man might actually get a shot, and Doyle wanted a front-row seat. At age 24, Ryley Shipp had already bagged two bulls in his home state of Montana with a Hoyt fingers bow — first a fat 5x5, and then a bomber 6x6 that gross-scored a touch over 380 record-book points. Both elk were shot…

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big game hunting tip

Quick-Tune Your Release-Aid Bow Smart archers choose a reputable bow brand and quality arrow shafts to match. With an equally excellent drop-away arrow rest and flexible hunting stabilizer to minimize shooting torque, tuning your release-aid compound with broad-head-tipped arrows should be a snap. Shoot your setup through stretched butcher paper, or a sheet of common printer paper, from about six feet away. Smear the broadhead’s nose with lipstick or dry marker to more easily determine where the head and tail of the arrow pass through. Rather than moving the nocking point or D-loop on the bowstring, the easiest way to eliminate tail-high or tail-low paper tears is adjusting the limb bolts. To raise the tail, simply tighten the upper limb, or loosen the lower limb. Reverse this to lower the tail. For tail-right…

4 min.
start them young

THE GREAT THING about getting kids excited about shooting traditional archery is that it’s really as simple as giving them a bow and arrows. In my opinion, the trick is not making shooting too regimented, or brow-beating them with OSHA-type regulations or safety speeches. I feel my job as an adult mentor is just to give praise, supervise, and help make shooting a bow fun for kids. My rules are easy to follow. I simply tell kids not to shoot each other, not to run with an arrow, and always to point the arrow in a safe direction. No kid wants to get a stern lecture on safety before having fun. Another important factor for kids is making sure the longbow or recurve is light enough to be really easy for them…