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Camera January - February 2021

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Digital or film? Digital AND film? CAMERA magazine's focus is to assist readers to choose and use the tools they need to create memorable images, and to enhance the skills that will make them better photographers. No matter what medium, readers are kept up to speed with all the latest rapidly changing film and digital products, news and technologies.

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farewell, photokina… and thanks for all the memories

Production of this issue was being completed as the news came through that Photokina was “suspended until further notice”, which is another way of saying, “That’s all, folks”. The show’s organiser, Köln Messe, states bluntly, “Unfortunately, at present the framework conditions in the industry do not provide a viable basis for the leading international trade fair for photography, video and imaging”. This is sad for a number of reasons, not the least being that the biennial gathering of the global photo industry was much more than just a showcase for new products. It was here that we met old friends and colleagues, exchanged opinions and ideas, made predictions and plans, and, most importantly, gained a valuable overview of our industry at that point in time. I never failed to come away…

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back in black… and white

AN INTERESTING BIT of information to emerge from Leica Camera Australia’s online launch of the Q2 Monochrom was just how much film photography had taken off in Covid times. Obviously, in this instance, film photography with Leica cameras. Apparently, the price of secondhand M6s has doubled in the last six months, and LCA has sold out of the MP, the last-of-the-line 35mm M you can still buy brand new. Plus the service department has been flat out resurrecting and repairing old Leica film cameras of all flavours. Of course, it makes sense that, with more time on their hands – and probably more funds at their disposal too – many photographers might think about giving film a shot or, if you’re of my vintage, dragging out the old gear for a bit…

25 min.
olympus’s monster telezoom is here!

IT’S A LENS that couldn’t be done – at least in practical terms – with a sensor any bigger than Micro Four Thirds, but Olympus has gone all-out to make the most of the 1.97x magnification factor. The much-awaited M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO supertelephoto zoom is still a physically big lens – measuring 31.4cm in length and weighing in at 1,875g – but this needs to be put into perspective because it’s equivalent to a 300-800mm with a constant aperture of f/4.5. If you then engage the built-in 1.25 teleconverter, you get 375-1000mm for the loss of two-thirds of a stop of speed… so the constant aperture is now f/5.6. This is some lens. To add to the versatility, it has optical image stabilisation which, when matched…

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photography exhibitions & events

Due to the social distancing requirements demanded by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, galleries, exhibition spaces and museums are only allowing limited admission or are open for shorter times, depending on the local situation. However, many are still staging online events or virtual tours. Check with the individual venues for which exhibitions are open for physical visits and any changes to opening hours. Current to 28 February: Exhibition. Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2019. Winners and finalists – 100 images in all – displayed on special light panels. At the Australian National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW 2000. Ticketed event. Museum hours are 9.30am to 5.00pm daily. For more information and bookings visit www.sea.museum/whats-on/exhibitions. Exhibition open and also available as an online tour. Current to 30 May: Exhibition. National…

5 min.
epson international pano awards 2020

The Epson International Pano Awards was founded in 2009 by Australian landscape photographer David Evans (the 2015 AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer Of The Year) with the support of Epson Australia, and has since grown into a collaboration between dedicated professional photographers, industry professionals and sponsors. It is now the largest competition in the world for panoramic photography. This year the competition attracted a record 5,859 entries from 1,452 professional and amateur photographers from 96 countries. They were competing for thousands of dollars cash and prizes, with the main sponsor Epson Australia alone providing prizes that included an Epson SureColor P7070 24-inch large format photo printer, a SureColor P5070 17-inch format printer and an Epson EB-1781W ultra-slim projector. The overall winner of the 2020 Open Competition was Matt Jackisch from Canada, with his…

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playing possum

The Picture Highly commended in the Urban Wildlife category of the 2020 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition. The Photographer Gary Meredith, Western Australia. The Equipment Nikon D850 with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens at 62mm; 1/250 second at f/16 and ISO 640. Nikon SB-700 flash with Godox Xpro wireless flash system. The Story Two common brushtail possums – a mother (left) and her joey – peek out of their hiding place under the roof of a shower block in a holiday park in Yallingup, Western Australia. Gary had watched them all week. They would pop up at sunset, keep an eye on the campers till dark, then squeeze out through the gap and head for the trees to feed on the leaves of a peppermint tree. These small, adaptable marsupials naturally occur in forests and woodlands, taking…