Camera September/October 2018

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photography is dead

THOUGHTTHAT HEADLINE MIGHT GRAB your attention. The declaration was made recently by the acclaimed film director Wim Wenders (who is also a keen photographer) at the opening of an exhibition of his latest Polaroid prints. Wenders points the finger of blame firmly at the camera phone. In a short video interview posted on the BBC News Website, he observes, “We’re all taking billions of pictures so photography is more alive than ever, and at the same time it’s more dead than ever. “The trouble with iPhone pictures is nobody sees them. Even the people who take them don’t look at them anymore, and they certainly don’t make prints.” If you’re a regular reader of this magazine, you’ll know that I’ve discussed this topic here on a couple of occasions over the last year…

2 min.
compact ultra-wide zoom from tamron

THE EVER-BUSY Tamron has announced yet another new lens for Canon and Nikon full-35mm D-SLRs. This time it’s an ultra-wide zoom in the shape of a 17-35mm f2.8-4.0 Di OSD which is due to launch right now in the Nikon mount with the Canon EF version following “at a later date”. Tamron says its new 17-35mm (designated Model A037) is currently the smallest and lightest lens in its class, weighing 460 grams (in both mounts) and measuring just 90 millimetres (Nikon). Tamron also says it represents a new line of ultra-wide zooms – compared to the existing SP 15-30mm f2.8 model – with an emphasis on optimum portability and increased affordability. The external construction is weather sealed which is complimented by a fluorine coating on the exposed surface of the front…

3 min.
photokina faces the future

During the life of this issue, the world’s biggest exhibition of imaging products will again take place in the German city of Cologne. This year’s event is particularly significant because it marks the end of the biennial schedule and of the traditional September timing, which has been in place since 1966. The first show was in 1950 and was designed to promote German-made photography products. The next year it went international and, after 1952, Photokina was staged every two years – although the dates shifted between the European spring and autumn – while the 1960, ’63 and ’66 shows were, as you can see, three years apart. From 2019, Photokina will move to an annual schedule, with the date moving from September to May, almost certainly to avoid the close proximity…

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brief exposures

Officially announcing what we’ve suspected for quite a while, NIKON has discontinued production of its 1 Nikon mirrorless camera system, presumably clearing the way for something completely new. While the concept was essentially a good one back in 2011, the mirrorless camera world has decisively moved on from very small sensors as used here. Additionally, the 1 Nikon model program was muddled at best, with few of the cameras having appeal for enthusiast-level shooters while the lower-end of the range was mauled by the rise and rise of camera phones.…

2 min.
nikon’s very long shot

THE MINE-IS-longer-than-yours bragging in superzoom cameras continues with Nikon beating everybody by reaching an effective focal length of 3000mm in the new Coolpix P1000.Yep, that’s right, 3000mm. Of course, it’s only possible because of the smaller sensor size, but the P1000’s 1/2.3-inch BSI-type CMOS still packs 16.79 megapixels of resolution (16 MP effective) and the test images we’ve seen so far look pretty impressive. Not surprisingly, the P1000 is actually quite a big camera (and weighs a hefty 1.415 kilograms), but that zoom spans the equivalent of 24-3000mm – a zooming range of 125x – with a maximum aperture of f2.8-8.0 and macro focusing down to just one centimetre. If 3000mm isn’t long enough for you, 6000mm is available via a ‘Dynamic Fine Zoom’ function, although this is essentially a…

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more power on the go from jupio

JUGGLING BATTERY CHARGING can be a challenge especially if you’re away from mains power for any length of time. Having plenty of spares is a start, but how do you keep them all topped up and ready to go? Replacement battery expert Jupio has a handy solution in its USB Duo Charger kit which includes two spare battery packs with a compact USB dual charger. This obviously allows you to recharge a pair of battery packs via a laptop or power bank (or your home PC back at base) via a fully controlled charging process. The Jupio twin battery kit is available for a range of popular D-SLR and mirror-less camera rechargeable lithium-ion packs including Canon’s LP-E6, Sony’s NP-FZ100 and NP-FW50, Nikon’s EN-EL14/14A and EB-EL15, Fujifilm’s NP-W126S, Olympus’s PS-BLN1 and Panasonic’s…