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Capture November-December 2018

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Capture is Australia's top-selling magazine for professional and emerging photographers. Published quarterly, Capture covers all aspects of running a successful photography practice, from the latest gear and techniques, to ideas to stretch your creativity, and advice to help you run a more successful business. Each issue showcases amazing images from the world's leading photographers and the stories of how they came to be created. Capture’s mission is to inspire, engage, inform and entertain.

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the three certainties

In life, most agree that death and taxes are the only true certainties. However, if you’re a photographer you can add another to that list of inevitabilities: change. For almost all genres, the landscape for emerging and working professionals continues to evolve. So, if you’re after a career of complacency, then you might have to look elsewhere. Regardless of the genres you’re working in, things are always changing. And this was certainly reflected by the industry experts and photographers interviewed for our feature stories which covered advertising, editorial, and wedding and portrait photography. And while the barriers to entering the market are expected to remain low for the foreseeable future, that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s getting easier to run a thriving business. It’s the innovative, the pioneers, and the change-makers…

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editorial the year in review

How can we do more with less? It is one of the biggest issues currently facing editorial photographers and photojournalists. Budgets may not be declining as drastically as before, with a handful of publications raising their budgets, but photographers are being asked to produce more work for lower rates. Unfortunately, publications are still trying to figure out how to remain profitable while attempting to fulfil the demand for visual content, so it’s not hard to believe that photographers might be at the losing end of that equation. But rather than hang up our cameras and begin mourning the death of editorial, photographers must be agile in this changing market and find new ways to become both better storytellers and businesses to survive. The digital market In 2018, Reuters reported that over 50%…

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advertising the year in review

Conventional wisdom might tell you that there is a lot less interest in photography for advertising because there is a lot less interest in print and press advertising. Conventional wisdom would be wrong. “Press and print advertising are being somewhat replaced with digital campaigns, which still use images and stills as the visual element,” explains Jonathan Kneebone, co-founder of Australia’s creative advertising collective, The Glue Society. “So, while we have not necessarily been busy creating print campaigns, many of the projects we have contributed to have featured digital online or outdoor photographic images.” Conventional wisdom would also be wrong in assuming an image decline in massive advertising markets like the UK. “There are more OOH [out-of-home] sites in the UK than there’s ever been and with digital sites, there are more…

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wedding & portrait the year in review

While some have taken a more generalist approach with their business, others have become more niche in their offerings. However, despite the challenges, there is optimism about the future. This is buoyed by clients’ ever-increasing engagement with photography and the ability of photographers to respond in a way that will future-proof their business. The times they are a changin’ Whether Instagram is good, bad, or here to stay is no longer the relevant question, although it has formed a large part of the conversation over the last 12 months, and will continue to do so into the future. It is a source of inspiration, carrier of trends, platform for photographers, and online album for clients. Photographers continue to ask themselves how they can turn it to their advantage. Melbourne-based wedding and portrait…

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