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Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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how it happens

Some people take a very shallow view of Best Aussie Vans. They assume that advertising spend is related to the outcomes. This is plainly not true. There is a cost to enter the event, we do not hide from that. This helps offset the mammoth cost to get 13 vans, 15 staff and twice as many entrants again to pristine locations like we had for over 10 days. The cost is astronomical and is easily the most expensive execution Caravan World undertakes annually. The fee for the entrants is the same for all, there is no discounting, there is no favouritism. We assemble a range of judges (who you can read about from page 10) with strong ethics and and pride in their work. They represent decades of travel in…

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raising the bar

PICS GRAEME NEANDER AND CAM INNISS. Best Aussie Vans 2017 was a stretch in many ways. We pushed the limits of what we could do in an effort to make the event and its outcomes the best they could be. We travelled more kilometres, we stayed at more parks and we shot at more locations than any year before. With 13 caravans to film, photograph and importantly assess, it would push the limits of ability but again, like years been we bandied together to pull it off. THE LOCATIONS We did things different this year staying at multiple parks across the gorgeous Grampians region around three and a half hours west of Melbourne. Our first base was to the northwest in the capital of the Wimmera region, Horsham. Here we stayed at Wimmera…

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judging from experience

MICHAEL BORG As the Field Editor for Caravan World’s sister publication Camper, Michael ‘Borgy’ Borg has lived and breathed the camping lifestyle for decades. In a previous life, he earned a quid spinning spanners, which comes in handy out on the tracks. A DIY tragic with five acres of projects on the go, including a decadeepic 40ft conversion with his old man, on-going repairs to his heartbreaker ‘Cruiser Aunt Tilly, and continual upgrades to his Jurgens’ hybrid, Borgy’s takes five by gifting bait to fish in bush streams or cooking up a storm in his camp oven. RON MOON Ron Moon and his wife Viv have been 4WDing and touring remote Australia for more than 40 years. After eloping in the 70s, they wrote their first guidebook in 1984, and from 1988 Ron was editor…

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ground rules

1. Value for money Does this van offer good value for money? How many features are included, and what are its the dimensions? And does it give buyers what they’re paying for? 2. Self-sufficiency Is this van suitable for extended periods of remote touring, or a couple of days of free camping? 3. Liveability This is all about the small touches, where a manufacturer’s love of camping is seen. Could you call this van home? Is it intuitive to use? 4. Suitability for intended touring How does the van perform in its intended purpose, and is it adequately fitted out and built for the purpose? 5. Layout Is the van visually appealing inside, and has enough thought gone into the layout for easy, convenient touring? Is there enough storage, and is it designed sensibly? 6. Quality of finish Whether the van…

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little ripper

In brief… External cooking facilities Alloy construction Pop-top with fold-out bedroom “A five-year structural, drawbar and chassis warranty is enough to anybody a vote of confidence,”– Michael Borg – The lightweight MDC XT12 2018 is ready for action offroad, but the long list of comforts and $40K+ price tag are what earned it a second look at Caravan World’s Best Aussie Vans program for 2017. The XT12’s grand external kitchen allows for ‘all hands on deck’ after a full day of camping fun with shower facilities inside and out for a clean camp – no matter how muddy your adventures get. But did it meet the judges’ expectations? Let’s check it out. ALL-ROUNDER The XT12 2018 is a great all-round touring package. It’s perfect for weekends away or long distance touring, and has had plenty of testing and development…

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lean and keen

In brief… 14ft van with combo bathroom 2.7t Tuff Ride suspension Internal and external cooking Built by iconic offroad caravan manufacturer Adventure Caravans, the name behind Kakoda and Grand Salute, the Dreamseekerbadged F1 made its debut at Caravan World’s Best Aussie Vans for 2017 on the promise it could deliver touring comforts off the beaten track. Happily, the BAV judging crew weren’t disappointed with this plucky number. At just 14ft long, the Dreamseeker F1 rolls on fully independent suspension and includes a comprehensive cooking capabilities inside and out. So what did the judges have to say about F1? Read on and find out! COMPACT AND COMFORTABLE Ah, the Dreamseeker F1. This really is a fine piece of machinery. The internal layout was a massive winner for me. In fact, I’m absolutely blown away by just how spacious…