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Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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anji bignell

I am reimagining the world of van life through the eyes of our readers nearly 50 years ago when Caravan World was first published. It seems that we’ve come full-circle as we see a resurgence in the popularity of caravans and motorhomes amongst people of all ages. Families, the young and ‘old’ are relinquishing their day jobs, downsizing their belongings and taking off in their caravans and RVs across the red dirt roads of our expansive landscape. As the previous Editor of Hema Maps and all-round nomadic traveller, it fills me with great joy to hear people living the life they’ve always dreamed of and hearing their personal stories — particularly in this month’s ‘Family Touring’ issue of CW. I would love you to write in and tell us your personal story, but…

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women invent world first automated towing concept

A team of female product developers has invented the world’s first automated towing concept, named Automatic Trailer connection (ATC), where cars and trailers connect themselves together without the driver leaving the car. The concept was conceived after research conducted by automotive company Semcon revealed a large percentage of women think connecting a trailer to a towbar is complicated, making them feel insecure when towing caravans, trailers, horse boxes and boat trailers. Semcom CEO Markus Granlund said: “It’s easy to lose perspective — not least women’s perspectives — when the majority of technical developers are men. Because if people don’t see a product as problematic, there’s not all that much chance of them changing it.” The ATC concept works by using a sensored camera — when the car and trailer are two metres apart,…

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acc urges members to continue support for drought-affected areas

Australian Caravan Club (ACC) members have raised $5000 to assist drought affected farmers and are keen to continue their support for communities in need. ACC Chairman Craig Humphrey said: “As a group of senior RV travellers covering the four corners of this great country, our members have seen the devastation caused by drought.” The ACC is encouraging branches and individual members to identify appropriate rural community groups or other not-for-profit support organisations they would like to assist. Humphrey added: “Our members already travel all over Australia staying in rural areas and with our research indicating that our members spend up to $100 per day we are already assisting these areas. However members have been very strong in wanting to provide more support to the drought-affected areas. ACC Branches and individual members can now…

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small wa manufacturer helps police fight war against meth

Western Australian caravan manufacturer Explorer Caravans has sold three vans to the Western Australian Police Force to help fight the war against methamphetamines. The police vans were unveiled to WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson on 25 November last year and have since been dispatched to Calgary, Perth and Kununurra in northern WA. The vans were custom built from scratch by Explorer Caravans at its small factory in Wangara, where it has been manufacturing mining and domestic caravans for 15 years. “We did everything from the ground up – the police wanted the whole lot done in one place, in WA, and we fitted the bill due to our history building mining and commercial vans,” says Explorer Caravans Marketing Manager Mitch Dunn. The vans are equipped with internationally-sourced state-of-the-art technology, such as forensic testing facilities,…

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great ocean road hero hunt

To celebrate the centenary of the Great Ocean Road, the Victorian Government has commissioned a documentary to tell the story of those who helped build it. The iconic road, which many caravanners enjoy and drive along today, was built by returned serviceman from World War 1, who lived along the isolated towns lining the western Victorian coastline. The documentary film is set to be launched in September 2019 as part of a month-long commemoration event, with gala screenings and pop-up cinemas housed in shipping containers across the region showing short films specific to each location. Production company Clothesline Content, which has been commissioned to produce the documentary, is currently in the research stages of the project, and producers are on the hunt for relatives of the soldiers; engineers and labourers who built the…

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robot delivers baby coral to great barrier reef

An undersea robot has delivered heat-tolerant baby corals to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in a world first bid to recover and restore the area. The baby corals (coral larvae) were dispatched six weeks after Southern Cross University professor Peter Harrison and Queensland University of Technology Matthew Dunbabin won the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s $300,000 Out of the Blue Fox Reef Innovation Challenge to carry out the project. The robot, named LarvalBot, gently releases up to 100,000 larvae per mission onto damaged reef areas allowing them to settle over time to develop into coral polyps or baby corals. Professor Dunbabin said: “Using an iPad to program the mission, a signal is sent to deliver the larvae and it is gently pushed out by LarvalBot. It’s like spreading fertiliser on your lawn. “The robot is very…