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Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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anji bignell

We had a whole lotta fun putting together this issue of Caravan World — especially rolling out the Jayco Airstream onto the foothills of Soumah Wines' vineyard for a photoshoot and a nice glass of Savarro. The Airstream's space-age-looking retro exterior is a stand-out from the crowd, and we thought it the perfect feature review for this month’s 'Gourmet and Luxury Touring' issue. You can read about it on page 134. Have you taken a gourmet tour through the Granite Belt in Queensland yet? The landscape is not only dotted with incredible, prehistoric granite boulders poking through the blue sky panorama, but it has a unique wine trail for the inquisitive quaffer and a plethora of gourmet producers selling everything from olive oil and vinegar to cured meats and cheese. 'Granite Belt…

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wiebe wakker rolls into radelaide

Wakker by name, and perhaps wackier by nature, Dutchman Wiebe Wakker has been on the road for 1051 days. On 15 March 2016, Dutch electric car adventurer Wiebe Wakker left Amsterdam on a mission to showcase the advantages of sustainable mobility. On 29 January this year, after 1051 days and a thrilling road trip through Europe, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and Australia, he finally arrived in Adelaide. Wakker travels without money, instead relying on the helpfulness of people he meets during his travels crossing the world with his project, ‘Plug Me In'. Wakker’s website: plugmeinproject.com offers details on how people can support him. Interested parties help by providing him with simple things such as a meal, a place to sleep or even electricity to charge his electric car, which he’s…

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peak tourist numbers at twelve apostles

More than 15,000 people visited the Twelve Apostles on Christmas Day, arriving in 3000 cars, 170 buses and 11 coaches. In 2018, 242,000 people visited the Twelve Apostles in total, 12 per cent higher than in 2017, and 16 per cent higher than in 2016. The busy period is expected to continue, particularly for the Chinese New Year, and Parks Victoria will maintain speed limit reductions, roadside barriers and traffic and parking coordination around the visitor precinct. Last year, more than 128,000 people visited the Twelve Apostles over the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration period. Parks Victoria, Area Chief Ranger Michael Smith, said the iconic Victorian destinations continues to be a major tourist drawcard. “This summer has been a very busy time in the Port Campbell National Park, with our Park Rangers welcoming hundreds of…

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big4 appoint marketing mogul

Award-winning marketeer Mohit Bhargava has been appointed General Manager of Sales and Marketing at BIG4 Holiday Parks of Australia. In 2018, Bhargava was recognised as one of the Top 15 Chief Marketing Officers in Australia in the annual CMO awards. He has previously worked as General Manager of Marketing and Sales at Village Entertainment and Topgolf Australia, and Senior Digital Marketer with Nova Entertainment. “Mohit brings with him a wealth of expertise in the entertainment and hospitality industry, particularly around marketing to families and couples, which is the lifeblood of BIG4,” says BIG4 CEO Steven Wright. “He is highly respected and, like the holiday park industry, comes from an industry that has been subject to major disruption in recent years.” “I am so looking forward to commencing with BIG4,” said Bhargava. “It’s an iconic…

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get some sleep!

Driving while fatigued has reached alarming levels in Australia with 20 per cent of drivers admitting that they have fallen asleep behind the wheel at least once. Fatigue-related crashes can happen at any time of day, not just late at night. As the new year begins, researchers from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) are urging drivers to be aware of fatigue. Professor Danny Eckert, Head of the NeuRA Sleep and Breathing Lab, says caffeine can’t replace a good night’s sleep. If you’re awake for 19 continuous hours, your level of fatigue is equivalent to a Blood Alcohol Level of 0.05 and after 24 hours without sleep this level is equivalent to twice the legal limit. Other situations, including shift work, having a restless sleep, a new baby in the house or a late night out…

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caravan park weighbridge

Gundagai Tourist Park has opened a new weighbridge facility for its patrons. The idea originated when the park's directors noticed an increase in caravan compliance and policing on the road, including roadside weight checks. “We see a lot of large vans come through our park every day, and more often than not they are kitted out with post delivery extras that all add to their weight,” says Director Duncan Grady. “People are retro-fitting extra gas bottles, increased water storage, bike racks, solar panels and awnings just to name a few.” The park's directors spent a year researching weighbridges and scales before coming up with the final installation plan. “It needed to be affordable, accurate, self-serve and relatively quick to operate,” says Grady. “We didn’t want it to involve any reversing, or difficult manoeuvres to access…