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Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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john ford

Welcome to our Great Migration North Issue, and for those lucky ones hitting the road soon there is plenty here for you. For the rest of us, perhaps there is inspiration from our travel writers to pack the van and follow suit, especially as there are fire ravaged areas across the country crying out for visitors. Huge donations to the cause show how Australians and people around the world have been touched by the plight of those affected, particularly those who have lost everything. But many businesses that survived are also in trouble. It’s the same from the east coast and across the great divide, through South Australia and over in the west. Not all these towns are ready for an influx of visitors, but plenty are. As Brett from Captain Sponges…

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tracking bushfire recovery

Researchers are encouraging citizen scientists to use their mobile phone for a good cause — to track the recovery of bushfire-ravaged area to help inform future research. Created by University of New South Wales (UNSW) PhD candidate, Casey Kirchhoff, the Environment Recovery Project aims to use a mobile phone app so anyone can take photos of bushfire-affected areas to allow scientists to analyse how areas recover, why some areas recover better than others and which plants and animals return first. “I realised that I was probably among a handful of scientists collecting this information. So, I thought, why not ask citizen scientists to share their photos? The bushfires burnt such a large area, it’s impossible to survey it with our current resources,” Kirchhoff said. “This is another way people can contribute to post-bushfire…

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give it a rest

Transport for NSW is trialling a change in parking at two rest areas on the Pacific Highway and Norther NSW, with the aim to reduce fatigue-related crashes by developing a network of rest areas across NSW. Changes during this trial will include the enforcement of fines for light vehicles parked in heavy vehicle spaces and four-hour time limits for light vehicle drivers, and will apply in the Yelgun and Arrawarra rest areas. Acting Director Northern, Vicky Sisson, said rest areas are provided to reduce the risk of fatigue in all drivers and therefore improve road safety. “Heavy vehicle drivers are required by law to take mandatory rest breaks, and because of their size are limited to where they can travel. It is important that heavy vehicle drivers are able to access dedicated parking…

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csiro helping sugarcane farmers and the environment

In a world first, a new app from the CSIRO will help sugarcane farmers in far north Queensland monitor fertiliser use and reduce nitrogen runoff into the Great Barrier Reef. The app, named 1622WQ, shows water quality information and the nitrogen concentration in local waterways in real time, allowing farmers to tell whether fertiliser has run off their farm and adjust their management practices accordingly. Rainfall washes fertiliser into waterways, wasting both the farmer’s time and money and becoming a major threat to the health of Great Barrier Reef ecosystems. According to CSIRO agricultural scientist and 1622WQ project leader Dr Peter Thorburn, the app was co-designed with farmers to meet their needs. “Sugarcane growers told us they wanted quick and easy access to water quality information, so they could find out what’s going on…

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making a mediterranean diet work down under

A study conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia (UniSA) found adding 2–3 serves of pork (250g) per week to the Mediterranean diet makes it more palatable for Aussies while still allowing them to reap the benefits. Statistics show that most Australians suffer from a poor diet, and there have been calls for moves towards the adoption of a Mediterranean diet. However, the red meat restrictions of the diet are problematic as Australians are among the top meat consumers worldwide — on average 100kg per person per year is eaten. “The Mediterranean diet is widely accepted as the world’s healthiest diet and is renowned for improved cardiovascular and cognitive health, but in Western cultures, the red meat restrictions of the diet could make it harder to stick to. By adding…

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keep on camping

Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s (CIAA) new initiative ‘Keep on Camping’ is urging travellers to consider visiting an affected area on their next caravan or camping trip. According to Tourism Research Australia, caravan parks in the South Coast of NSW and Gippsland, Vic, account for 38% and 42% of the market share of all commercial accommodation in the regions respectively, while caravan and camping trips make up 30% of all trips in regional Australia. With this in mind, the Keep on Camping website launched by CIAA helps travellers make informed decisions so that when it is safe, they can get back to those areas to spend money and help communities reliant on tourism. Stuart Lamont, CIAA CEO, reinforced the prevailing message that long-term sustainability in these regions will be reliant on tourism. “Many of…