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Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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john ford

The opening of this season's Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow, which we have a report on in this issue, got me thinking. So much of the caravan industry's promotion centres on the travelling circus of shows. The preparation, workload, travel, time and dollars invested by builders and dealers is enormous, so it must be annoying to hear the advice on various forums not to buy at a show. I'm afraid I have to disagree with the sentiment, and anyone talking Australian manufacturing down in these difficult times should have a serious rethink. Manufacturers are not there for the entertainment, which may not be true for a lot of show-goers, but serious buyers are looking for inspiration and a good deal. Now, while I think it's OK to buy at a show, please don't…

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jayco’s new releases

JAYCO’S 2020 RANGE RELEASED Australia’s largest caravan manufacturer, Jayco, is focusing on innovation with its 2020 product range announced this month. With Jayco now in its 45th year, it’s already seen plenty of evolution in customers’ needs. As Jayco Australia National Sales Manager, Scott Jones, says, “Innovation continues to be Jayco’s driving force in 2020 and we have focused on three core developments — to improve connectivity, safety and security, all achieved by uncompromising comfort and style that Jayco products are known for. “Connectivity comes in the form of your very own personal assistant — Amazon Alexa — now available in a number of Jayco caravans which was a huge success when Jayco created the world’s-first voice-activated production RV with the Silverline 2019 caravan. “Another key highlight for 2020 is our ever-expanding Adventure range,…

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touring to help

In light of the devastation that has hit much of Australia, be it bushfires or floods, there has been a push to travel to affected communities, and two companies from Queensland have gotten on board. Both Sunrise Caravans, based in Burpengary, and Suncoast Caravan Service, based in Maroochydore, have organised tours throughout the south-east of Queensland. Commencing 11 March, Sunrise Caravans Director Steve Andonovski will lead over 100 Sunrise owners on a trip to Nanango, which over the years has been affected by harsh storms, bushfires and drought. For this trip Sunrise has continued its partnership with Rural Aid Australia, encouraging guests to donate to help bushfire affected regions at sunrisecaravans.family/donateruralaid. Nanango was chosen for the destination for this particular owner’s trip not only because it has been hit hard, but because it…

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windsor's new models

At the recent Lets Go Gold Coast Caravan & Outdoor Expo, Windsor had several models straight off the Apollo factory line on show, including three Windsor motorhomes, one campervan and four Genesis caravans. After announcing their move into the motorhome market, Windsor have followed the release of the two-person Daintree with the Flinders, a two to four person motorhome, and the Simpson, a two to four person motorhome with electronic slide-out. The campervan on display was the new Otway, a self-contained campervan that sleeps two, while the Genesis caravans at the show were the 176RD, 196RD, 196MD and 220MD. Simon Kerr, Apollo’s national marketing manager, said Windsor was excited to the present the new motorhomes and campervans, which have been built and designed with style and functionality to aid adventurers. “Windsor’s new product range…

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it's showtime

As always happens this time of year, it’s Recreational Vehicle show time. Apart from a number of regional shows, the big city shows are happening, and I have not long been to the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow. I don’t often get to this particular event, so it was an opportunity to catch up with industry people that I don’t otherwise get to see. Rather than a show report, I thought I’d just mention a few highlights. NEW TOYOTA HIACE The venerable Toyota HiAce van seems to have been with us forever and has been used in countless campervan conversions. However, a shortcoming of the HiAce has always been the engine location — between the front seats — which made it difficult to use the cab seats as part of the…

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to health and happiness

Sometimes it feels as though the universe is working against you. A speed hump here, a tight bend there, and just when you think you’ve hit the main straight to put the foot down, another obstacle appears out of nowhere, slowing your progress. That’s how it feels with Anita’s health at the moment. We can’t seem to cop a break! And while the public health system isn’t broken, it’s not exactly a well-oiled machine. Recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Anita’s been on a roller coaster towards good health. But to get there, you need medication and that’s where the problem lies. Neurology, it seems, is an under resourced part of the health system. It takes up to six months to get an appointment. And far from the specialists to recommend a medication,…