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Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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john ford

It’s Groundhog Day in our new COVID-19 world. Despite the prospect of a virus-free future, as we go to print Victoria has gone back into lockdown, NSW is again in trouble, South Australia has closed its border, and there's a chance Queensland will do the same. Like thousands of other caravanners, we are on the road north, hugging the east coast and migrating in parallel to the annual humpback migration to warmer surroundings. And, like the whales, our numbers seem to grow each year, as more of us hit the road. This year was different, with hundreds of vans awaiting the starting gun in NSW for their entry to Queensland. Vans then swelled the highways to deliver timely income to the tourist-starved north. Thanks to those readers who supported our methods of reviewing…

6 min.
school holiday campers bring relief to battered businesses

Many regional Australian tourism operators have seen a surge in visitors through late June and July as families have turned to camping this school holidays. This is particularly welcome in regions affected by the bushfires of late 2019 and early 2020, and the COVID-19 restrictions. With travel restrictions having eased in many states, families are looking for a way to holiday within their own state borders. Being able to stay close to home and enjoy a holiday has made camping a popular choice. Caravan parks can offer a safe and responsible choice as we learn to live with COVID, thanks to the plans businesses have put in place regarding check-in, shared facilities and cleaning. “Camping has always been popular, but natural social distancing, no overseas travel and the safety provided by a camping…

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changes all round

Like many RV and travel journalists at the moment, I’m struggling a bit with filling this column each month. My usual inspiration sources are RV shows, travel related to work, and looking over assorted caravan and motorhomes for this fine magazine. The first two certainly haven’t happened in quite a while and while the third has, things have slowed down somewhat. Having said all that, I have to feel sorry for anyone in the travel writing business at the moment, since international travel is not happening and domestic movements, while looking a bit more positive, are still a rocky road. Right about now, some state borders, like Queensland’s, are opening up whilst others, like Victoria’s, are clanging shut. The only likely international destination in the next few months will be New…

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letting go

Believe it or not, your vehicle can be an emotional attachment, tied to memories and experiences. Back in 2005 we purchased a new Nissan Patrol. Little did we know the impact it would have. It became a trusted friend, a reliable tow horse and capable adventurer, taking us to all corners of the country. With a robust drive train, supple ride through long travel coil springs and capable underpinnings, the goal was to set it up for outback touring. Initially that included the protective armour of a bull bar to push the scrub aside and fend off wayward wildlife. Then came spotlights to improve night-time vision, decent tyres to resist punctures in untamed terrain, and a UHF radio to communicate with fellow travellers. As our budget allowed, we fitted other items —…

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power on a big lap

Q Hi 12V Guru It was interesting to read the segment in issue 600 of Caravan World regarding breakaway system batteries. My question is, why does the manufacturer insist that we use a 7Ah battery when most vans have a minimum of 100Ah house battery? The only explanation I can find is that the system must be able to hold the brakes for a minimum of 15 minutes in the event of a breakaway. When you consider that the 7Ah battery must keep energised (usually) four magnets as well as the brake lights, I find this to be hard to believe. Also when you consider that it is admitted the lifespan of the 7Ah battery can usually be measured in months not years as in the house battery, this system seems flawed…

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do35 v3-r all-terrain drop-on coupling

The DO35 Drop-On Coupling is designed, tested and manufactured by Cruisemaster™, Australia’s leader in all-terrain towing technology. With full 360-degree articulation to reduce the risk of roll-over, a smooth ADR compliant locking mechanism and a patented ‘Check Lock’ system, the DO35 means added safety whether on the highway or going offroad. Valued at $405, the DO35 V3 is easy to install and compatible with all major WDH systems out of the box. (Note: this model does not include a handbrake, sold separately for $70.) How to win If you’re stumped by a technical or towing problem, send your question to submissions@emprisegroup.com.au with ‘Tech Talk’ in the subject line or send a letter to Caravan World Tech Talk, 125 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North, Vic 3161. All entries must include your full address (not…